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Combustion: Penthouse, Briefcase & Skeletons

I don’t know if I ever got to write the vision down that I had back in 2016. The dream – vision – was so ethereal, but I know that I know that it happened and somehow I was there; Wherever “that” was.

I was out of my physical body and in a heavenly body and I was “traveling” similar to what is portrayed in Star Trek.

I had never understood why I had the vision I did, what it meant or why I saw it until now. And once The Holy Spirit showed me who it was and what it was I saw – I know that we are super close to the Apocalypse of Great Tribulation.

As the vision opened I was walking on the roof top of a penthouse, toward a luxury black sedan. The trunk of the Sedan was open and a man was standing there. I arrived and stood next to him as we both looked into the trunk at a black briefcase. He closed the trunk and we walked together into the building.

We were on the top floor. The penthouse. There were other people inside, but somehow they didn’t see me. He wanted to introduce me to them but each was engaged and distracted by personal matters. He walked me over to the massive floor to ceiling windows and excused himself to go behind the bar. I looked out upon the covered veranda and saw a gorgeous in ground pool. Something was amiss though – the ground outside was shaking because the pool water was splashing out of control – a massive earthquake. I did not feel that earthquake, because it is coming. It is inbound and it is related to what the man said next.

He had returned and said, I want to talk to you – I need to tell you something. I can’t hold this in anymore. I had wanted to hear what he wanted to tell me but after he said “can’t hold this anymore”…I began to fade out from the room and disappeared from that scene.

Over Thanksgiving week, as I was in prayer – The Holy Spirit shared that what the man was about to reveal was what will cause the demise, fall and unraveling of the CB.

The man in the vision was

Hunn. Ther. Bhuy. Den.