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Dream/Vision: Face to Face

In The Father’s Hands.

I went to bed early. Exhaustion had permeated my being: physically, emotionally and spiritually. I was ready to just curl up under my covers and hibernate.

Sleep arrived quickly, which didn’t happen often.

I don’t know how I got to where I was, but I distinctly remember “hovering” in the air, over a city suburb.

I recognized the area. We (someone was with me) were in Kent. Positioned near the last tennis club I’d trained at prior to stepping away from competitive tennis. This is where I had trained with the club Pro, during my last year of competition. My Father had opted to let someone else work with me during the weekdays.

Since Dad was still working and Mom was retired, if I needed to go somewhere, Mom would drop me off and pick me up.  

In this vision, I could see from afar that her car was leaving the club parking lot. I knew she and I were both inside the vehicle (even though I was looking on the scene, from above, as an observer) and we would be driving the familiar route home; heading up the long winding drive back to Federal Way from Kent.

Just as the car was hillside, I went from hovering and airborne to sitting in the front passenger seat. This is where I used to sit when Mom and I would drive together.
In this vision, she was wearing her favorite outfit. A blue jacket, white long-sleeved blouse that had a multi-colored grape print and navy blue slacks. Her eyes focused straight ahead, both hands on the wheel. I turned from looking at her to looking forward and started talking.

“I’ve missed you so much, Mom. Dad’s missed you so much. There is so much I want to share with you. So many things to say. I never got to say goodbye. I never thought you’d die. I need you so much, I have so many questions to ask. I don’t even know where to start.”

I turned my head from looking forward (or at the surroundings outside the car) back to my Mom. But Mom’s visual appearance had changed; her clothing had changed, her general appearance.

In an instant, she had – what I would call – “transfigured” (look up Matthew 17:1-9) because her appearance had gone from what I recognized on earth to something ethereal. Her presence resembled more of what we would call, “Angelic.”

Her favorite outfit was gone and it was as if she were clothed in white linen. Not the linen you and I would recognize. This was almost formless. I really couldn’t make out a definite form of earthly body. I knew it was her, but she was different. She was now perfect. She had been changed.

Without turning to look at me, Mom kept her eyes focused forward and spoke:

“Everything will be alright. It will all work out.”

[As she started to answer, something else happened. I had initially turned my head to look her direction when I asked my question. I also saw something that stunned me.

Positioned initially out of view, perched between the driver’s and passenger seat appeared a brilliant light. It was fiery in the middle and glowed radiance outward. It was the brightest light I had (and still have) ever seen. I only saw it for a moment.]

Her response was not the answer I was looking for but it was the answer God intended for me, at that time.

Once I turned away from looking at Mom and made visual contact with “The Light” I was translated outside the car and hovering over a valley. Not necessarily the Kent Valley. I saw the car ascending the top of a hill and driving up, over and beyond it. It all happened  lightning fast. The car was gone and she disappeared. I really wanted to go with her, but it wasn’t my time yet. This would have to be enough to suffice.

If God’s intent was to give me hope, I guess he did.

While I didn’t get to connect with her as I would have liked to in life…he gave me two things I needed, actually three:

1) He let me see her, first as I remembered her in life, in context of our way of life.
2) Then he showed me that she was no longer of this world.
3) That she was now in His presence. Living in peace, perfection and out of pain.

Looking back, this vision was also indicating a prophetic change for me. My Dad had always been my Coach. He’d trained me. They had both been active in my tennis development. Whether practice, commuting or competition.

In this vision, I knew subconsciously Mom was gone. It took me much longer to understand this meant my Dad had transitioned “away” from being my coach. I now understand that this vision was a sign that not only would I no longer compete but be an indication that changes were coming and would happen fast.

God had removed my Mother from the earth and this was indicating that my Father’s place in my life would be changing, too. It was not a message I would have wanted to know back then and was not ready to understand until recently.

Just as God tells us everything we need to know in His Word, to navigate this life. This vision had a multi-layered message designed to be revealed at His choosing and in His timing.

Like an onion, time is his tool. While preparing the onion might cause me to tear up/cry during the “Prep Work” the final product is what he is after. God is revealing what I need to know, as it is beneficial. He does this out of Love. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Mom had raised me and taken care of me, nurturing me like a mother is designed to. But this transition was Him letting me know that He was in control. He always had been and would continue to be faithful.

Mom’s journey was complete and now it was my turn to walk with Him. She and I never had eye contact and our conversation was limited by the nature of God’s laws. However, His was a reassurance to me that even though I would no longer see her in this life, she had fulfilled her purpose and had gone onto glory. I was now In The Father’s Hands. He actually had full control of the car, the destination and my purpose.

The Spiritual Realm is and always has been very real. God is not about to leave my side. He won’t leave yours either.

He never has. He never will. He takes care of his Sheep, He had created both of us. I needed to trust, just as she had.

John 10:27New Living Translation (NLT)

27 My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.


A San Andreas Message


As I was driving home this morning, I was listening to an Adrian Rogers message on FM Radio. He spoke briefly about the book of Judges and also the story of the Israelite’s having to remain in the desert for 40 years BECAUSE of their disobedience.

I started to cry when I heard that.

I was reminded that God permitted Moses to gaze upon the promised land but did not allow him to enter it; because of his disobedience.


Yesterday’s post was a test for me. A test to make me understand that although I have avoided talking about heavy subjects – subjects that likely a majority of people would rather not hear about, my hesitation about those “tests” does not EXCUSE me from progressing with the task.

There are millions of blogs out there. And a lot of people blog about food/family, home/garden, books and on and on. I have tried covering several of those topics.

What I have learned is that when I write about the stuff that makes me cringe, as in topics that might make me uncomfortable, or those that make me want to cry out for God’s Mercy – it’s that RAW stuff – THE REAL Stuff that readers seem to relate to.

So, this morning as I listened to that Adrian Rogers message and realized that my remaining in disobedience could mean I miss my “blessing” and possibly miss my opportunity to be an unknown blessing to others – I asked God to please “help me to be obedient, help me to follow the path you have set before me.”

I can still share the lighter stuff, but the tone of this blog may begin to evolve. God has shown me repeatedly over my life that it’s all about trusting in the Blood of Jesus, and only through obedience, that we grow the most.

Over Spring Break we traveled out to California. I wasn’t thrilled about this trip but only because (long) road trips – even to a place like “Sunny SoCal” can make one, “road weary.”


We left on a Saturday morning.

By Tuesday afternoon, we took a break from where we were staying East of Riverside and finally headed West into Orange County. I gave my husband a break from driving since he’d driven almost the whole way cross country.

As we started the drive, I watched the topography change and the first thing I noticed was that I was driving through an area of rolling hills/mountains.

Suddenly, I asked aloud. “Is this the San Andreas Fault?” The husband said yes.

I tend to be very focused on the road ahead when I am driving, especially through very winding, narrow areas. The San Andreas is that. But there were moments when there were fewer cars around me (it is as I recall, a mostly single lane road) and I would glance to my right or my left.

The rolling hills were gorgeous, truly. But I was struck by the massiveness of all the “cracks and crevices” that formed these pointed peaks and their corresponding valleys, surrounding us. The thing that stuck with me was the incredibly ominous feeling that surged through me as I drove.

God wanted me to understand – actually to FEEL the magnitude of the power that the San Andreas holds.

The power and energy of Andreas is ENORMOUS. Because this power is below ground – it unseen, seemingly invisible, yet very present. Driving through it, I was assured of His protection but the Andreas will not be silent or “gently stirring” much longer.

The name San Andreas (specifically Andreas means: Man, Brave). I did some additional research into the Andreas name origin and this is what I found.


Some adjectives to describe it are: Determined, efficient, resourceful, energetic and courageous.

Andreas is a powerful personality who aspire to lead and command others. The name origin also indicates a “personality” that knows how to shine, attract attention to themselves and impress others. They loathe mediocrity and are not cut out for subordinate roles. Failure therefore tends to hit them hard and can make them bitter and envious. Luckily, they know just how to grab the opportunities that life offers them, which they do rapidly and skillfully.


Though these attributes relate to a person’s name, they also cross relate to Andreas, even as a region of land.

God is God. He can (and will) use any and all means as necessary to accomplish the goals He has for people to NOTICE him and acknowledge his Sovereignty.


On our return trip from Orange County, God (in his infinite Mercy) gave me a valuable lesson.

I had asked him over the previous weeks to reveal to me any areas of sin in my life. I wanted to purge myself of anything that wasn’t pleasing to him.

As I gazed upon the California landscape, on approach toward The San Andreas fault zone, he hit me front and center with the purpose of this trip.

“You have made the West Coast an ‘idol’ of your distaste.”

Then he had me recall how many times had I said ALOUD “I can’t stand the West Coast.” These words had hurt him deeply.

He directed my gaze at the houses lining the valley, and then, to those on the hills. Thousands of home full of souls.

“Daughter, each time you speak those words you create a rift in our relationship. I know your memories of the West are less than pleasant. But those memories have LESS to do with the land and everything to do with your Spiritual Enemy. REPENT.”

I was mortified.

The scales dropped from my eyes. I looked around and felt anguish. “Do you finally see how many will be LOST when the AND SUDDENLY event occurs?” I was ready to burst into tears. My heart actually ached. “Millions will be affected. Millions. I brought you back not just to repent but to witness for yourself the same beauty I see. I wanted you to be able to appreciate, for once, this land you escaped from before I change it, forever.”

In that moment, He changed my perspective. “I’m so sorry, Lord. Forgive Me!”

He even went a step further and informed me that my past relentless pursuit of living on the East Coast had been the enemy “dangling a carrot” in front of me. The point had never been about the places I dreamed of living – the point was it’s all about the people we meet on this JOURNEY. The relationships that intertwine us.

God’s love for mankind is immense and that’s why he is torn. He promises to bless America were solid IF we honored and obeyed him.

He never promised America eternity without exception. He promised eternity to those who accept Salvation through Jesus…the Harbingers should have been enough to get our attention.


We have some major shake ups ahead. There are no words to describe what’s coming. What will matter is whether you are following God’s leading. Are you within God’s Will? Are you being obedient? Do you truly recognize His Voice?

God truly doesn’t want any of his children to perish. He doesn’t want them to turn away, but he has given us Free Will.

That Free Will gives us choices, the same choices that Adam and Eve had to make.

I pray we’ve learned from Adam and Eve. I pray each of us has acquired enough wisdom to be ready, for anything.





Vision in a Dream: Storms & Fires

More than a year ago I had a dream.

Though I have been very hesitant to post this I am feeling that it is too important not to. As much as I have wanted to write, this is one of several things I believe I must write before I can progress further.

So much has happened in the previous weeks and months that I will make this my starting point.


Beginning of Vision:

I was looking off in the distance (to the East). I could see severe storms approaching. The clouds were thick. Among them were an onslaught of  Tornadoes. I say tornadoes because there was more than one. I don’t recall if there was a specific number. However many there were, they were creating a path of destruction. The sky was dark (and/or was bringing a darkness over and upon the land)

As I turned my gaze from my right side and looked to my left (West) I saw a City on that horizon. I do not know what City it was, only that it was large. The skyline/buildings were swathed in colors of bright reds/oranges. As if covered in Fire. Though the City was not yet totally consumed, destruction was imminent. Flames were catching and everything was being burning up. There was no stopping it.

I was situated by a road (think of a highway) and observing the encroaching Eastern Storms and the soon to be annihilated City. To give better perspective, I was facing in a Northerly direction (there was a wide-open plain before me) and the highway in front of me was running East to West. I don’t recall seeing any cars on the road or people, but the highway was there.

Though I was by the road I was not standing. I was hovering. Suddenly, I was turned away from the storm of Tornadoes and was heading at super-speed toward the City – parallel to the highway. I was not traveling by my own means, it was something Super Natural  – either an Angel or a horse.

We raced toward the City; as we got closer I was suddenly transformed and found myself standing inside a building, instead of outside. The building was as yet untouched by the chaos outside but the situation was deteriorating rapidly. People seemed unaware of the danger and while chaos was closing in, there was no sense of panic or apparent cause for concern.

I entered a room. There were few people in it and someone was in a bed.

I looked around at the people. I felt an urgency well up within and I took a step toward the the bed.

I looked at the person in the bed and said, “Come on…You have to get up. We have to leave. We have to go NOW.”

End of Vision (Dream) –






Smelling Smoke: God’s Supernatural Warning

*Editors Note:

If you have found this blog/post, know that it is NOT an accident.

The Body of Christ and their righteous acts IS the dress that is worn by the Bride (Revelation 19:8) – The Escape of the Bride (NOT Rapture) is VERY CLOSE. There is a difference between The Escape of The Bride & The Rapture of The Church. If you have not been taught this in your church – it’s time to seek The True Holy Spirit.

Please read this entire blog post – because the invisible war is going on before our very eyes…whether or not we’ve had our Spiritual eyes opened. (2 Kings 6:17)


(Image Credit: wellcomecollection.org)

Proverbs 25:2 (KJV)

It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.


Although this blog post was written over 6 years ago, I have learned much about our God in the days since The Spirit compelled me to write it.

1 John 4:1 tells us to test The Spirit of any word we are given. While the meaning of the message behind “Smelling Smoke” remains unchanged – I am urged by The Spirit with a humble and contrite heart to return and update it.

I have heard people say that the only thing necessary to read and apply is the New Testament and that The Old Testament isn’t as important. In the time I have spent reading and studying The Word, I have discovered this is neither sage advice and at the very least implies ignorance in thought and at worst an Anti-Christ Spirit.

As far as I’m concerned, we would not have the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John without The Old Testament.

We would not have Jesus Christ had God not Created in Genesis one and two.

It would seem likely that anyone who negates the Old Testament does not have The Spirit of Prophecy. Upon further study, I realized that Prophecy in The Word actually begins in Genesis and the result is what culminates in The Book of Revelation.

The Holy Spirit has since re-directed my study to better understand the first five books of The Old Testament and they are pivotal to the rest of scripture.

5/5/19: I am prompted by The Spirit to mention – the numbers of people who are seeking answers via internet search engines as to WHY you might be “smelling smoke” has been increasing with a VERY significant uptick in the last 12-18 months. If you are smelling smoke – it seems you are NOT alone…or rather, WE are not alone. Thank you for seeking answers with me.


I am and have been smelling the scent of smoke for some time. It has been going on, sporadically, over the last three years, though I don’t recall exactly when that started. the intensity was enormous. My eyes might water and I would feel a scratchiness in my throat. Over the years, the intensity has eased. Oftentimes I now wonder if I am Smelling the Smoke again because someone might be reading this message! 🙂

When I initially inquired of other Christian bloggers about this “phenomenon” several suggested that I write a blog post about it because other’s were smelling it, too!

It’s just a guess on my part, but the average person would probably be tempted to say, “Hey…it’s just someone burning something outside or a neighbor’s fireplace or a wildfire somewhere.” I thought the same thing too, at first….

There were a couple things that made this phenomenon unusual to me. First, I only smelled it inside – when I did step outside to make sure something wasn’t on fire nearby…I smelled nothing.

The sky was clear and blue. The air was clean. I could breathe in deeply and not identify a “whisp” of it outside.

The weird part is, NO ONE ELSE around me smells it. I do not smoke. My clothes do not smell of smoke.

I finally did the only thing that made sense – I took this to God in prayer.

Me: Lord, for days now I’ve been smelling something like smoke. I don’t know why. I don’t smell it outdoors. Though it comes on softly, it magnifies so that it takes over my olfactory senses, makes my eyes burn and water and even an itchy sore throat with mild burning and a mild cough. I don’t feel sick though. What does this mean?”

He wasted no time with the Revelation.


I am providing you with a supernatural indication of my grief and the destruction that is coming. What you are smelling is (by The Power of the Spirit) the impending smoke of destruction from the Seal Judgements as mentioned in Revelation 8:4-5. My Flock needs to understand that The Great I AM is not bound by time. I work outside of the Time-Space Continuum with which you are accustomed. (2 Peter 3:8)

My heart grieves for what has happened to man and to woman, with the increasing depravity of this sin-filled world. Though I made YOU in My Image…your world is now teetering on an uneven balance scale. The timetable for The End of The Age nears. DO NOT BE CAUGHT UNAWARES. Now is the time to stop the descent into further spiritual corruption for what you lack – by renewing YOUR MIND in MY WORD.

Rather than taking the time to Seek ME (Holy Spirit) in the quiet and stillness – most of mankind still seeks their next “thrill”…through worldy pursuits; be it sports, movies/music, food, cars, drugs/alcohol and other lusts of the flesh.

Though I have continued to beckon, the people have chosen to continue in their ways as the prodigal son of Luke 15. I admonish you to begin seeking The Truth of The Logos as the Judgements are unsealed….

The smoke each of you is smelling serves as a DOUBLE WARNING:

First, it is a warning of MY promised destruction against those Nations, Tribes and Tongues that do not adhere to the Commandments of Exodus 20 and

SECOND – that those who are following MY Path (the narrow road) WILL themselves, lose their life to save it.

If you reject me, – you are (indirectly) rejecting the Holy Spirit (Ishshah). Rejection of the Spirit is regarded as Blasphemy and is considered unforgivable.

If you DO ACCEPT me, the Smoke you are smelling is the Presence of The Holy Spirit SEEKING to purify you. If you are willing, allow The Holy Spirit to CLEANSE you!

Submit yourself to my Holy Spirit (Ishshah: Fire of Testing) and ask/pray to be counted worthy … (Luke 21:36)

I AM THE Living God. But you have an adversary who desires to cause your defeat.

If you are living and breathing right now, there is no gray area. You HAVE to decide between Living in Paradise or Hell. You ultimately make the decision about your eternal destiny.

What does that mean?

People do not believe that I Am who I say I Am. Who Do you say I AM?

People do not believe my Word is Truth. Do you believe what my Scriptures say? Are you ready to STAND based on the Promises I have told you about in my WORD?

Grace is about to be “tested” of her Faith in God’s Promises. Each of you reading this now – has either BEEN Tested, IS being tested or WILL BE tested. And this is because you are alive and walking this earth. You are officially in a Spiritual War. Even if you didn’t ask for it – and don’t WANT to be in it. By Default…you are here. But you are not alone and you NEED to know this – Jesus Christ is with YOU. Watch this next scene:

“Somebody is always going to be offended.” Yes, Jesus told us this would happen (Luke 17:1). This is because of the enmity of Genesis 3. And even though Jesus gained the Victory for us at Calvary – now we have to KNOW what Jesus said during his Ministry in response to those who walked in opposition to him.

It is by Jesus Words and Actions that we “walk the walk” and “talk the talk.”

Ask God to help YOU OPEN your Spiritual Eyes and see the world for what it is – for this discernment is vital.

You must understand that Darkness will use whatever measures (our weaknesses) as tactics to intimidate us and simultaneously twist the Truth of Scripture to fit the framework of The Strong delusion. But here is the GOOD news. The Light repels the darkness.

We now stand at the precipice of Time and Timelessness; having been told within The Word of God that as the hours move forward things will begin to happen in the earth (in divers places). (Matthew 24:7)

It is for this reason that we have been told that in order to endure what is ahead EACH of US must pick up our cross. We do this IN ORDER to be SAVED from the hour of tribulation. (Matthew 16:24-27)

PRE-TRIB / Mid-Trib / Post Trib

There is much speculation about a teaching among the worldy “churches” regarding the Pre-tribulation rapture. Most people rely on Matthew 24 in regards to this .

The arguments abound regarding “Pre-Trib,” “Post Trib” and “Mid-Trib.” I will admit that I read almost the whole series of Left Behind Books and saw the movies. A fellow Berean once told me not to hold too tightly to the doctrine of The Left Behind themes. What that meant is – instead of listening to Man’s interpretation of God’s Word…take the time to READ God’s Word for yourself and KNOW within your HEART and MIND Jesus’ TRUTH.

The more I have studied the Greek and Hebrew of The Word of God, and begun to really READ The Old Testament – it is becoming more clear that The Lord’s Harpazo (what the world calls “rapture”) is referenced in The Book of Leviticus and is in direct relationship to His Temple – Tabernacle.

Today’s “modern” church will likely be Left Behind – or excluded – from His First Fruits Barley Harvest (The Lord’s Tithe) – or “The Escape” because of something called “Strange Fire”/strange gods. The majority are already riding an ocean current toward “The great falling away…” (2 Thessalonians 2). That being said, I’m under the impression there will be more than one “harvest,” and possibly as many as three.

The most important thing I can do now is plead with you to pick up your Bible and get acquainted with The God of Creation- The God who CREATED YOU!

Time is not endless. And each of you living – here and now has a purpose.

If you are SMELLING SMOKE, The Father is trying to get your attention! The Smoke you are SMELLING (Psalm 68:2) is indicative of The PRESENCE of The HOLY SPIRIT – is calling to you in the Spirit to REPENT and BE SAVED.

The Smoke of God’s Fire (his “Ishshah”) is identifiable throughout the 1st 5 books and was what guided the Israelites on their journey from Egypt to The Promised Land.

This Smoke you are Smelling is God’s Spiritual Sign calling you to submit to him and (confess your sin) repent. If you do not know what sin(s) you are harboring – or holding onto – Ask The Father for Him to reveal it to you! (Psalm 139:23-24) Pray for him to examine your heart, mind, soul and Spirit….

The Father wants you to know if you are WILLING? Will you ACCEPT Him (Jesus Christ) as Savior? Let him walk you through your HOUR of personal TESTING – TRIALS – TRIBULATION.

God has a plan and purpose, though plans may seem to be delayed, they are not. (Matthew 25)

Just as Ecclesiastes declares that to every season there is a purpose; a SHAKING is forthcoming. The “Smoke” that you are smelling/sensing is my way of showing you IN THE SPIRIT just HOW real what’s to come really WILL BE. The fact that you are SMELLING smoke should confirm to YOU – that YOU MUST get your Spiritual House in order!


EVERYTHING that happens on EARTH must first manifest in The SPIRIT (which is the “invisible” or beyond “the veil”)

Do not Doubt the existence of The Great I AM.

Do not think I do not see what is happening. I created the Earth and everything in it.

Be wise — WAKE UP — Repent.

Seek Me: NOW

I want each of you to know that You have a choice between eternity in HEAVEN & HELL.

How do you know if you will make it to HEAVEN?

HAVE YOU accepted ME?

Have YOU Repented?

The SMOKE you are SMELLING is your


YOUR Eternity hangs in the balance. YOU make the ultimate decision.

Hell is real. Many of you are “of this world” and have chosen to postpone really thinking about what’s “beyond the veil” of THIS LIFE.

Whether you want to believe Hell exists or not, is up to you. But I do not want you to end up there. Hell is just as REAL as Heaven.

Choose carefully.

NOT choosing – is making a decision.

PUTTING off the decision to ACCEPT me IS also actually making a choice; because your days are numbered.

Seek ME = Heaven

Turn your back = Hell

I gave you the privilege of FREE WILL. Chose carefully, chose wisely. I want to share Eternity in Heaven with you.


The theme of this blog is to provide Encouragement & Inspiration for Everyday. I have shared this post because NOW is the time for each of us to take responsibility for our eternal destination.

The Father has pressed upon me the URGENCY to get this out. This message falls under both categories of Encouragement & Inspiration because whether the “End of Days” happens next week, or decades from now Jesus has told us in His Word that it WILL happen. Study to Shew yourself approved! (2 Timothy 2:15)

BE Encouraged that God has not sent his judgement – yet. But BE INSPIRED to make use of the TIME that is LEFT to turn toward him and ACCEPT his GIFT of GRACE.

Eternity is a very long time. It is not a place you want to spend ANYWHERE but in Heaven. Think carefully about this…

If even one person gives God a chance from this blog, I will have accomplished His purpose.

If you have not been SAVED or have never ACCEPTED Jesus as your Savior: START with this PRAYER:

Heavenly Father:

I pray for your mercy on my soul.

I am a sinner and I need a Savior. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God. That he died on the cross and shed his blood for my sins. I believe Jesus rose from the grave by the power of the Holy Spirit and He sits at the right hand of God

Jesus, I ask that you come into my heart and wash all my sins away. I ask you to send the Holy Spirit to live in me and guide me. I will follow you the rest of my life.

Your Word says that ALL

who seek you will find you.

Help me, Lord. Save me, Change me, make me NEW.

I ask this in the name of my Lord and my Savior, Jesus. Amen.

Be sure to get to know God, a little everyday. Give him just 10 minutes of your time – and read the bible when you wake up. Make this your daily “first fruits.”

The following video is the Testimony of Bill Wiese: It runs about an hour. It is about his visit to hell.

23 Minutes in Hell

– May The Savior Bless All who visit this page and all associated posts.

Above all things: Clothe yourself with God’s Armor – Eph 6:10-18 – and learn about the Power of Jesus Blood.

May all of God’s Blessings and His protection be yours.

I look forward to Meeting each of you on the other side of the Veil!


This Blogpost as well as Blogsite are covered and protected by The Blood of Jesus Christ & The Peace of His Holy Spirit.

*Photos* Blood Moon – Lunar Eclipse – Final Tetrad *Photos*

Photos I took last night of 2015 Final Lunar Tetrad. Skies were clear and stars were plentiful. It was an amazing site to see.

The camera photos still don’t do this Heavenly sight justice but my cell phone camera didn’t come close. Only other way to get a good view was through a telescope or set of binoculars.

I am posting 5 photos that I took in progressive order from full eclipse onward

Hope you enjoy them!

Have a Blessed Monday,


Moon fully Eclipsed

“Closer” photo of Lunar Eclipse/Blood Moon

Fully Eclipsed Blood Moon

Fully Eclipsed Blood Moon

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse: Exiting Blood Moon Phase

Conclusion of Lunar Tetrad

Conclusion of Lunar Tetrad – Returning to normal

Scarred Hands: Revelations for Easter


I wasn’t going to write a post this weekend. I’ve been wanting to write since last week but haven’t felt both prompted and compelled simultaneously.

Until Now.

My Mother-In-Law died 2 years ago. My Father-In-Law had basically slipped into a major depression over time. I knew what was going on wasn’t a good thing. Neither of my In-Laws (to my knowledge) are or were believers. Of course, I have no idea what might have transpired during the last moments of my MIL’s life.

Over the last two years I have been praying for my FIL (hereafter, known as “Grandpa”). I have often felt like my prayers were going unanswered. I prayed in faith and hoped that my cross-country pleading might make some difference; however remote.

Good Friday has never been an easy day on the calendar for me. This year I felt especially sad. I couldn’t begin to explain it if I tried. It was, for lack of a better description: Holy Grief: True Sorrow.

We have the Passion of The Christ in our home movie collection. Traditionally, I play the movie and reflect on Jesus life and meaning. This year, I just couldn’t do it. I also couldn’t wait for the day to be over

About eight p.m. that same day, the phone rang. It was Grandpa calling to check in with us. Something he rarely does. Grandpa isn’t a phone talker. On this occasion though, something was different and the difference became more obvious as the conversation progressed. I first sensed the change in his voice and just followed it.

For the last 24+ months Grandpa had basically lost his will to live. I’ve known for a long time that the moment he buried my MIL, he’d made up his mind that life wasn’t worth living.

My heart has been broken and my Spirit struggling since. The Doctor’s he has been seeing are very aware of his situation and we’ve all been working to provide encouragement and get him help.

Each night or as often as I could, I would lie down and pray for Grandpa’s soul. Pray that his spirit would experience the Light of God’s Love. That the scales on his eyes would fall off and his heart softened. I am still in the dark about where he is in this process but I’m fairly certain something is UP.

I had prayed that since I couldn’t be closer to help him that God would protect him and keep him safe. I knew the enemy was targeting him. I knew Grandpa was in serious trouble. I think God saw my heart was spiritually bleeding.

Grandpa has, of recently, been befriended by a widow named, Ruth. Ruth is apparently very active in her church. About 3/4 of the way through Friday’s phone conversation I began to recognize there is a woman named Ruth in the bible.

Almost immediately, after I hung up the phone, I started to hear it.

“The prayers of the Saints (righteous) availeth much.” (from James 5:16)

But what was really weird was that I didn’t just hear this scriptural verse once…I heard it nearly the rest of the evening and even today. Over and over and over again. It wasn’t bothersome. In fact, as I continued to hear it I went from a state of shock to disbelief to humble tears.

Grandpa had mentioned before we hung up that at his last appointment that he had likely been only days if not hours from death.

I knew that The Spiritual Warfare the enemy had waged on him had been intense. To be honest, over the course of time, I’ve almost felt like Professor Snape in Harry Potter. During the scene of the Hogwarts tournament he is using his “Powers” to counteract the “Spell” the enemy is using to attack and harm Harry. In a very real sense, have been acting as an intercessor for Grandpa.

It is becoming more and more clear to me how important prayer is, and how and why it works.

Just like Dr’s give us medicine to make us better, we need help to combat the forces of evil. Except there is no earthly premise for fighting darkness. The principalities fight under their own set of rules. Rules that are mostly unknown, unseen and not understood by man. Well, except ONE: Jesus.

And that leads me to the Revelation He gave me about The Cross.

We have The Cross which provides us with the Resurrection. But I’m realizing The Cross has intense symbolic meaning. Symbolism I’m beginning to realize I might never have received without the Holy Spirit.

Crown of Thorns

Everyone talks about the crown of thorns. The crown appears to mock his majesty on earth. However, I don’t think I will ever be able to look at that crown the same way again. Why?

Because it represents our battle AGAINST Spiritual Warfare.

Consider the multitude of ways the enemy attempts us and lure us into sin. Then think about how many thorns were on that crown.

Also think about the fiery “darts” that are thrown at us (mentally) on a daily/hourly basis to take our eyes off Jesus. Those fiery darts are meant to make us bleed – very much like the thorns that penetrated Jesus scalp. Our mind is a battlefield and without Jesus we are ill-equipped to handle the opposition.

The Nails and The Holes

Then there are Jesus hands and the nail holes.

I think about how scripture says that we are not to fear those who can kill us physically, but cannot kill our soul. We are to fear the one who can condemn our soul. (Matthew 10:28)

Jesus outstretched arms are his submission to God’s ultimate plan.

But what really floored me was when he drove his point home (from a prior blog post) that we truly can take nothing with us the moment we decease. Everything we do in this life is measured by those holes that scarred Jesus’ hands. Our life is measured by God like sands through an hour glass. His nail scarred hands are the hour glass and akin to the narrow road.

Few people FIND him and are willing to recognize him as the bridge to eternity. Too consumed with the enemy’s darts of earthly and material wants they wave away eternity for the temporary brilliance of seductive treasure and riches. Except those treasures and riches are temporal. They will rot, wither, deteriorate and fall apart long after we are gone. Our souls either go to hell (if we don’t accept or turn away from God) or Heaven if we accept and repent.

Interesting thought to note: If our earthly treasures can’t go with us to heaven, what would fit through a nail hole in Jesus hand’s? For me, the answer is now obvious: Our soul. Those nail holes create that invisible entrance to heaven. The only way we get to go to heaven is by accepting Jesus redemption on that cross. His arms, which are open wide to heaven, signal total surrender. Those nail holes though…they provide the narrowest pathway possible: to a place of peace. Something we get only from Jesus.

The Feet that Walk the Earth

Finally, the nails in the feet of Jesus.

Though you and I live on a sin-filled earth (the nail in Jesus feet is the enemy, he stalked and accused Jesus, just like he does us) and the his feet attached to that wood are the time we must spend understanding God’s infinite grace while we are living.

We’ve got to persevered and realize that understanding doesn’t come easily but It WILL come. The more we pray and asking God to reveal himself through his scriptures, the greater the likelihood he will.

SeeK Him.

The pages of The Bible will come to life for YOU. If you truly want God – Immanuel (God with Us) to be part of you…Just ASK.

Dear God,

Thank you. You are Sovereign and Holy. You have given us a reason to keep going. You provided a way for us to move from Sin to Salvation. Though we are entirely unworthy…Thank you for Jesus.

And All God’s Children Prayed: Amen

Happy Easter – It’s Resurrection Sunday!



Sounding The Trumpet

Scare Tactics

I wrote a blog post yesterday, of which I have yet to publish.

After I finished writing the initial draft, I experienced an intense attack of Spiritual Warfare.

I don’t know what it was; a stress attack, emotional anxiety, heart attack?

It happened as I was about to scan and upload a photo I had already pictured was a perfect match for my blog topic. I already have the music video. But I had to stop. For the first time in my life, I nearly couldn’t breathe. And yes, I was scared.

I hope to go back, re-read, edit it and post it soon – someday.

Troubles on the Path

Jesus told us to expect troubles in this life. He told us to be prepared. I thought I had been doing that. I guess I haven’t been doing enough.

I’ve read enough scripture to know that as a follower and fellow believer in Christ Jesus I am not only to share His Good News and encourage others I am also supposed to be a Watchman on the Wall.

I read about this the first time I read the Bible in a Year on the YouVersion Bible App. It’s not that I didn’t take that assignment seriously, but to be honest I guess I have been hesitant in doing so.

However, I don’t want to find myself at the end of my life or at the Judgment Seat of Christ and not have done what I was called upon to do. I have no legitimate reason not to. Well, other than feeling like Moses – and not feeling capable or competent about SHOUTING IT OUT.

Per God’s nudging; I am “Sounding The Trumpet”

My carnal flesh can’t believe I am saying this, even if my Spirit knows better.

I’ve written very little about The Blood Moons and The Shemitah (though I have briefly mentioned them in previous posts). If you aren’t familiar with these topics: GET familiar.

Today’s post, His message for me – to share with ANYONE willing to listen and hear is:


Several years ago, roughly 2007/8, I was cleaning up the kitchen. This was when we were still on the West Coast.

Standing at the counter island, it was early in the day when I felt something, like a pause in time. I had officially started my walk with God (that year or the year before), and it was His Spirit communicating (though I didn’t fully understand it at the time.).

As we paused together in that moment, He told me to prepare because the “Winds of Change” were approaching and we would be leaving that house SOON: at the time – in that moment, that’s all he said.


He wanted me to emotionally prepare and not be taken by surprise. Even though His Whisper came as a surprise, it was the kindest thing he could have done for me; given me advanced word. Different than a word of warning, this was more a “notice” of sorts that not only was he in control but he cared about me enough to share his intentions and not have me blindsided.

By the end of 2008, we were gone. When we left, we hadn’t sold the house. Take note though, he didn’t say the house would be sold. He simply said, we would be leaving. Yeah….

That’s the memory that stands out the most. The one he wants me to use. There are others. Gentle “notices” that led to many more emotional losses.

The point being, when the Holy Spirit speaks, I have learned He speaks for a reason.

Heed. Listen & Act.

I am Sounding The Trumpet because, this time, the Winds of Change are imminent. Something BIG is on the horizon.

Be Prepared: Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually.

If you do not know God; Repent and Accept Him today. Get Baptized.

If you are not in the best physical shape. Take baby steps to get there.

Do what you can to make things right with your brothers and sisters. This is what I was doing yesterday. I was writing a Birthday post to my deceased sister. I was asking for her forgiveness.

We live in a temporary world. Hard as that is to imagine, it is a process of recognition I am working through. The year long purge or transitional purge I have been working on and written about are no accident.

Time is SHORT

We are not at the end of the World – because the world actually doesn’t end. We are in The End of Days (which started during the book of Acts, sometime around Jesus Ascension) but many parts of scripture indicate the End of Days would not be infinite. Things as we know them, will change. If you think death and taxes are the only sure things, think again.


I want to be honest with you. Life is good. It is a blessing and it is beautiful. But the world we LIVE IN is still full of sin and it’s the sin that ruins it for everyone.

I don’t know what’s coming, specifically, yet. But I do know that something is coming, because I’ve heard him whisper “Winds of Change,” repeatedly and again. This time, He is sharing it with me but not just for my benefit. This message is for ALL of US.

Get Right with God – before that Trumpet is blown.

Heavenly Father,

I do not feel competent to speak on my own, but this is your venue and here I am. If anyone out there has ears to hear, help them to listen. Help them open their eyes and remove the veil that separates Truth from Lies; to discern the dangers of the visible and the invisible.

This world and everything in it belongs to you. You have made clear to me that I arrived here with nothing and will leave with nothing, EXCEPT my relationship with YOU.

Thank you for helping me to Sound The Trumpet: Prepare us for what’s to come and cover us with your protection.

Thank you for your Grace, Forgiveness, Unfailing Love and the Peace that surpasses ALL understanding.

In Your Name, ALL God’s Children Prayed – Amen

May His Blessings Be YOURS,