Ave Maria


In the Spirit, I’ve been hearing the words “Ave Maria” repeating…. 

The last time I recall hearing this song was at my Brother’s wedding in the 1990’s…as I get ready to share this music I can still remember the excitement of her day and watching my Sister-in-law walk down the aisle


Shalom to All and abundant Blessings…


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Why Psalm 91 Matters

Hello Brethren,

We are facing unprecedented times.

Many of you are familiar with much of The Holy Word.

Some of the more well known Scriptures are the 23rd Psalm and Psalm 91.

I know that many are praying these prayers and speaking them aloud, as they were intended.

However, as I was studying them this morning – I ran across something profound – and it is something I know that each of you should be aware of.

While the words of Psalm 91 are a covering for God’s Children – the Holy Spirit just took me on a journey of why this specific one is so important – especially in this season we are in (or rather a celebration that is mentioned in the Scriptures): Purim

A calendar I have up on my wall indicates that “Purim” was March 9-10. Purim is considered “Esther’s Feast.” Esther’s Feast is associated with King Xerxes, Queen Vashti, Esther, Haman and Mordecai.

You can read all about them in The Book of Esther.

But Psalm 91 is actually – directly – correlated to it.

As I was studying the individual words of 91st Psalm – specifically the words “snare” and “fowler” – The Spirit had me simultaneously look up the title Number: “91”

In Strong’s Hebrew (91) is Agagiy (ag-aw-ghee) “partrial” or patron from 90; an Agagite or descendant of Agag. Agagite. Strong’s H90 means “flame”; Agag, a title of an Amalekitish King. Agag.


PAY ATTENTION: HAMAN WAS an Agagite. He was the son of an Amelekite King. He was the instigator of The decree to annihilate The Jews – for which Esther was placed in her position by God’s Appointment.


Esther’s placement in the King’s presence was by God’s design. Because it was by her intercession and sanctification that she was prepared – to lay down her life to save many.


So, Psalm 91 is a Prayer of Protection against the Powers of Haman – one of the Principalities mentioned in Ephesians 6:12. Psalm 91 is also of primary importance because of the numbers 9+1. The number 9 indicates “destruction” and the number 1 is indicative of The Father’s Presence. 9+1=10. 10 in Strong’s Hebrew: is the same as “9” – mis-written for 11; a perishing, destruction.

What this means to me is that the invisible war is now RAMPING up. Each day, even each hour seems to bring some new, different and unexpected change. This is why we LOOK To The Father and believe in Him – just as Jesus did. Just as Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego did. Just like Daniel – just like Esther. We can do all things through Him who gives us STRENGTH.

In Strong’s Greek the picture gets really interesting. 91 is from “94” and 94 means “wicked” and by implication “treacherous” – 91 means to be unjust, do wrong (morally, socially, physically), hurt, injure, be an offender.

It would appear the world is likely now “bearing witness” to the Pestilences of Psalm 91:3, Matthew 24 and Luke 21.

Therefore, Do NOT fear. Allowing fear to infiltrate your mind gives it the upper hand. This is where you must speak aloud Psalm 91 since WE operate under The Power of The Most High – and in Yahweh Ahavah Adonai there is NO FEAR. Because Perfect Love CASTS out fear.

We – you and I – WALK in the Light of Christ’s Love – We are to be the Light in the dark places. To believe in HIM for all Things – His Covenant Promises and The Gifts of The Spirit.

Trust that He will guide us, keep us close to Him and not forsake us…

Remember: Do not lose Heart, Hope or Faith and that God’s Love conquers ALL.