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The 1st Fruits Wedding – Dancing on “The Ceiling”

Before I begin – I want to give thanks to Father God, Jesus Christ and The Ruach HaQodesh. In addition I also want to provide clarification

I am very grateful to New Jerusalem channel and to Lindsay and Tim for their dedication to Father God Elohim and the coming Kingdom of New Jerusalem. In my last blog post I mentioned how much I was overwhelmed by the narrator voices.

I’m just gonna come right out and say this – the woman who shared the dream her nephew had – if the current rapture dream is yours as well – please do not hide your voice because it is beautiful and I always thought it was. Hearing the voice of the sister who was a “guest speaker” also helped my soul to heal. So, God Bless you – Father please bless her and that child with your Treasure House of Love, Peace and Protection.

Peter, if you read this I want you to know – I loved my earthly Dad – but when he died it felt like I had been hit by the caboose (Mom’s death was what felt like a freight train), because I hadn’t had the chance to get as close to him, as I had my Mom. Neither of the experiences and events that followed was easy but all/both catapulted me towards growing in Faith and comprehending how amazing our Elohim really is!

I have healed from the events surrounding my mother – it took a lot of work, writing, studying God’s Word and praying over 3-4 decades to make sense out of God’s plan for this soul’s journey.

Peter, whether or not you already know this in the Spirit or will (hopefully) understand it, there is something about the quality of your voice – that has been helping me to heal from emotional damage that earthly men have done in the decades following my Dad’s sudden and untimely passing. That was why I cried when I heard your voice. Because within your voice, somehow – I heard a frequency of love from Heaven. Thank you for the gift of your presence – and your efforts on behalf of NJC & A&ΩPW

After I heard both of you speak on the last message(s) and about the rapture dream – I started to see more into the Spirit. Hearing you both also helped my Spirit recognize that a vision I had back in 1990 was of the 1st Watch Wedding.

I have also been seeing some amazing sky cloud formations – and today – I saw Jesus in the clouds to the West. He was poised with outstretched arms and looked like he was awaiting to receive/grasp the hands of his Bride.

“Evergreen” reminds me of my earthly parents – I recall them listening to this song and it reminds me of the Love they had for each other – which I was fortunate enough to observe even if for only a short time.

Luke 12: 37-38

In Celebration of the Coming First Watch Harvest/Gathering

And while I absolutely love the Christina Perri song “Thousand Years” – I am adding and updating this message with this video from Lionel Richie. For several specific reasons. Many years ago (pre-9.1.1.) I was waiting for a flight heading to Jamaica. The flight was late in taking off and it wasn’t until the last moment I understood why.

I heard commotion near the front of the plane at the loading ramp and the next thing I knew I heard the words “Hey, Lionel!”

I didn’t think much of it until I looked up and glanced – and saw Lionel Richie standing in the aisle way – turn his head, wave a greeting to fellow passengers and take his seat.

As for this song – While driving this afternoon – I heard “Dancing On The Ceiling” by Lionel Richie. Until today, I have never seen its official video. But it is rather fascinating. Because the gathered group is shown dancing on the ceiling. However, if New Jerusalem “comes down” from Heaven then the “upside down” dancing in this portrayal is not just dancing on the ceiling but is also dancing on the floor of Heaven. It would however be the “ceiling” from Heaven’s vantage point). Do take note that there are 3 dancing transitions as part of the “drama” (representing the 3 harvests of Heaven.)

And I believe that New Jerusalem that we read about in Revelation is by The Power of God Elohim – just above us (suspended) – in mid Air.

– And finally on the drive home today – at almost the exact point and same position as when I saw Jesus in the clouds this morning – I saw a staircase in the sky. A round/circular staircase. The stairs were almost exactly at the same meeting point as where Jesus hands had been extended earlier today.

And Jesus said, I am; and ye shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven

Mark 14:62

I pray we hear the sound of the Trumpet call SOON!

Heaven’s Aether

In the nearly 8 years since Father God directed me to start this blog – this is one post I never expected to share.

I don’t even know where to start – talk about writer’s block.

In the very early days, when I was just dabbling and getting familiar with what blogging was about – I had made contact with someone whom The Holy Spirit had directed me to reach out to. As I recall, I think her name was Rachel.

It was almost as if Rachel knew she was supposed to give me a message – because after that initial contact it wasn’t all that long before I heard back from her. And her response astounded me.

Father God had given her a beautiful message to share but the portion of the message that had astounded me the most was when He said, “you have seen Heaven – you have been there.”

Hindsight is 20/20.

A Vision of Heaven

Over the years, when I would go to sleep at night – often as I laid in bed I could feel and hear the Holy Spirit call me to me to come and “sit”. When I heard that, I would begin to see a body of water. A beautiful lake. A mountain off in the distance.

Where I sat was next to and just under a tree. The tree was situated next to this vast, lakeside body of water. And the water was pristine.

Though I had heard the Holy Spirit call me to this place, it felt like Jesus was right there too. I didn’t necessarily see him, but I would put my head on his shoulder. And if it was a time of great difficulty I was going through – I would ask Him in the Spirit to hold me and would feel him wrap me close.

This scenery was pretty constant, but Heaven is different and it’s a bit challenging to describe because there exists a purity within Heaven that does not exist on earth. What was fascinating is that what I did or could do when I was at this Heavenly location was polar opposite of what I (or any of us) can do as a human on earth.

Because the tree was lakeside, when I sat under the tree I was able to dip my toes in the water. Within moments of dipping them, I felt a yearning to swim. As soon as I felt the yearning, it’s like I was lifted up and into it without having to make virtually any effort on my own.

The most interesting part of swimming there was I could breathe underwater and that was so exciting and surreal that as I came up to the surface I didn’t just “bobble” and tread water – I flew up and above the water’s surface! That’s when I also realized I wasn’t wet from swimming. I had emerged from the water completely dry. My clothes and hair were even different – as if swimming in that lake wasn’t just a Spiritual Baptism but an experience that brought about a physical transformation as well.

It was soooo cool!

I write and share this vision now – to give people hope. Not to give up on Jesus’ Promises of the coming abode of Heaven.

(If TAO is listening: I sobbed thru it)

Man’s Truth Vs. Spirit of Truth

Every Breath You Take - YouTube

I had a really strong inclination to share this last night, along with the lyrics and melody to “Every Breath You Take” but stopped short of doing so.

It was a few moments ago when I saw – “Every Breath You Take” – shared by another blogger that I took it as confirmation and find myself back at the keyboard.

The Magnetic Pull of the Earth’s orbit is about to come full circle…I previously shared about how corrupt the MSM has become – and that I had been shown this would happen in a Vision back in 1992/3. Back in 2016, I’d started keeping a combined dream journal and Spiritual messages journal. In that journal I was given the words “High Stakes Treachery” and “Treason” among many others – But I eventually stopped writing them down because I didn’t understand what those messages were alluding to.

Now, I have a better idea. If you have read, “Whose Truth Have We really been Fed?” then you will have a much better understanding of both “Every Breath You Take” and “The Plot against The President.”

We have truly seen nothing yet. The World we knew is about to B-U-S-T wide open as the Firmament of the Heaven’s is opened as a scroll.

The Age of Pisces is about to come face to face with the Precessional Mazzaroth transition into AND of Aquarius – this is not new age – nor is it Tarot or Astrology.

This is about God’s Mazzaroth, Spoken by God in Job 38: 31-34. This is about the LIES being exposed and the Truth being poured out.

The First Fruits Wave Sheaf Harvest is approaching – along with the division of Wheat & Tares – are YOU ready for the Harvests of The Lordwill you be part of New Jerusalem?