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*Photos* Blood Moon – Lunar Eclipse – Final Tetrad *Photos*

Photos I took last night of 2015 Final Lunar Tetrad. Skies were clear and stars were plentiful. It was an amazing site to see.

The camera photos still don’t do this Heavenly sight justice but my cell phone camera didn’t come close. Only other way to get a good view was through a telescope or set of binoculars.

I am posting 5 photos that I took in progressive order from full eclipse onward

Hope you enjoy them!

Have a Blessed Monday,


Moon fully Eclipsed

“Closer” photo of Lunar Eclipse/Blood Moon

Fully Eclipsed Blood Moon

Fully Eclipsed Blood Moon

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse: Exiting Blood Moon Phase

Conclusion of Lunar Tetrad

Conclusion of Lunar Tetrad – Returning to normal