Combustion: Penthouse, Briefcase & Skeletons

I don’t know if I ever got to write the vision down that I had back in 2016. The dream – vision – was so ethereal, but I know that I know that it happened and somehow I was there; Wherever “that” was.

I was out of my physical body and in a heavenly body and I was “traveling” similar to what is portrayed in Star Trek.

I had never understood why I had the vision I did, what it meant or why I saw it until now. And once The Holy Spirit showed me who it was and what it was I saw – I know that we are super close to the Apocalypse of Great Tribulation.

As the vision opened I was walking on the roof top of a penthouse, toward a luxury black sedan. The trunk of the Sedan was open and a man was standing there. I arrived and stood next to him as we both looked into the trunk at a black briefcase. He closed the trunk and we walked together into the building.

We were on the top floor. The penthouse. There were other people inside, but somehow they didn’t see me. He wanted to introduce me to them but each was engaged and distracted by personal matters. He walked me over to the massive floor to ceiling windows and excused himself to go behind the bar. I looked out upon the covered veranda and saw a gorgeous in ground pool. Something was amiss though – the ground outside was shaking because the pool water was splashing out of control – a massive earthquake. I did not feel that earthquake, because it is coming. It is inbound and it is related to what the man said next.

He had returned and said, I want to talk to you – I need to tell you something. I can’t hold this in anymore. I had wanted to hear what he wanted to tell me but after he said “can’t hold this anymore”…I began to fade out from the room and disappeared from that scene.

Over Thanksgiving week, as I was in prayer – The Holy Spirit shared that what the man was about to reveal was what will cause the demise, fall and unraveling of the CB.

The man in the vision was

Hunn. Ther. Bhuy. Den.


W – Con – E – Troll – F – ers VS. The Pluto Return

My journey down the “rabbit hole” began around 2014 or 2015.

That’s when I personally started to ponder and pray about a lot of things regarding Spirituality, religion and what we have been “taught” by the “system.”

In hindsight, I now realize I was on a quest – as many of us are – similar to Neo.

In hindsight – there were many things that initially freaked me out even though what I was learning would stand as confirmations to the reality of the matrix (the age/epoch we are currently in) which is on the verge of collapse – otherwise known as the birth pangs of “Apocalypse”

There are so many things that have occurred or are now occurring that I have to look at them collectively as more than mere “coincidence.” (ie: nothing is random.) If nothing else each experience as helped me recognize that the Faith I was gifted with has carried and continues to help me with understanding.

Today, I watched a video from Dr. John Campbell. It was that video which reminded me of what I saw back in 2015/2016 (a Whorld-Ekon-Phorum site) that although it completely freaked me out at the time – now makes a lot more sense. I do not feel led to share Dr. Campbell’s link within this blog post. However, you will find it on his YT page, titled “The Next P@ndemic” and if you have not seen it – I encourage you to view it. As soon as I watched it, I had a major flashback to the things I had seen and learned about the WE “Forum” over the years.

There is something else I am going to introduce here. The concept of America’s Pluto Return. Between all the studies I have done and all the influence-manipulation of Gil Bates and Mr. Clorox Swab – I think these individuals (and all associated with them, in the shadows) are in for a major awakening of their own.

America’s Pluto Return is closely associated with the Water-bearer spoken of in the New Testament. But I also believe the Pluto Return has association with the Red and Blue Kachina’s of Native American Prophecy.

Just as Elohim has a time clock called the Mazzaroth of Job 38 – also known as, the Precession of the Ages – so too do the “W – Con – E – Troll – F – ers” of Dh-@-Vos (ie: Ah-ghen-da 2030 – previously 2020)

It was the Dh-@-Vos time clock I briefly read about and perused way back then which prompts today’s message.

After having watched Dr. Campbell’s most recent message the Holy Spirit reminded me of a video that was shared by New Jerusalem Channel. This ties in directly to where the USA is at right now – at this juncture of history.

This is what America’s Pluto Return is all about. It’s ok if this seems far-fetched – but the biblical scriptures are a set of texts based on alchemical principles. The Pluto Return is part of that – Pluto in mythology is known as Hades. Hades related to Hell. We are at the precipice of not just a new world – two world bifurcation but a huge time of decision.

Does that sound familiar where the biblical texts are concerned? Revelation 13 anyone? We already watched the Great Eclipse of September 2017 and the Eclipse of 2024 is ahead — as is the transition into the Age of Aquarius (Winter/Spring 2023).

Meaning, there is no more room for indecision.

A Prayer for Salvation:

Heavenly Father – You are Holy and Mighty but you are also just and righteous. I pray in the name of your Son, Yahusha that hearts would continue to seek your mercy and forgiveness. That those lost in sin, addiction, lost and alone would cry out to you and receive the life preserver that is your Holy Spirit. Help the blind to see. Help the deaf to hear – the cry of Proverbs 8 calling out to them. Allow all those who have not discovered who you are – to Smell the Smoke of The Holy Spirits Fire – to create within each a desire to be enveloped by the divine Fire that only Your Glory can provide.

Thank you for hearing this Prayer in Heaven – Thank you for fulfulling our request. In Yahusha’s Name – Hallelujah

The Oracle: You are sadly mistaken

I tried over the course of this evening to write a blog post

In a matter of moments the Holy Spirit had me erase everything in favor of a different message.

A few days back a conversation took place in our family room.

In the midst of that exchange, a comment was made that struck deep down.

“Your mother’s words caused a deep wound – and created an unnecessary fear within you. When she mentioned she did not want to be around for the computer age…she did you a disservice.”

I recall looking back at the person who spoke those words thinking not only how wrong they were – but that those very words would eventually come back to haunt them and they would live to regret ever having uttered them.

It was actually my Dad that got me interested in electronics and tech – and 10- 20, even 30 years ago I was ready to embrace and use tech gadgets. So, in hindsight, I find it ironic that when I did have the interest many years ago, I was discouraged from embracing or investing in it. In the past 5+ years the tables have certainly turned. I have become hesitant/reluctant to embrace or adopt current tech (and/or their associated tracking policies) – and on the other hand, everyone around me thinks the world of iPhone wearables and the “liquidity of usefulness” far outweighs kon-spir-acy concerns or the potentiality of history repeating itself.

As it turns out, the words my Mom uttered back in the early 80’s indicate she was a “Seer” (an Oracle). I actually didn’t piece that together until the callous comment was made.

A Message about “The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord”

You are lost and also very mistaken, young man. You have been given chance after chance to make corrections and change your life path from the wide road to the narrow – and rather than learn to overcome your own ego you have manipulated those around you to gain what you lack.

You lack love but have chosen to seek power through corruption and control rather than submission & surrender. Your words betray you because you have chosen to ignore your heart.

The Day of the Lord is Great for those who have surrendered themselves in service to others – whereas it is the Terrible Day of the Lord for those in service to self.

My closing words in this life were to act as a cautionary echo chamber to my Daughter. They were intentional to carry her through into the next age – I have watched over my little girl since the day my mortal body “de-ceased” – you neither understand the Spiritual world nor do you care to embrace it.

You think you know my little girl well – but you do not.

The Day of The Lord is coming – it is the Day I will finally be reunited with my Daughter. I’m speaking of reunification through the rapture. You have always doubted this. It is because of the absence of your Faith and lack to search for and gain Wisdom that you will have some very difficult choices to make – and as your true test – you will be making them solo.

The tables are turning and the “bucket list” life you believe you have created for yourself is about to come crashing down around you. The trap you created for my daughter is the same one for which you yourself will be forced to face and overcome.

The only way out is to cleanse your heart, cleanse your mind and have pure intent.

Pure intent radiates God’s Glory.

Remember, it all starts in the Heart.

Recognize and reflect on your intentions.

A pure soul resonates from within a cleansed heart

May your heart soften and your mind surrender as Your journey now transitions into a gauntlet.

The Last Song: Flashdance of Fire

I remember the feeling – that day in February 2016. It’s etched in memory

The Father told me the Plasma Wave would return. This time it likely won’t be invisible

Well today I had a confirmation that it is indeed coming.

Today has been physically tough. Something is happening in the Spirit. I can feel it within my cellular structure. It’s like a smouldering fire that is ebbing and flowing.

As I feel this wave begin to wash through and over me – it does not move fast – it moves slowly.

(It would likely freak the average person out)

There is a reason Iesous (Yahusha) advised us to thoroughly examine ourselves. Because those who hope to and want to survive what’s coming will need to have cleansed themselves from the inside out – thoughts, words, deeds, intentions…

The coming “cleansing” has little to do with physical strength

In 1983 when my Mom was dying of Cancer, my Dad took her down to the Bahama Islands for a “cutting edge” treatment. Neither one of them wanted her to take part in Chemo. They were down there for months. The first part of her treatment occurred while my middle school was still in session. So, the plans were for me to fly down there and stay with her during the final week. That was a tough trip. I don’t remember most of it, except for the last night before we left.

That night, there was a TV show on – some type of pageant style competition. The only thing I remember, the only thing that stuck from watching that night was the song that was performed, by Irene Cara.

The coming Plasma wave:

What is coming is a full blown version of what I experienced back in 2016 – the difference this next time will be that no one will escape it – AND those who have not made themselves ready through Spiritual Purificiation will feel like they are experiencing h-llfire.

All day today, August 14 – I have felt what I realize is a refining fire within…it affects every part of the body structure.

Flashdance – as a word represents the “Plasma Wave” that will come and wash over and through all beings. Numbers 16:32. God told us this would also happen at the “end of time,” Revelation 12:15-16.

The Plasma Wave is coming – Pray to be accounted worthy. Ask The Holy Spirit to Prepare and Purify you.

Cool Video & Deja Vu

I have watched this video at least 3 times. Twice on my phone before I switched over to a larger screen.

This blog post will be rather unusual because it is about Spiritual Experience….

I have no idea who took this video or where it was taken – but I have watched it multiple times because I experienced a major case of Deja Vu with this.

Who ever it is that took the video – I have been where you are. About seven years ago I had a dream – in that dream I was standing under an awning. I have stood under this SAME awning – where YOU are standing in this video.

Also, that rainbow was Amazing. It’s not easily seen on a phone but via a larger screen – that Rainbow is The Presence of The Holy Spirit. I’m in awe! The Golden light emanating from it was as if it radiated the Light of The Holy City! Absolutely Stunning!

Fast Forward to the end of the the video – with the clouds, near the end – in the clouds its the Bride & Groom and the entourage!

In anticipation of the upcoming Wave Sheaf offering and Matthew 22

The Unraveling & Teresa’s Vision

Just over two years ago I sat down to my sewing machine and struggled.

I struggled within my heart as well as within my Spirit.

Two years ago the world was catapulted into confusion and the “W” (E) – [F] appeared “on stage” in homes across the land to create widespread fear. That was the last Spring/Summer I ever bothered to give the lame stream media my attention or trust.

Yesterday marked another turning point for me – I sat down with my seam ripper and unraveled – stitch by stitch – seam by seam – a face mask that I had started but never finished. It was a version called a “smile mask” and last night I finally separated all the pieces. The front, back and the piece of clear plastic intended for the “smile” window. It felt so good to dismantle the whole thing.

Father told me that the reason I had been led to deconstruct the mask is because it represents what is currently happening on earth. All current systems are unraveling – being deconstructed – torn apart and brought down.

Deconstructing the smile mask is an indicator that all those in “power” who have falsely represented themselves will ultimately answer to The Elohim and they will not likely be smiling when all is said and done.

On a brighter note Elohim encouraged me to watch this video from New Jerusalem Channel. It is so beautiful. I hope you will take the time to watch it as well.

It is an incredible dream and has both beautiful art work as well as the description of the Holy City that is described by Teresa.

Blessings of Hope and Love to All