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What do you need to know?: Info about the C-V V-xxine

[Ed Note: Since this post was published, Yutztube actually removed the video for “violating TOS”]

I am posting from another page – but this is information the MSM and TPTB would rather try to suppress. Only you can decide what is right for you and what resonates DEEP within your Soul.

I must confess, this is one of Dr. Madej’s shortest video’s…yet I have only watched about half of this presentation. In my heart, she resonates Truth…but what I heard weighed so heavily on my heart – I had to stop the video midway through and move on.

I had heard last year about “hydrogel” – which was developed by the US Military.

The Spiritual War Scriptures speak about (in the Quantum or Aetheral Realm) is nearing it’s manifestation in our 3d world.