Echoes from the Aether – A Voice Silenced



Twenty seven years after I met you John…after a Cascade of roller coaster events – I now have to sort through the impact of life you and Ann had on me.

Twenty seven years of swimming against the tide of your distaste for living a Life built on Faith.

I have not written in this space for a long time – actually that’s only partly true. I was given a chunk of Prophecy last night that I have yet to release. But the lengthy prior absence was necessary to Seek The Lord’s Presence – and to stabilize myself for yet another loss.

My Mother-in-law passed in 2012, after enduring a brutal illness and an untimely post-surgical death. Yet, God utilized the events surrounding her demise to help me evangelize LIFE into my Father-in-law.

The family I am associated with (married into) spent their life as “carnal, lukewarm” christians. Such association is not an easy road for the heart that has spent their life trying to emulate and follow Christ. Yet, this carnal/lukewarm “model” is also completely the opposite of the family I was born into. Both my parents were incredibly strong and grounded, Dad had an enormous moral compass and Mom’s reason for being was based on her Trust in the Lord.

Even when I shared the news of John’s (whom I nicknamed “Grandpa) passing with his relatives in England – and that he died believing in Jesus Christ as His Savior – their response was (sadly) less than enthusiastic. Sigh…

After Grandpa was Saved and repented, he decided to travel to Israel to get Baptized in The Jordan.

Yeah, I N-E-V-E-R saw that coming!

As it were, for twenty seven years I listened to indifference and apathy about the very nature of Faith I carried in our invisible – yet all powerful and omnipotent God.

It is the seed of doubt, coupled with the seed of unforgiveness that led to Ann’s bitterness and it is that bitterness that led to her demise.

Now, that both of your voices have been silenced – I can only wait for God’s leading. Since The Lord is and has always been in control, even if and when I don’t know what to do, he does. Nothing will ever change that.

Grandpa, It was four weeks yesterday that I stood in that Mausoleum watching your casket slide into its crypt. The cold hard smack of its base reaching the end of the vault with an unceremonious “thud” and the concrete dust that danced once last time into permanent seclusion.

I finally just made the two last phone calls I’d been putting off to begin the “closure” and healing process. To the Dr’s office that last oversaw your temporary stay at the ER and to the Hospice Office to which you were transferred for Pallative Care.

In the years after Grandpa entered “widower-hood” – when he was staying with us in 2016, he had a supernatural encounter with God and he told me about it. It was on that day, the day of this supernatural encounter that Grandpa found out about who Jesus Christ was and the Gospel of Salvation.

Grandpa accepted Christ then and there, repenting of his sins. He even went so far as to travel to Jerusalem and visit the Holy Land (sometime between 2015/17) – where he was Baptized in The Jordan.

I guess what’s hard is to have been here to guide him into starting his walk with Jesus Christ — and to have heard him describe what it was like to see Jesus/God face to face. The indescribable perfect Love, Peace and Joy he felt. That he spoke with Jesus (in Tongues) and didn’t want to leave Heaven or Jesus Presence, even though Jesus said Grandpa had to come back to earth for a while. It was then that I guided him through accepting Christ and seeking repentance for his sins – so what was hard? Having to witness the devastating effects of Dementia steal someone’s memories, and their very “life” essence.

I miss you Grandpa, but I know that I know that you’re with Jesus – and in His Presence         ❤ Hugs ❤





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Revelation and “the churches”

In the last couple of weeks I have removed two blogposts. I didn’t remove them because I doubt what I know, I removed them because what I know I believed would make me accountable if I did not share it.

However, I learned I was wrong. Not about what I knew and know – but that human beings are a unique part of God’s Creation. We think we know what we want. We think we know what’s best.

What I have learned though is that none of us is prepared for what’s ahead. I did not realize how truly brainwashed every last one of us has BEEN MADE. And I don’t say that lightly.

To be honest, Atheists may have an easier time with getting into Heaven that those who self label themselves as “christian” – and I only wish I were joking when I say that.

I should note, to me “churchians” refer to anyone who has ever spent time inside an earthly church. I used to be one of them. If you are still in a church, be very aware and very, very cautious…

I listen to very few messages on-line anymore but based on what The Spirit has told me, this is one message you might want to hear.

Listen to it.

Take what resonates and pray over it

Use your discernment

And always, Be Ready!


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Neuralink, The Quantum & Babylon

The following video is a post shared via Watchman73 – btw, thank you Watchman…for sharing it!



I have heard the name Elon Musk in passing over the course of the last few years. Among the many voices I had heard – some were indicating to keep a close eye on him in relation to the Beast System.


Within the last month, at the leading of The Spirit, I watched a documentary on his life. Viewing this 12:00 video from Face Like The Sun was entirely eye opening.


Elon Musk has taken and reapplied the work of Nikola Tesla to initiate some very large projects, initiatives and cutting edge practices.  Which is rather astonishing in light of who Nikola Tesla was as far as his contributions to this world and what he represented to TPTB.


There are a couple things that raise the hairs on the back of my neck – especially when I hear or see his name. Elon – Musk


His first name is closely associated with Babylon – how?


Baby-lon > Bab – e – lon >  to Babel means “to confuse” and I am under the impression by attached video…he is on the road to leading many to confusion. How?

As BRILLIANT as the man is he is developing systems to benefit the world. Systems that could easily cause many to forfeit their souls (meaning exchange truth for a lie via mixing iron with clay).


Musk – Everytime I hear that word/name…I associate it with The Tabernacle. And what happens within The Tabernacle? The burning of incense to Yahuweh Ahavah Adonai. We are NOT to submit ourselves to any other god or god(s) other than Elohim.


Elon Musk seems to be highly respected and almost a magnet to others for both how he thinks, his innovative approaches and willingness to take enormous risk.


From SpaceX, to PayPal, Tesla (cars), Open AI, Solar City and The Boring Co, he is now announcing the emergence of the brain chip from his “brain child” Neuralink…to merge the BRAIN with AI.


His association with “Innovating” and, this innovation in particular, is unsettling because its premise insinuates the ultimate in control over a human “subject” – As Children of God – The Most High – in reality we already have the ability to control our thoughts because of what Yahshua gave us in HIS WORD. Neuralink could very well be considered “kin” to the forbidden fruit we’ve been warned about from Genesis 3 to Revelation 13.


Maintain your Peace and FOCUS on Yahshua Hamaschiach…it seems that Ezekiel’s wheels are now spinning faster than CERN and the Musky Scent of Bab-Elon is about to spark from embers into a full blown flame.





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I went to a craft store yesterday: to be clear the date was July 17.

And what you see in the following photos is what greeted me in the aisles… and not just one aisle – but many

As much as I used to like Christmas, the whole Santa thing never sat well with me.

So now the store has both Christmas and Fall decorating items out simultaneously in the middle of July…

Track with me… has the Spirit of Greed (merchandising of our minds) and Spirit of Idolatry really taken us from having to see items like this stocked on shelves in September or October – now being thrust out onto us in July? Oy Vey!

And yes, I do realize there are way bigger problems we are all battling at this hour – this is just a case in point of the mis- focus society at large has at this point…

If this has become the “new norm” – I’ll just say it – No Thanks!

Changes in The Order of The Guard


The NWO Vs Philadelphia:

The World is currently being introduced to the concept of The Noahide Laws.

Soon and VERY Soon all shall be introduced to the Spirit of Philadelphia – of which is the order of Melchizedek and The Rites of Leviticus

May Wisdom – Understanding – and TRUE Repentance lead ALL Sheep toward The Door that IS Elohim’s Book of Life.

Maranatha and Amen


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Stoking the Embers: Combustion



There is something in the air, I can’t explain it – but I feel it.

It has been growing and gaining in speed like unto an invisible gyroscope as the hours and minutes progress


The last few videos the Spirit has led me to watch… I’ve sensed the combustion of “Fire” building all while it’s being “stoked” in the Spirit…

What has been merely a spark – now has many multiple  embers now most are nearly ready to set off a multitude of wildfires. Be Ready – Prepare to Stand.


Yesterday I shared the message about Repentance and Prayer…that message goes hand in hand with this – based on practices that have been “forced” in the past.


We’ve seen what happened in New York and a small handful of other states…listen closely to what Patriot Nurse addresses.

Do you know where you stand with Yahweh God?

Do you know where your line in the sand is?








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Only Through Repentance

The National Day of Prayer was Thursday May 2nd. I don’t pay attention to most media so I only viewed this for the first time this morning.



From Deuteronomy 4:2 (KJV)- Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you.



The following video is 5:45 in length – but if you are stretched for time fast-forward to the 5:00 mark and start listening from there. He seems to begin quoting from Deuteronomy 4:2. However, there is only one way that Yahweh Adonai will heal this land and it takes more than prayer…



…It takes humbling oneself.

To “REPENT” (repenting/repentance) – or turning away from the sin/leaven and humbling one’s heart to submit to the Potter and allow The Holy Spirit (Ishshah) to cleanse our impurities.

Elohim listens and responds to those who both Pray and Repent

Song for The Transformation & Harvest


Thank you for the soaking rain,

Yahweh Adonai


I will never be the same again,

I can never return, I’ve closed the door.

I will walk apart, I’ll run the race

And I will never be the same again.


Fall like fire, soak like rain,

Flow like mighty waters, again and again.

Sweep away the darkness, burn away the chaff,

And let a flame burn to glorify Your name.


There are higher heights, there are deeper seas,

Whatever you need to do, Lord do in me.

The Glory of God fills my life,

And I will never be the same again.

Fall like fire, soak like rain,

Flow like mighty waters, again and again.

Sweep away the darkness, burn away the chaff,

And let a flame burn to glorify Your name.

I will never be the same again,

I can never return, I’ve closed the door.

I will walk the path, I will run the race

And I will never be the same again.


Amen Amen and Amen.