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Whose truth have we really been fed?


If the following information doesn’t alarm you or give you reason to pause, it should. If you dig a little deeper – you’ll realize that the whole topic (disinformation/fake news/propaganda) has been dubbed, “Operation Mockingbird.”


Watch these videos –





Elohim has never lied to me.

I was warned about this coming/happening back in the early 90’s through a Vision the Holy Spirit gave me.




In that vision, I saw what is happening…I still cannot believe it is happening RIGHT NOW.



So, here’s the deal.

WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO – by the “powers of darkness” in this fallen world – and it’s been going on for some time.



I hate to break it to any of you that might disagree, but what I have learned in the past few months has left me seriously disgusted. So much so, I could float a few words of foul language…you get my drift.

I’ve held off for a few days on sharing this message and I’m not waiting any longer.

Some of you who are TRULY Awake, might understand what I’m about to say – others of you- if you don’t…take it up with Yahuah and Holy Spirit.


When I had one of my first visions back in 1993 about “the future of Broadcasting” I had NO IDEA that I was being given a glimpse into something that would become a very real (Spiritual) FORCE (of darkness) that every single one of us has to now deal with.


I believed I went through college to get my degree in Broadcast Journalism to prepare myself to one day anchor the news, report from around the world, write and investigate newsworthy items, that would and could affect all people.


As of this last month I found out that the vision I was given in 1993 would find its fruition by the time July 2013 arrived. It is no wonder our “air waves” are so polluted.


It is no wonder that we are being – divided….


Please click on this article, from business insider. It is in regards to the video above.

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Pray for Clarity, for direction and

USE your Discernment!