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The Unraveling & Teresa’s Vision

Just over two years ago I sat down to my sewing machine and struggled.

I struggled within my heart as well as within my Spirit.

Two years ago the world was catapulted into confusion and the “W” (E) – [F] appeared “on stage” in homes across the land to create widespread fear. That was the last Spring/Summer I ever bothered to give the lame stream media my attention or trust.

Yesterday marked another turning point for me – I sat down with my seam ripper and unraveled – stitch by stitch – seam by seam – a face mask that I had started but never finished. It was a version called a “smile mask” and last night I finally separated all the pieces. The front, back and the piece of clear plastic intended for the “smile” window. It felt so good to dismantle the whole thing.

Father told me that the reason I had been led to deconstruct the mask is because it represents what is currently happening on earth. All current systems are unraveling – being deconstructed – torn apart and brought down.

Deconstructing the smile mask is an indicator that all those in “power” who have falsely represented themselves will ultimately answer to The Elohim and they will not likely be smiling when all is said and done.

On a brighter note Elohim encouraged me to watch this video from New Jerusalem Channel. It is so beautiful. I hope you will take the time to watch it as well.

It is an incredible dream and has both beautiful art work as well as the description of the Holy City that is described by Teresa.

Blessings of Hope and Love to All


Heaven’s Aether

In the nearly 8 years since Father God directed me to start this blog – this is one post I never expected to share.

I don’t even know where to start – talk about writer’s block.

In the very early days, when I was just dabbling and getting familiar with what blogging was about – I had made contact with someone whom The Holy Spirit had directed me to reach out to. As I recall, I think her name was Rachel.

It was almost as if Rachel knew she was supposed to give me a message – because after that initial contact it wasn’t all that long before I heard back from her. And her response astounded me.

Father God had given her a beautiful message to share but the portion of the message that had astounded me the most was when He said, “you have seen Heaven – you have been there.”

Hindsight is 20/20.

A Vision of Heaven

Over the years, when I would go to sleep at night – often as I laid in bed I could feel and hear the Holy Spirit call me to me to come and “sit”. When I heard that, I would begin to see a body of water. A beautiful lake. A mountain off in the distance.

Where I sat was next to and just under a tree. The tree was situated next to this vast, lakeside body of water. And the water was pristine.

Though I had heard the Holy Spirit call me to this place, it felt like Jesus was right there too. I didn’t necessarily see him, but I would put my head on his shoulder. And if it was a time of great difficulty I was going through – I would ask Him in the Spirit to hold me and would feel him wrap me close.

This scenery was pretty constant, but Heaven is different and it’s a bit challenging to describe because there exists a purity within Heaven that does not exist on earth. What was fascinating is that what I did or could do when I was at this Heavenly location was polar opposite of what I (or any of us) can do as a human on earth.

Because the tree was lakeside, when I sat under the tree I was able to dip my toes in the water. Within moments of dipping them, I felt a yearning to swim. As soon as I felt the yearning, it’s like I was lifted up and into it without having to make virtually any effort on my own.

The most interesting part of swimming there was I could breathe underwater and that was so exciting and surreal that as I came up to the surface I didn’t just “bobble” and tread water – I flew up and above the water’s surface! That’s when I also realized I wasn’t wet from swimming. I had emerged from the water completely dry. My clothes and hair were even different – as if swimming in that lake wasn’t just a Spiritual Baptism but an experience that brought about a physical transformation as well.

It was soooo cool!

I write and share this vision now – to give people hope. Not to give up on Jesus’ Promises of the coming abode of Heaven.

(If TAO is listening: I sobbed thru it)

Into The Light (Updated)

(Author Note: This post has been modified since it was first published.)


Magnificent. Beyond Expression.


Yahuveh Ahava is magnificent.


I am Overwhelmed


Upon waking and hearing the song above as the radio began to play at 6:01am…I knew was no accident.  I had been woken at about 4am, by the sound of raindrops. I next found myself going into prayer.


That song was followed by this one:


Start A Fire


The manifest presence of God is amazing

Seek Him

Pray in The Spirit…

Let Him elevate you Into The Light

He is Glorious


Blog post insight

So the reason for this blog post was quite unexpected. The words wrote themselves and it was the fastest post to publish.

I originally had chosen a different music video than what is there now. That again, is intentional on God’s part. As you watch, “Into The Light”…pay close attention to the frames where you see LIGHT all by itself (it occurs at :48/:50, 1:57/1:58, 2:10/2:11, 2:13/2:14, 3:09). He has directed me to share those specific image frames with you.

I feel the need to mention that there are a couple of frames within this video that gave me pause…but those aren’t to be the focus.

Back to the point: The radio clicked on the morning at about 6am. This is going to sound odd, but when the radio started, I don’t know where I was (in the Spirit) because I started praying at 4am and never stopped. When “This” started I was somewhere between prayer and dozing).

Somehow I had come into the presence of the most amazing Light I have ever seen in my life. It was nothing like the sun and it didn’t hurt my eyes to look at it. The song “Overwhelming” came to mind as the dream/vision was ending and the music on the radio pulled me back. I distinctly remember wanting to get closer to the light. But I wasn’t walking to it. It was as if The Light contained a force that was pulling me to it. For the first time in my life, I felt complete peace and love unlike anything I have ever known. I think I recall that my mind was begging for it not to end.

All the songs that were included were somehow part of what happened. As in, I either felt them happening or heard them when I saw this Light.

It was utter Beauty.

Father, I ask that your manifest presence fall on every soul reading this. And may your Holy Spirit anoint the chosen ones you are about to raise up.

Your reconciliation must happen for restoration…may your will be done and your purposes fulfilled.

I pray that as Judgements fall, the souls far from you…the fence sitters, skeptics and unbelievers, say YES to you.

In Jesus Name, Amen

God Bless and wrap you all in His liquid love.

Grandpa – The E.R.- and Life to Come

I continue to contemplate relationships this morning. Relationships among family, friends, acquaintances – all of it A-Z.

Then I started to think about The E.R. and Grandpa (My Father-in-Law)

Week of May 29 –

We were finishing breakfast at the hotel when the call came in. Grandpa indicated he was calling 911. He didn’t know what was wrong but he couldn’t breathe. This would have been the 2nd time in just a couple of months he would have called for ambulance assistance. We told him we would drive over and take instead.

We high-tailed ourselves over to his condo as fast as we could and I met him outside his door…25 minutes later. Upon our arrival, he didn’t even wait for me to knock or ring the door bell.

He looked pale and weak. I could tell he struggled walking because of his labored breathing.

That might have been the longest drive to the ER I have witnessed. Now I understand why the ambulance exists.

There is an intersection near where he lives that can get really bottle-necked. Just the right number of cars and the wrong timing of lights (along with driver distractions or less than ideal temperaments) and you have the perfect combination of driving delays. Even if he had been in an ambulance, I’m not sure how the medics would have navigated this particular area of congestion…

At one point, there was a white Mercedes sedan we had just passed in another lane. I heard commotion behind us and looked out the back window. The driver had gotten out of his car and was yelling at a pedestrian, and the pedestrian was yelling back at him. I didn’t see what had transpired but the air was thick with tension. I was glad when the light finally turned green.

We arrived at the ER check in window. I signed Grandpa in. The wait wasn’t too long. I wasn’t sure which of us would accompany him into Triage. As they called him, my husband volunteered me to go…which I would have been fine with but I personally felt it wasn’t my decision to make. I asked Grandpa…”which of us do you want to go with you?” – he indicated his son.

The kids and I sat in the waiting room…fortunately we’d brought things to pass the time. The kids were on the electronics, I continued reading The Book of Mysteries.

After an hour or two, a short examination indicated no sign of a heart attack so he was next in line for a lung x-ray.

Later that day, early afternoon I had the chance to join them in Grandpa’s hospital room. What an experience…

Sitting in there made me realize how “vapor-like” life is. I spent time observing the comings and goings of hospital staff and EMT’s. Thinking about how these medical personnel would deal with a crisis when one actually happened.

The Dr. finally came in to discuss the initial results of Grandpa’s tests. His lung xray showed that he might be developing pneumonia. But the best way to determine how his heart was doing was to conduct a “Stress Test” which would require him to stay there and be monitored for at least a couple of days. Well, in Grandpa’s world…that is not an option and he was gonna have no part of it.

They proceeded to get his papers ready to release him and let him go home for 3 days of rest.

That evening, I just couldn’t hold back on asking him about Jesus.

Last fall, that is last September…he had an experience where one night – after he went to bed, He saw (and spoke with) Jesus in Heaven. The morning after this happened, he couldn’t find the words to even speak at first. Everyone in the family was concerned that maybe he’d had a stroke or something had happened to impair his speech. In reality, he was so stunned he just could not find words to describe the indescribable. My husband took the kids to school…

After they left I looked at Grandpa and paused…and finally said, “Ok Grandpa, talk to me”

He turned his bewildered gaze toward me, and said…”I don’t know how to explain this, but I saw Jesus – I saw God last night.” My eyes widened….”well don’t stop there, keep going!”

His description of what happened the night before were nothing short of just amazing. I think back about that discussion and those couple of hours that we took to talk and relish what he heard and said.

But back to the original story….my concern over the months since that experience were wondering if he still remembered it because his memory was waning. If he remembered that experience…then God wasn’t done with him yet.

“Grandpa, do you remember seeing Jesus last Fall, in a vision, while you were visiting us?”

“I do…why?”

“I just wanted to know if you could remember or not since you have occasional memory challenges.”

“That experience is not something I could forget because it was real. I was really there with him. It was not a dream. Being there with Him was as real as talking with you here, now.”

“Well, that’s good to hear, cause I know you used to doubt that anything beyond this life existed…”

Grandpa responded almost matter-of-factly, “There is most definitely life after this one…this life is not the end.”

Dream/Vision: Face to Face

In The Father’s Hands.

I went to bed early. Exhaustion had permeated my being: physically, emotionally and spiritually. I was ready to just curl up under my covers and hibernate.

Sleep arrived quickly, which didn’t happen often.

I don’t know how I got to where I was, but I distinctly remember “hovering” in the air, over a city suburb.

I recognized the area. We (someone was with me) were in Kent. Positioned near the last tennis club I’d trained at prior to stepping away from competitive tennis. This is where I had trained with the club Pro, during my last year of competition. My Father had opted to let someone else work with me during the weekdays.

Since Dad was still working and Mom was retired, if I needed to go somewhere, Mom would drop me off and pick me up.  

In this vision, I could see from afar that her car was leaving the club parking lot. I knew she and I were both inside the vehicle (even though I was looking on the scene, from above, as an observer) and we would be driving the familiar route home; heading up the long winding drive back to Federal Way from Kent.

Just as the car was hillside, I went from hovering and airborne to sitting in the front passenger seat. This is where I used to sit when Mom and I would drive together.
In this vision, she was wearing her favorite outfit. A blue jacket, white long-sleeved blouse that had a multi-colored grape print and navy blue slacks. Her eyes focused straight ahead, both hands on the wheel. I turned from looking at her to looking forward and started talking.

“I’ve missed you so much, Mom. Dad’s missed you so much. There is so much I want to share with you. So many things to say. I never got to say goodbye. I never thought you’d die. I need you so much, I have so many questions to ask. I don’t even know where to start.”

I turned my head from looking forward (or at the surroundings outside the car) back to my Mom. But Mom’s visual appearance had changed; her clothing had changed, her general appearance.

In an instant, she had – what I would call – “transfigured” (look up Matthew 17:1-9) because her appearance had gone from what I recognized on earth to something ethereal. Her presence resembled more of what we would call, “Angelic.”

Her favorite outfit was gone and it was as if she were clothed in white linen. Not the linen you and I would recognize. This was almost formless. I really couldn’t make out a definite form of earthly body. I knew it was her, but she was different. She was now perfect. She had been changed.

Without turning to look at me, Mom kept her eyes focused forward and spoke:

“Everything will be alright. It will all work out.”

[As she started to answer, something else happened. I had initially turned my head to look her direction when I asked my question. I also saw something that stunned me.

Positioned initially out of view, perched between the driver’s and passenger seat appeared a brilliant light. It was fiery in the middle and glowed radiance outward. It was the brightest light I had (and still have) ever seen. I only saw it for a moment.]

Her response was not the answer I was looking for but it was the answer God intended for me, at that time.

Once I turned away from looking at Mom and made visual contact with “The Light” I was translated outside the car and hovering over a valley. Not necessarily the Kent Valley. I saw the car ascending the top of a hill and driving up, over and beyond it. It all happened  lightning fast. The car was gone and she disappeared. I really wanted to go with her, but it wasn’t my time yet. This would have to be enough to suffice.

If God’s intent was to give me hope, I guess he did.

While I didn’t get to connect with her as I would have liked to in life…he gave me two things I needed, actually three:

1) He let me see her, first as I remembered her in life, in context of our way of life.
2) Then he showed me that she was no longer of this world.
3) That she was now in His presence. Living in peace, perfection and out of pain.

Looking back, this vision was also indicating a prophetic change for me. My Dad had always been my Coach. He’d trained me. They had both been active in my tennis development. Whether practice, commuting or competition.

In this vision, I knew subconsciously Mom was gone. It took me much longer to understand this meant my Dad had transitioned “away” from being my coach. I now understand that this vision was a sign that not only would I no longer compete but be an indication that changes were coming and would happen fast.

God had removed my Mother from the earth and this was indicating that my Father’s place in my life would be changing, too. It was not a message I would have wanted to know back then and was not ready to understand until recently.

Just as God tells us everything we need to know in His Word, to navigate this life. This vision had a multi-layered message designed to be revealed at His choosing and in His timing.

Like an onion, time is his tool. While preparing the onion might cause me to tear up/cry during the “Prep Work” the final product is what he is after. God is revealing what I need to know, as it is beneficial. He does this out of Love. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Mom had raised me and taken care of me, nurturing me like a mother is designed to. But this transition was Him letting me know that He was in control. He always had been and would continue to be faithful.

Mom’s journey was complete and now it was my turn to walk with Him. She and I never had eye contact and our conversation was limited by the nature of God’s laws. However, His was a reassurance to me that even though I would no longer see her in this life, she had fulfilled her purpose and had gone onto glory. I was now In The Father’s Hands. He actually had full control of the car, the destination and my purpose.

The Spiritual Realm is and always has been very real. God is not about to leave my side. He won’t leave yours either.

He never has. He never will. He takes care of his Sheep, He had created both of us. I needed to trust, just as she had.

John 10:27New Living Translation (NLT)

27 My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.


Shared from WP: Testimony

I have read enough books, watched enough videos, prayed & read The Word to know that h-ell is just as REAL as
Heaven. Regardless of how ready you think you are, please read this and then go back to the Bible & re-read Acts 2.

I SAW MY FRIENDS IN HELL – Testimony of Eric Nana Bridges – http://wp.me/p1u9gL-gZ

Where is your Treasure?

Make sure your mind is set and focused on things of God…NOT of this world.


Hebrews 12:2

New Living Translation (NLT)

We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith.[a] Because of the joy[b] awaiting him, he endured the cross, disregarding its shame. Now he is seated in the place of honor beside God’s throne.


The ONLY thing that matters is that you put your faith and trust in Jesus.


The following was the lead headline from 1/12/2016 on the home page of CNN/Money was “SELL Everything: 2016 will be cataclysmic year” say RBS.

Someone I know once said something similar:

Sell Everything you have…

Yeshua spoke these words to this man for a specific reason. The Word Says that the eyes are the window to our soul. During this exchange, Yeshua looked into the eyes of this man and saw what he was thinking. First, the man addressed Yeshua as “Good Master” so then Yeshua proceeded to place him within the scales of Judgement (Rev 11) and weighed and examined WHAT was in his heart and against the words of the question the man asked. This is why he compared him to the rich man. Those who cling to the value of this world will lose their inheritance of the next. Those who relinquish their treasures in this world will inherit the treasures of the next…this is the check in balance of the meek inheriting treasures in heaven.


If this world is just a vapor, and our ultimate destination is either Heaven or Hell

Where do YOU want to spend eternity?

Consider this:

When you were born you arrived without clothing or money.

When you die, your physical body will be ALL that is left. You will take NOTHING with you.

Your spirit and soul WILL go elsewhere. You body will NOT just get buried. Your Spirit and Soul will be SENT to a new home…it is time to make this a “Front Burner” instead of a “Back Burner” issue.

Don’t leave your future to chance. None of us knows what tomorrow will bring. I doubt that we would want to know, because we would die of fright from that kn0wledge.



Luke 21:26New Living Translation (NLT)

26 People will be terrified at what they see coming upon the earth, for the powers in the heavens will be shaken.



Yeshua DOES know.

So drop the worries, anxiety and desires for what is temporal & fix your eyes on the ONE who can save your soul.


Yeshua is the WAY, the TRUTH & the LIFE.



John 14:6 New Living Translation (NLT)

Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.



You will find PEACE only in HIM –

Not in your money or anything “tangible” of THIS world.



Matthew 6:19-21 (New Living Translation)
“Don’t store up treasures here on earth, where moths eat them and rust destroys them, and where thieves break in and steal.


You were destined to be a CHILD of God. Be Encouraged. Seek Wisdom!

Salvation is yours if you just say: “God I accept your Son, Jesus as Savior. Save Me, Change Me, Make ME New!”


Be Blessed & Do NOT Fear!




Breaking Chains: Burying Memories


My 3rd writing day and I’m getting a late start. Not letting that stop me though.

I’ve finally dressed.

I made myself put on make up today.

Eyeliner, eye shadow and lipstick.

I do want to take this moment to Praise God, because the last two days of writing memoir scenes has been liberating.

It was the Holy Spirit’s words from last week that finally hit me; I just needed time to process his message:


HS: Why are you putting yourself through this?

Your avoidance is a misuse of energy & it’s breaking you down!

Fight through it!

Write it out, writing through it will be much easier than what you are living WITH

You are hoping this will go away on its own.

Your past is yours. OWN it!

Your God is Creator but you are the CREATED.

Re-write the Wrongs! He’ll do his part, but YOU need to do yours.

You’re making this more difficult than the process would be if you sat down and finished it.


I have doubted that what I have to say will be of benefit to anyone. However, this week, I had a fellow Christian author read two of my scenes. I’m grateful I did. I’m grateful God directed me to her.

It is encouraging when someone tells you to keep going. When you hear that what you’ve written is both important and good writing. But, I should have known that already. The Lord has been hounding me to do this for a while.

This morning I ran across a blog post written by a woman about death. It just so happens that at least one or two scenes in this manuscript will have to focus on loss and death.

It is a brutal topic. Brutal, because none of us really wants to face it but a critical topic because none of us can escape it.

I am blogging at this moment as a form of procrastination but also because in the writer’s world a blank page is static. I needed to get words flowing and build momentum.

No, I don’t want to write about those memories. No, I really don’t want to end up sobbing today – like I did as I wrote the last two days.

But the reality is I HAVE to. The longer I put this off, the more difficult it becomes. Three decades of wishing pain away is long enough.

I don’t want to look my 15 year old self in the mirror. I don’t want to see what I looked like the day I buried my mother.

And yet, the two scenes I wrote in the last 48 hours were crucial. They allowed God to help me break chains of bondage. Something I didn’t know was possible. Something that is of more worth than Gold.

So, I’m going to trust God, that as He has directed, he knows what is best.

I write to release and break chains that have kept me tethered…I write to surrender my soul to My Savior.


Blessings to you & Be a Blessing to others,


Do you sense it? A “Quickening” ?


For weeks (maybe even months) I’ve sensed it.

Beyond that I’ve heard it as if it were a whisper in the wind.

The word: “Quickening”

I know a lot of people are reluctant to talk about The End of Days or End Times or The Tribulation. I imagine it frightens them. When I’ve accidentally happened upon the topic in conversation I hear:


  • “I don’t want to think about it,”

  • “I don’t want to talk about it,”

  • “It’s never gonna happen, it hasn’t for millennia”

  • “If God was coming, He would have come by now.”

The hard truth and reality is people (surrounded by a comfortable culture) don’t want to think or talk about something that might compromise, challenge or cause them to forfeit creature comforts.

Look at the bullet points above. And then consider what you might have to DO if you found out you were terminally ill? You WOULD have to THINK, TALK and PLAN for what was imminent…for what was coming.  While mankind has been given a time frame of 120 years maximum to live….


Genesis 6:3 (NLT) | In Context | Whole Chapter

Then the Lord said, “My Spirit will not put up with humans for such a long time, for they are only mortal flesh. In the future, their normal lifespan will be no more than 120 years.”


….not everyone gets to fully live out that amount of TIME.

Let’s cover a few bases here. Most people “Look” at The End of Days or “The End Times” as the End of Life. Granted the Book of Revelations is the last Book of the Bible. Appropriately so. The Book of Revelation is God’s Climax and Denouement to the Life we See. That doesn’t mean it’s the end of Life. God is Life as we know it and His plans are bigger (and always have been) since long before you and I ever showed up.

Back on Track: The word “Quickening”

The term “Quickening” came up in a phone call with a friend yesterday.

I’ve had this innate sense that time has sped up. It’s not something you can see on a clock or easily identify. It’s something that exists as an internal alarm.

I have friends who say that the Church, God’s people have fallen asleep. God warned this might happen and He specifically said at some point we would need to WAKE UP.


The Message to the Church in Sardis

“Write this letter to the angel[a] of the church in Sardis. This is the message from the one who has the sevenfold Spirit[b] of God and the seven stars:

“I know all the things you do, and that you have a reputation for being alive—but you are dead. Wake up! Strengthen what little remains, for even what is left is almost dead. I find that your actions do not meet the requirements of my God. Go back to what you heard and believed at first; hold to it firmly. Repent and turn to me again. If you don’t wake up, I will come to you suddenly, as unexpected as a thief.

“Yet there are some in the church in Sardis who have not soiled their clothes with evil. They will walk with me in white, for they are worthy. All who are victorious will be clothed in white. I will never erase their names from the Book of Life, but I will announce before my Father and his angels that they are mine.

“Anyone with ears to hear must listen to the Spirit and understand what he is saying to the churches.

As many times as I have heard friends acknowledge that it’s important we WAKE UP it wasn’t until the point that I started to “sense” this “Quickening” that I realized – MAYBE there is more to what’s going on ALL Around us than WE want to admit.

Quickening is normally related to the time before a woman goes into Labor. It’s a time when the birth pains start.

Revelation 12

New Living Translation (NLT)


The Woman and the Dragon

12 Then I witnessed in heaven an event of great significance. I saw a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon beneath her feet, and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant, and she cried out because of her labor pains and the agony of giving birth.

But as time goes on and Labor goes on there is a “quickening” in events.

Things happen faster, more frequently. Strange things can happen. Shocking. Attention getting.

“The Quickening” and “Wake Up” calls aren’t meant to frighten us…they are (more or less) an alarm clock.

I’m pretty sure the cycle of Blood Moons officially ushered in the process. I’m not here to say WHAT the implications of the Blood Moons are but as an observer of what is happening ALL around the WORLD, something is going on.

Yes, it is easy enough to attribute all the phenomenas to science and the process of life. God knows THAT, He IS bigger than that.

If this is a “Quickening” of God’s timetable, and it’s His call for us to Wake Up…I have to ask if you not only believe in God, but if you have accepted Jesus as your Savior?

It’s not hard. But the word repent is a small word with BIG implications.

If and when God does Rapture His Church (be it pre-tribulation or mid-tribulation) will you be ready?

Here is a simple prayer to get you there:

Dear Lord,
I admit that I am a sinner. I have done many things that don’t please you. I have lived my life for myself. I am sorry and I repent. I ask you to forgive me. I believe that you died on the cross for me, to save me. You did what I could not do for myself. I come to you now and ask you to take control of my life, I give it to you. Help me to live every day in a way that pleases you. I love you, Lord, and I thank you that I will spend all eternity with you.



Let me also say, there are scoffers out there. People who, as I mentioned above do not believe Jesus will come back for His Church. I have met and known many that feel this way or don’t want to believe it could happen in our lifetime.


I’m not saying it will….But, what if it does? What if it did?

What if there is a chance, no matter how slight…that it could happen?

I don’t want to see anyone perish, but it isn’t my decision….it’s yours.

May you reach out and accept God’s gift of Salvation.

It is FREE for the taking,


Easter in the rearview: an everyday celebration



It’s the 11th hour, literally, as I write this.

Easter Sunday is nearly over. and here I sit munching on a favorite snack: sliced & salted cucumber.

Yeah, not the best thing to do at this hour of the day. But I figure that it’s a better option than a pint of ice cream (which I do not have in the house anyway.)

I do have Easter candy around here. I hope to finish this blog post before it comes to that. I’d chew gum if I could, but gave up on that years ago. *Sigh*

Oops, cucumber slice…sorry.

So, back to the task at hand. This blog post.


Weeks ago I had wanted to write a post for Good Friday. No such luck.

Last Monday I tinkered with getting an Easter entry ready to go. Didn’t happen. I had an excuse, my neighbor died. His funeral in fact, is tomorrow. *heavy sigh*

I now realize with each death I am being “tested.” I know that sounds weird.

Yes, I’m being tested (so are we all) and all too often I feel like I am looking at an EpIC Fail: at least in my eyes… In God’s Eyes: maybe not.

Cucumber slice.

I am caught in a “time capsule” of life. A time capsule of God’s making.

He created me. He knows exactly what I am here for, while I do not. In addition, He is watching me with baited breath from his Throne.

That might seem creepy to some, but not to me. In fact, it’s mildly comforting albeit frustrating.

I wear His cross as a symbol of my belief in His sacrifice and mercy.

I belong to HIM. Yet, I fail Him everyday.

Even as I meander through this “maze” called my life.

Not unlike you, I am

  • flying
  • running
  • stumbling and
  • searching for my way to successfully navigate some really tough waters in a tiny row boat – and better yet, I’m doing so blindfolded – and it’s DARK.

“I don’t know who I am or where I’m going” I once said to my Godmother. I was in my teens or early twenties when I uttered those words and her instantaneous reply left me speechless on the phone: “You ARE a child of God and your are going to Heaven.”

I’ve never forgotten those words. But that is of little comfort when the storms swell causes the sea to rise… and all you can think about as those waters get choppy and you feel sea sick is:

Why am I blindfolded?

Why am I in a tiny row boat?

Why am I the one doing all the paddling?

While I may recognize I’m already “dog-tired” I don’t immediately realize that I’m trying to get control of a boat that isn’t meant to be controlled by me. I also can’t see that the storm I’m facing is too big and too powerful to face alone. The waves could drown me and capsize my boat!


Yeah, I am a little tired. I’ve been working diligently for more than 2 years to sift through piles of stuff and clear out excess. Don’t we humans just love to accumulate?

But I’ve come to recognize all this accumulation is a really BIG test. The accumulation has accrued because loved ones have died. I’ve spent 3 decades working on getting “tough” and recognizing death for what it is: The passage way from a sin filled life to peace and perfection with God in Glory.

I’ve managed to develop a fairly thick skin over the years because….well, that’s what God needs from me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hardened…I’m being prepared – and that’s all I know (for now.) That’s all He wants me to know, for now. And I’m okay with that. Inevitably He wants me to depend on HIM. And in the long run, I need to. I need the wisdom from His “macro” view point!

Not long ago (okay, get real, last week) I was feeling really frustrated that I have been a guest at so few weddings. I’m not kidding. I’ve probably been to less than 5 weddings in my life. On the other hand, I’ve been to so many funerals that I often feel callous about the funeral proceeding process. Again, I’m sure that’s gotta sound weird. But I hope not.

See, God wrote about death when He said in:

1 Corinthians 15:55-56

New Living Translation (NLT)

55 O death, where is your victory?
    O death, where is your sting?[a]

56 For sin is the sting that results in death, and the law gives sin its power.

And maybe that’s why I’ve developed somewhat of a callous over my heart. God allows our hearts, yours and mine to be broken just like His is.

He also stitches it right back together. Which is really, really good…because His stitches tend to make our hearts more resilient and able to tolerate the lessons He NEEDS us to learn. Death isn’t pleasant (and for the unsaved: it’s downright ugly) but death is downright necessary. It’s our FINAL test.

Cutting to the chase: death is NOT the end. We even avoid the subject of death. We may even avoid homes and people where death has “come knocking” – simply because it is an ill-fated reminder of what’s to come for us.

But what’s to come IS God’s greatest achievement in our lives yet. Because of HIS miracle in, through and with Jesus – this life is not ALL there IS. There is MORE. And that example is clearly seen when we take our bruised, battered, torn and broken hearts and LOOK to Jesus words in

John 19:30

where He says we have no reason to turn our back on facing our demise because “It is finished” AND that (in turn) leads the way to

John 11:25

when Jesus has come back to life, having conquered sin and death and HE says:

25 “I am the resurrection and the life.[e]

Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying.

26 Everyone who lives in me and believes in me will never ever die.

That is why we have Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. But most important of all is a reality that gets lost each year as Easter Sunday comes to a close.

Easter is 1 day. Easter is ONE day. EASTER IS A DAY ON A CALENDAR –

We should be living as if EASTER is EVERY-DAY.


As if Jesus resurrection NEVER ended just because His resurrection is complete. His good news for us is just the start. Death is the door way we must cross to see THE Light.

The Resurrection lead us to Pentecost. Pentecost is God’s living spirit that will abide IN US if we allow it. We can be a testimony about the amazing FEAT we have gained in what EASTER brings:

Hope for today! It’s time to ignite our light, to shine in the darkness as we WoRk our way HOME.


I long for you Jesus. I pray that in all we do: you will make our lives a living testament of who Jesus was and is. Help us to surrender, to allow you in..to mold us and make us NEW. Soften our hearts and help us to see that by surrendering we are really making ourselves stronger. Sanctify us and help us to feel your presence. Help us to find you in the midst of the storms we face.

Give us Peace and Grace, Grant us Mercy…..

I hope you had a blessed and joyous Easter Weekend!

Thanks for “hanging out” with me…and remember: You are LoVED by God!