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You want the Wax-ine Truth?

I have shared previously about Dr. Judy Mikovits and “Plague of Corruption”

If you don’t have the time to read her whole book, then listen/watch this video instead. It is just over an hour in length.

I had heard the name Dr. Robert Malone in the last few weeks.

This blog site has had in INFLUX of searches for the blog post, “Smelling Smoke,” but the searches have been substantially increasing for the USA, Australia, New Zealand as wells as a number of other countries.

So I KNOW that the current “campaign” and the media narrative (mentioned in the video below) has taken over the airwaves (ie: TV/Radio/ and any form of “broadcast*” that reports “news” Eph 6:12- darkness and Spiritual *behind the scenes* Forces).

Jesus The Christ is listening – DO NOT GIVE UP.

The Truth is slowly emerging – this video is proof of that

KEEP Praying!

*Broadcast: Remember Jesus mentioned the wide road and the narrow road. “Broadcast” is a word that refers to “spell”

Broad = wide road

Cast = destruction

Broadcast – The Wide road that leads to destruction. Hence this is how and why the MSM has worked tirelessly to build trust over the decades…now it’s up to God’s children to put their DISCERNMENT to work and apply what we have been taught in The Spirit toward this moment in time!

The Algorithym of Unity





Recognize these words? Good. You should.


I am here to tell you something you need to know. Everything you thought you know – well, it’s not.


You’ve been hearing much rhetoric recently about there being “movement” to create unity.

Unity in the world.

Unity among men.

Unity among all faiths.


The common denominator in ALL of it – is a matrix (no, not exactly like the Keanu Reeves movie. You’ve got to remember that The Matrix is a Hollywood production.)


No, The Matrix I am talking about is a Godly One – and until this morning I really wasn’t sure it existed. The reason I say that is because during one of my daily in-depth bible studies recently I discovered The Word MATRIX in The Strong’s Dictionary. No Joke.


The Word Matrix can be found in Exodus 13:12 and Exodus 13:15 and Exodus 34:19. In addition, Numbers 3:12 and Numbers 18:15. There is only one root word to Matrix and it is found in The Hebrew:


H7358: from 7355; the womb; (comp to 7356) matrix, womb

7355: to fondle, to love, espec. to compassionate. Have compassion, love, mercy.

7356: from 7355, compassion (in the plur) by extension the womb (as cherishing the fetus) by impl. a maiden – bowels compassion, damsel, tender love (great, tender), mercy, pity, womb


Where is this WORD study leading? To be honest, I have studied The Word almost more diligently than I ever studied any subject in college (except maybe Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis)

I’ve been told a couple times in the past, that most people wouldn’t understand the way that I think. Until now, I don’t think I realized the implications of what that meant. It has an association with The Godly Matrix.

The Truth is that Scripture isn’t just a book of how to live well. And it isn’t just a nice history lesson. It is not just THE LIVING WORD. It is more. It is OUR MATRIX.


The Matrix of The People of God.

Eve was The Matrix. And The Serpent knew it. I am also under the impression that Adam knew it but for whatever reason he was silenced.


Back to the Title of this post.

You might have noticed a few blog posts back that I had mentioned I was no longer worthy of writing The Lord’s Words.

That was based on a dream I’d had. The dream was about The Bride and the apostate church. A larger hunk of that dream was personal in nature, so I shared what I could. The remaining personal interpretation was given yesterday and I better understand Yahshua’s righteousness and my position in Him. Praise God!

That being said, this blog still belongs to Him and Him only. I will only write as prompted.

He is having me return to another writing assignment I was tasked with sometime ago. For the last year or so I knew that I knew there was something I was supposed “to do” – that thing I was supposed to do was this writing assignment. I confess, I just wasn’t sure I could write it…but that doesn’t exempt me from what I have been asked to do.

And He has asked me to do this. There has been a fierce battle over this in The Spiritual Realm so I have a request: Please pray over me for this assignment. The writing is intended to benefit all those who are lost, broken, hurting, isolated and otherwise far from God.

I ask for you to leave any comments of encouragement and/or prayers on this blog post – but even if you pray silently as an intercessor…I thank you and Our Lord for those.]


The Believer’s Acronym for Unity is:

United  In   The  (Body of) Yahshua


The World is going to start talking a whole lot more about Unity and it won’t be related to Eternal life. The algorithym the world speaks about is related to CERN, AI, Google and a host of others you are likely (hopefully) already familiar with.

The Truth is this. The Algorithym of the Godly Matrix is going to bust wide open. This is going to happen either just before or when the Tribulation starts.

I have learned through a series of hard lessons not to mention dates or timing because I also just learned in the Spirit that because of the Time Space Continuum the time framework of Heaven doesn’t translate well into our world (consider the similarities in nature of how difficult it can be to translate the scrolls from their original language of Greek/Hebrew into a word form WE can understand.)

Again, we keep forgetting God Way’s are higher than ours.


One last thing I’ll mention. Quantum Physics.

Don’t go all weird on me.

Years ago (2006?) I was given the WORD: Quantum Physics. I tried to learn about it then, but I had just barely begun drinking Milk. So, let’s get real right now.

God is Creator. If He created the Universe and Galaxies then isn’t it possible/probable that HE USED Quantum Physics to do it? After all, He knit you and I together in our mother’s womb and as mentioned before His Ways are higher than ours…besides, HE IS GOD.

When you get down to it – what is the difference between knitting the galaxies together by means of quantum physics or knitting us in our mother’s womb? Sounds a whole lot like the Book of Ecclesiastes to me!

Here’s the definition of quan·tum phys·ics

[quantum physics]

  1. the branch of physics concerned with quantum theory.
    “quantum physics allows for particles to be in two states at the same time

One last reality check about how GOD’S Quantum Physics fits into the Bible. I was just given Ephesians 2:6 and Ephesians 1:20 as confirmation. (Pray over the highlighted purple text above as it relates to the verses given from Ephesians)

In closing:

Brothers and Sisters, I saw The Banquet Table and a portion of The Great Hall recently in a dream.

Notice I didn’t say the Wedding Feast.

I saw people gathered around a LONG table – it was SET and ready but we were there for a “meeting” soon to commence.

What we are here for, isn’t far off. The moment MANY of us have longed for is JUST AHEAD. I don’t know what just ahead means – so just stay in the Spirit and really WALK with HIM.

I don’t think IT will happen the way everyone hopes it will or wants it to – but seeing what I was shown is something I never imagined I would even get to dream about!

Very soon, those He has called will be “Pulled into” something very real (surreal) – so Make Haste – and make yourselves ready.


This Blog and Blog Post are covered by The Blood Of Christ


Writing for the Right Reasons

When was the last time you looked yourself square in the mirror and thought about the truth?

What if the truth is a double edge sword?

What if the truth would set you Free, but Fear holds you back?

It’s very easy in this fast paced, high technology world for the majority to lean towards finding the easiest path…whether or not it’s the right direction. With plentiful access to

Fast cars

Fast computers

Fast Food at the same place you find

Faster internet connections

Fast, Fast, Fast: the only words that seem to count anymore

Fast, Faster and Fastest…doesn’t always get the job done, thoroughly or the right way. Does anyone reading this recall the childhood tale “The Tortoise and the Hare?” But I digress….

A Conference & A Critique

A few years back when I was still participating in a local writers group, I decided to sign up to participate in a regional writer’s conference. I figured it would be good practice before going to a National Conference.

Part of our registration included having a sample of our work critiqued by a published author.

I spent weeks working on a manuscript I’d started. Weeks was all I had left. I think I might still have it buried under a pile of papers but I almost hope I never set eyes on it again.

When I sat down that day to receive my critique, it was nearly one of the worst days of my life. The first words out of my reviewers mouth were: “I don’t know where to start.” The second set were “I hated it. The character, the personalities, all of it.”

Though I hadn’t “tuned out” to their review after those two sentences, I believe I’d entered a state of shock. My head spun, I felt dizzy. I had no appetite even as I sat down to lunch after.

I remember mentioning to my fellow writer friends that my writing career was already over, and I hadn’t even made it to the starting gate yet. I remember all 3 (or 4) of the ladies begging me not to give up. Not to give in. That I could make it past this set back. And one bad review does not a writer make.

It’s been at least 3, but maybe 4 years since that happened. But what I’m realizing is that while I had attempted to write romance and adventure…I was barking up the wrong tree.

I’ve heard many times I should write Dystopian or Post Apocalyptic or some kind of fiction that deals with chaos. The reading public is gobbling that up right now.


What I’ve ignored up to now are my own strengths. Thinking that I should write what will sell. Thinking I should write what people want to read. Problem is, if God made each of us unique and I try to mold my abilities around someone else’s success or around “what’s hot”– what does that say about me? What does that say about my unique, God given gifts. Worse, with all the life experiences He has provided – if I don’t write about those, who benefits?

We are surrounded by darkness. But God put his people here to help keep his light shining.

I was first introduced to “darkness” when I was about 6 years old, though I didn’t realize it at the time. The first time I vividly remember “darkness,” I was 15. Years later I tried to talk about it and write about it but unlike many topics today, the topics I was ready to discuss were hushed and taboo.

I bring writing up today because I am especially fond of reading books and movies. I’ve read a couple of Harry Potter (seen all the movies), read the Hunger Games trilogy (seen movies). I just finished reading Twilight (today, in fact)  and part of Breaking Dawn (seen all the movies), Divergent Series (seen movies).

Each of those characters was unique but something was missing for me. I don’t know what it was. I’m still figuring that out. Writing is a very difficult process. Each of us brings our own skill set. Each main character is unique and had to come from somewhere within the authors creative force…I’ve liked all the books I’ve read, in one way or another.

That being said, I don’t want to write just to fill a niche space. I want to write out of passion for my topic or from first hand experience. Lots of people are scared of the dark. Scared of the skeletons in their closet because it’s hard to recognize when you’re in the trenches that exposing Fears and cleaning out the closets actually creates light, freedom and peace.

God whispered to me not long ago that he would heal me, but only IF and When I was ready to let him work with me here on the blog.

So be it…Writing is a process. Finding peace is a process. Show me the way, Lord. And so the journey begins anew.

Thanks for listening,