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The Gifts are Ready!

My goal with each approaching Advent Season is to get my gifts in the mail by Thanksgiving (at least that’s my goal)…

I started the Christmas Skirt in the summer and actually finished it Thanksgiving weekend. (Yes, I am easily distracted & have many “squirrel” moments!)

Once again, Thanksgiving arrived and I was not ready to ship anything yet, but at least they were started or I had the raw materials in hand.

Fortunately, I finished them last night.

The results:


One Christmas Tree skirt for the newlyweds

(A pre-printed panel, sewn/serged and monogrammed/embroidered)



Personalized & Embroidered

Flour sack/tea towels for the kitchen


10 Place Mats

These were pre-printed so I had to make and add the binding to finish off the “raw edges.” I also added some crystals to the tree but those are probably are hard to see. If you look closely you can see a red crystal in the center of the gold star on the tree.

(Only 3 of the 10 mats are shown)



Time to get moving. I’m way behind on my blog posts, memoir & other unfinished sewing projects!

Wishing you a blessed Advent Season,