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Cascadia Subduction Zone

Message received 12/28-29/17

8:17 am From The Ruach Hakodesh


There are Spirits (Ephesians 6:12) over Washington State and The Northwest. These Spirits are a part of what will make The Cascadia Subduction Zone come to life and domino.

Anyone who lives on or near this vicinity needs to be paying attention.

My daughter has long thought (and wrote some time ago) that the San Andreas would “trigger” a set of devastating geological events along the West Coast. In a manner of speaking, that is true..

Although man places a good deal too much “faith” in his technology

what man has developed by his intellect does not compare to THE WILL of The Father or THE POWER of The Son.

Like it or not, your lives are not just about you.

Many of the people that walk your earth believe they exist in pursuit of pleasure. This is faulty, self-absorbed thinking and a by-product of your sin nature.

You have been given Millenia to understand the how and why for your existence

Unfortunately, the basic lessons that my children should have learned have for the most part gone un-heeded.

The Cascadia Subduction Zone is the “Center Point” of dark spirits in the Northwest.  (Job 38:17)

When the Cascadia Zone is released “it shall open one of the portals of the gates of hell.” (direct quote from Ruach) However, by association and by design the Cascadia Fault is part of The Ring of Fire, thus the trigger effect will not only be this portal but the “Ring” of portals.  As in Cascadia, will be a “flash point” (there is more than one) for unlocking the gates of hell that are located throughout the earth.

Recall in Luke 21:26 the scripture that mentions Men’s hearts failing them? This is what that verse is referring to the beginning of …”the hordes of hell unleashed.”

Accompanying Scripture:

Job 38-42


You – HAVE – Kingdom Authority

I had written a blog post recently about how dark it feels like the world is becoming.

Although it may feel like there is a darkness surrounding us, I was gently reminded last night that I need to share an even MORE important TRUTH.

As I read from the Book of Mysteries: The Shadow Man (Day 104)…the Father allowed me to review select events of years past in a matter of moments.

The Shadow Man – our enemy (Satan) seeks to seek and destroy. But the take-away we MUST grasp is The enemy has NO power over us – unless we give it to him. Recall that the battle over the shadows and darkness starts in the mind (Eph 6:10-18)

The reality is – The Cross was a monumental moment in history. When Jesus died, the enemy thought he had gotten the upper hand.

Keyword: thought

The point is, don’t judge a book (or situation) by its cover. What we see doesn’t always tell the whole story.

As we live and breath, each day on this journey…we all have to go through different challenges. It’s the challenges that make us who we are. It’s the “Who we are becoming” that God focuses on.

The Whole Story we really need to learn is that of Jesus. Jesus death was a surprise twist in a fantastic and epic journey. By GIVING Jesus the POWER to resurrect on that Sunday…God enabled us to receive this same power. All we have to do is Ask for it.

How is that possible? Because God, promised us He would send us help.

Because, when Jesus ascended He sent us the Holy Spirit (The Comforter). 

Because of the Holy Spirit, because of the Power associated with knowing the Word of God: if we use His Words we have the Kingdom of Heaven, on our side. 

Whether or not you know it or are willing to believe it, the enemy will FLEE when anyone uses and expresses the Word of God as their defense.

And that brings me back to the title of this entry: Your Kingdom Authority.

You Kingdom Authority. By speaking aloud the Word of God (just like Jesus did during His Time on Earth) you – YES, YOU…-  have a defense against the Shadows and the darkness.

The real question is – will you use these to your advantage? Will you apply them to your life, to break the chains? Will you give yourself the chance, to let Jesus set you free?

Today’s Scripture:

John 1:1-13


7eventh Time Down – God Is On The Move

(when I published this post earlier, I thought I had selected the correct song. In the last hour, I received a correction. The following link is the song I should have attached from the beginning; but here it is, now.)

Casting Crowns: Courageous

So, will YOU u-s-e your Kingdom Authority?

Shared from WP: Joanie Stahl

I woke up just before 2am this morning and, I didn’t fall immediately back to sleep. I did look at my phone. Which is odd, because I usually just fall back to sleep. 

That’s when I noticed this link had been published. It is a speech which was recorded live recently.  It is lengthy at ~103min running time. Once I started it, I didn’t stop. It only gets better the longer you listen. Right to the very end. 

Regardless of where any of us think we are in the space of time, this might be one of the most important messages I’ve heard in a long while. It will make you think and think again…about our soul’s willingness to “count the cost”…

 060- Joanie Stahl- Most Powerful On Prayer, Miracles & Spiritual Warfare You Will Ever Hear – http://wp.me/p7f50G-mv

The Daily Battle: Be Clothed, Be Ready!

Are you ready for the battle before you?

We do not fight against flesh and blood.

We battle against a force more sinister and conniving.

If you think the biggest challenge you face is in front of you…

…facing you, tangible…think again.

What is invisible and unseen is just as real as anything you can touch or see.

Are you WEARING the clothes you really NEED?

The enemy would love for you to believe that what you see in this world is ALL there is.

Be prepared for what you can’t see.

Prepare your heart,

Prepare your mind

Ready your soul.

Clothing yourself EACH day with the

Armor of God: His Spiritual ARMOR

Ephesians 6:10-18 New Living Translation (NLT)

The Whole Armor of God

10 A final word: Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil. 12 For we[a] are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.

13 Therefore, put on every piece of God’s armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil. Then after the battle you will still be standing firm. 14 Stand your ground, putting on the belt of truth and the body armor of God’s righteousness. 15 For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared.[b] 16 In addition to all of these, hold up the shield of faith to stop the fiery arrows of the devil.[c] 17 Put on salvation as your helmet, and take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

18 Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.[d]

Praying this for yourself is POWERFUL

Praying this for another, is intercessory prayer.


I am a major fan of the music video and song that I posted with this. I am also including the lyric video for it because I am a WORD lover and believe understanding the words of a song are as important as the melody that carries it.

Just Remember, we are told that God’s Still small voice is always there, ready to speak to us — if we will only BE STILL.

“Be Still” Lyric video from StorySide B



We are not alone.

Speak Truth.

God’s Truth.

If God is for us & who can be against us!

Have a Blessed Weekend,


Scarred Hands: Revelations for Easter


I wasn’t going to write a post this weekend. I’ve been wanting to write since last week but haven’t felt both prompted and compelled simultaneously.

Until Now.

My Mother-In-Law died 2 years ago. My Father-In-Law had basically slipped into a major depression over time. I knew what was going on wasn’t a good thing. Neither of my In-Laws (to my knowledge) are or were believers. Of course, I have no idea what might have transpired during the last moments of my MIL’s life.

Over the last two years I have been praying for my FIL (hereafter, known as “Grandpa”). I have often felt like my prayers were going unanswered. I prayed in faith and hoped that my cross-country pleading might make some difference; however remote.

Good Friday has never been an easy day on the calendar for me. This year I felt especially sad. I couldn’t begin to explain it if I tried. It was, for lack of a better description: Holy Grief: True Sorrow.

We have the Passion of The Christ in our home movie collection. Traditionally, I play the movie and reflect on Jesus life and meaning. This year, I just couldn’t do it. I also couldn’t wait for the day to be over

About eight p.m. that same day, the phone rang. It was Grandpa calling to check in with us. Something he rarely does. Grandpa isn’t a phone talker. On this occasion though, something was different and the difference became more obvious as the conversation progressed. I first sensed the change in his voice and just followed it.

For the last 24+ months Grandpa had basically lost his will to live. I’ve known for a long time that the moment he buried my MIL, he’d made up his mind that life wasn’t worth living.

My heart has been broken and my Spirit struggling since. The Doctor’s he has been seeing are very aware of his situation and we’ve all been working to provide encouragement and get him help.

Each night or as often as I could, I would lie down and pray for Grandpa’s soul. Pray that his spirit would experience the Light of God’s Love. That the scales on his eyes would fall off and his heart softened. I am still in the dark about where he is in this process but I’m fairly certain something is UP.

I had prayed that since I couldn’t be closer to help him that God would protect him and keep him safe. I knew the enemy was targeting him. I knew Grandpa was in serious trouble. I think God saw my heart was spiritually bleeding.

Grandpa has, of recently, been befriended by a widow named, Ruth. Ruth is apparently very active in her church. About 3/4 of the way through Friday’s phone conversation I began to recognize there is a woman named Ruth in the bible.

Almost immediately, after I hung up the phone, I started to hear it.

“The prayers of the Saints (righteous) availeth much.” (from James 5:16)

But what was really weird was that I didn’t just hear this scriptural verse once…I heard it nearly the rest of the evening and even today. Over and over and over again. It wasn’t bothersome. In fact, as I continued to hear it I went from a state of shock to disbelief to humble tears.

Grandpa had mentioned before we hung up that at his last appointment that he had likely been only days if not hours from death.

I knew that The Spiritual Warfare the enemy had waged on him had been intense. To be honest, over the course of time, I’ve almost felt like Professor Snape in Harry Potter. During the scene of the Hogwarts tournament he is using his “Powers” to counteract the “Spell” the enemy is using to attack and harm Harry. In a very real sense, have been acting as an intercessor for Grandpa.

It is becoming more and more clear to me how important prayer is, and how and why it works.

Just like Dr’s give us medicine to make us better, we need help to combat the forces of evil. Except there is no earthly premise for fighting darkness. The principalities fight under their own set of rules. Rules that are mostly unknown, unseen and not understood by man. Well, except ONE: Jesus.

And that leads me to the Revelation He gave me about The Cross.

We have The Cross which provides us with the Resurrection. But I’m realizing The Cross has intense symbolic meaning. Symbolism I’m beginning to realize I might never have received without the Holy Spirit.

Crown of Thorns

Everyone talks about the crown of thorns. The crown appears to mock his majesty on earth. However, I don’t think I will ever be able to look at that crown the same way again. Why?

Because it represents our battle AGAINST Spiritual Warfare.

Consider the multitude of ways the enemy attempts us and lure us into sin. Then think about how many thorns were on that crown.

Also think about the fiery “darts” that are thrown at us (mentally) on a daily/hourly basis to take our eyes off Jesus. Those fiery darts are meant to make us bleed – very much like the thorns that penetrated Jesus scalp. Our mind is a battlefield and without Jesus we are ill-equipped to handle the opposition.

The Nails and The Holes

Then there are Jesus hands and the nail holes.

I think about how scripture says that we are not to fear those who can kill us physically, but cannot kill our soul. We are to fear the one who can condemn our soul. (Matthew 10:28)

Jesus outstretched arms are his submission to God’s ultimate plan.

But what really floored me was when he drove his point home (from a prior blog post) that we truly can take nothing with us the moment we decease. Everything we do in this life is measured by those holes that scarred Jesus’ hands. Our life is measured by God like sands through an hour glass. His nail scarred hands are the hour glass and akin to the narrow road.

Few people FIND him and are willing to recognize him as the bridge to eternity. Too consumed with the enemy’s darts of earthly and material wants they wave away eternity for the temporary brilliance of seductive treasure and riches. Except those treasures and riches are temporal. They will rot, wither, deteriorate and fall apart long after we are gone. Our souls either go to hell (if we don’t accept or turn away from God) or Heaven if we accept and repent.

Interesting thought to note: If our earthly treasures can’t go with us to heaven, what would fit through a nail hole in Jesus hand’s? For me, the answer is now obvious: Our soul. Those nail holes create that invisible entrance to heaven. The only way we get to go to heaven is by accepting Jesus redemption on that cross. His arms, which are open wide to heaven, signal total surrender. Those nail holes though…they provide the narrowest pathway possible: to a place of peace. Something we get only from Jesus.

The Feet that Walk the Earth

Finally, the nails in the feet of Jesus.

Though you and I live on a sin-filled earth (the nail in Jesus feet is the enemy, he stalked and accused Jesus, just like he does us) and the his feet attached to that wood are the time we must spend understanding God’s infinite grace while we are living.

We’ve got to persevered and realize that understanding doesn’t come easily but It WILL come. The more we pray and asking God to reveal himself through his scriptures, the greater the likelihood he will.

SeeK Him.

The pages of The Bible will come to life for YOU. If you truly want God – Immanuel (God with Us) to be part of you…Just ASK.

Dear God,

Thank you. You are Sovereign and Holy. You have given us a reason to keep going. You provided a way for us to move from Sin to Salvation. Though we are entirely unworthy…Thank you for Jesus.

And All God’s Children Prayed: Amen

Happy Easter – It’s Resurrection Sunday!



Hidden Sin – Uncovering the Past

hidden sin

Sunset: Orange Beach, AL


Much as I’ve been resistant, it’s come to my attention that layer by layer, I need to uncover the past.

Doing so is not easy. I took yet another step of faith a couple of weeks ago.

A step I’ve been putting off.

It wasn’t something I wanted to write about, but obedience trumps my carnal nature.

My reality is:

  • I’m a sinner.

  • I am full of sin.

  • But there’s a lot more to fleshly sin than meets the eye.


It’s called FAITH

While Sin is often obvious, there are often Sins in the past that we (I) may not be able to recognize.


By nature, I want to deny that there was anything I might have done as an iniquity against God.

The reality is, I was too scared to face my Sin head on.

Too embarrassed to consider what I might find if I sought to know the truth.


Not unlike some of you who might be reading this.

I really don’t want to believe I am imperfect….

But like it or not, I am not perfect and I CANNOT grow unless I let go of

my sins, my trespasses and the TRUTHS that hurt. 

I need to face ALL these head ON to become WHOLE again.

One day I felt His Spirit move in my Soul….

I dove in. I asked. I prayed.

And yes, I was nervous.

But I knew God wanted me to begin to uncover the sin I couldn’t see.


 He doesn’t want me to remain in fragments

He wanted me to HEAL


God is always GOOD.


Having prayed, I waited.

His response time varies. Sometimes it might take months, a year, even years.

Sometimes hours or days.

When we ask questions or pray fervently; God does answer.

And this time was no different.

About 2-3 weeks after I requested His help; He delivered.

He provided the memory and identified it as my answer.

The Sin that left a stain in my past (decades ago), wasn’t something I sought out.

In fact, it found me.

The sin landed smack dab in my lap and I didn’t have to go looking for it.

Convenient, No?

What was the vision he provided? I saw the Ouija Board.

It’s been nearly 40 years since that happened.

And I still remember bits and pieces of the experience pretty clearly.


I was at a birthday party, I don’t remember whose party it was.


“Play time” was over, followed by light snack and cake. Then, the games were “rolled” out.

But my parents had arrived early to pick me up…


I’d never heard of Ouija, or seen one, nor was I familiar with it’s purpose, intent or origin.

Given that I was about to leave, I ended up being the first person to start.

I wasn’t sure of what question I wanted to ask it…so I threw out the first thing that came to mind.

“Will I be a tennis star, Will I win Wimbledon?”

I really had no expectations for this “gizmo” but I did have HIGH hopes in what it MIGHT tell me

However, when the “pointer” moved (without any effort from me) I truly started to cringe.

As it answered my question and “glided” across the board, it took on a life of its own.

I know my analytical instincts at that age, were not developed enough yet,

but there was something very wrong, VERY CREEPY with what was happening.


The Ouija told me the answer was: NO.


I was stunned and felt kinda sick.


Darkness was present and presiding.

I didn’t like the answer. I didn’t “like” the thing then and almost felt repelled by it during and after.

However, I initially DID put “stock” into what it MIGHT be able to do, because I bothered to ask it


Whether or not I KNEW it was right or wrong.


By merely asking that one question,

I invited something into my life that I never intended nor wanted.

I invited the opportunity for Evil into my life.


The board didn’t lie to me. but by consulting it – merely asking a question, I was exposing myself to

Spiritual Attack. I’m not joking either….

Even if it was telling me a truth. It was also making a future prediction. So, instead of receiving a

prophetic truth from My Lord, or His clarity and wisdom – without knowing it I allowed myself to be “fed”

by the enemy – fed information from an unreliable source.

The same source that lied to Eve in The Garden of Eden

God, What had I done?

In the last year, God has shared with me His wisdom about why my dreams to achieve “successful” status

in Professional Tennis didn’t come to fruition. I was blessed by that post just by writing it.

Read it here: Love Means EVERYTHING in Tennis

Tough as that was to write, it was one of two of my favorite blog posts ever.

I’d never had that kind of conversation with God before.

God has plans for me that I cannot see. Plans I do not need to know about until due time.

God’s perfect Will for me is what matters.

Yes, I was only 8 or 10 years old when this Ouija experience occurred.

I was ignorant about this tool.

Yes, I tried it once…and I knew at that moment ONCE was too much.

I had no idea that using a Ouija board would be considered on the same level as:


  • consulting a medium

  • reading Horoscopes

  • astrology

  • seances

  • witchcraft


But my answer was clear. I had given this device a toe-hold in my life.

I had stepped into the “dark side’ without recognizing it.

Though I am embarrassed by my actions, I feel fortunate.

God showered me with Grace, and removed the iniquity.

In the last weeks, Jesus broke the bondage that started long ago.

I am still saddened that it happened at all…but that decades old “stain” has now been cleansed.




More than anything, I am grateful that the Holy Spirit nudged me to pray and that I didn’t resist.

I am Blessed that God allowed me to see what I couldn’t see on my own.

I’m forgiven because I sought mercy and edification.


Don’t kid yourself about the power behind a Ouija.

Like it or not; Ouija boards are not a source of entertainment. They are a source of Spiritual Warfare, of

demons and darkness. Leviticus 19:31 and 20:6 admonishes us not to engage with them.

If we’re looking for answers, we won’t find what we NEED through a Ouija.



Heavenly Father,

You are the Giver of Gifts. You know us from the inside out. Help us to see that which we are blinded to.

Guide us in your wisdom and sustain us with your strength. We do not need to seek out the enemy for the

answers that should only come from YOU.

Be our guide, Be our Light…walk with us and remain IN us. From Sunrise to Sunset, through Eternity.

Blessed Be YOUR Name, Jesus.

And thank YOU, Friends….for sharing a small part of your day with me!




Scripture references

Psalm 139:23-24




I am staring at a blank canvas.

I don’t know what to do with it.

This is part of the reason why I hadn’t blogged the last two months.

I thought God wanted me to take time and breathe.

True, I have been adjusting to eating differently, but that wasn’t ALL of it.

I was questioning my worth. My purpose.

Not my life – that’s not something I need to question.

When God asked me to lay down my “book” dream recently it thrust me into an unknown.

A “black hole,” so to speak.

If I’m really a writer, why is He having me blog?

I’m not complaining, I’m confused.

When I started writing as a girl I wrote for fun. For the love of it. Just because.

The worst part of what I thought was my life-long quest and “dream” to write a book, was that I actually  started writing it, twice.

The first story I worked on is sitting in a slush/recycle pile. And that’s where it will stay.

The second story I have mapped out in different word documents in the last year. Each scene is something that I thought God gave me in different visions. Visions I saw repeatedly, and finally wrote them down.

Then He asked my to lay down the dream. So, there’s no point in printing the scenes I have because they are all disjointed. The aren’t organized, they make no sense. Talk about discombobulated….

I feel like my brain has gone into a time warp status and I am caught in a black hole of thoughts.

There are a laundry list of things I can and should write about. Things that aren’t being addressed in the news. Things that have heightened my sense about where the world is headed and what we need to understand.

I don’t begrudge God about asking me to lay down “my dream” of writing a book. I know HE knows what I’m feeling. What I guess I’ve come to realize is THE book I had on my heart to write was filled with the wrong motivations:

The first book was filled with selfishness. Deep down, I knew I wasn’t in line with God’s Will. I was free to write it and do so in “fun” – but it would never reach the eyes of anyone beyond my own computer screen.

Invisible Nudges

A friend (and you know who you are) told me to start this blog. She also told me that when I get “raw” and “real” in my writing it is really powerful stuff. The problem is getting raw and real is draining.

But two things have happened this week to make me realize God is getting me ready to write what I’ve desperately tried to keep hidden.

I went to a Young Living Essential Oils meeting. At the meeting I took a Zyto scan. It was interesting, not too surprising but certainly a wake-up confirmation. My scan indicated that I had two zones out of “sync” both related to emotions and feelings. No surprise there.

The reality is I am facing a huge battle of spiritual warfare. I am being kept hostage by the enemy. The memories that haunt me are festering. I am a big believer in the concept that the body can heal itself (if given the right platform). Well, I’m starting to see that I am the one in the way. The only way I am going to be able to be emotionally WHOLE ever again is to write it OUT.

I have received feedback several times since I started this blog that I AM A WRITER and I have an amazing gift for writing. I am completely overwhelmed each time I hear that. I almost can’t believe it. The mere compliment brings me to tears. So why does it not spur me on to tackle my own demons?! Simple…again it’s the enemy. He is strangling me with fear of my own shame.

What I realized when I took a Compass Zyto scan this week is that the LONGER I allow pain, the fear, the anger, from manipulation-deceit and betrayal to remain inside – the greater the likelihood it will EAT me ALiVE.

If I don’t let it out and ALLOW God to work through me, the enemy will get what he wants. He will have won. By keeping his lies locked away I give him the advantage. That was never what God intended for me. He intended me to STAND – with HIM. By STAND-ing up and out I WILL be able to have power over Satan. I will be the VICTOR.


The title of this blog entry was Inadequate. Why?

Because I have been wanting to write about topics that relate to what’s happening around us and are affecting our everyday lives. Wanting to write about everything from the Blood Moons to the Shemitah. But I am not a Bible scholar. I have no formal education. I am just a mere human being, imperfect, sinful and full of shame. I have hidden myself from the blog-o-sphere lately because I feel inadequate to write.


I had forgotten that God directed me to start this; to SHINE HIS LIGHT. Forgotten that HE alone trusts me to follow his directions. Do I feel adequate? Yes. But I needn’t. All I have to do is go back to my little instruction book and pay attention to:






and the big book of players to know WHAT the GREAT I AM expects me to DO.

There is no way I am comparing myself to these heroes/heroine’s of the Bible…but at least I know that as this journey continues I am not alone. Just as they did, I HAVE to TRUST.

I have to believe this is a safe place to write and lay it all out and down. To place it all at the foot of the cross.

I need to be made NEW. I’m tired of the old.




I’m scared. Who among us isn’t? Help us to take these fears and surrender them to YOU. The time has come for us to find out who you MADE us to be.

Allow us to find PEACE. I pray that YOU will help me to dig deep from here on out. Help me to release that which binds me and has kept me captive for too long. It’s time to let it go.

Bless me, bless all of us with your Grace, mercy and never ending LoVe.

In Your Name, we pray…Amen.