In The Air – The Ides

It feels like I am watching the hands of the clock tick by – one, by one, by one.

As soon as March 1st arrived I began to feel a sort of uneasiness – or maybe a sadness – even foreboding.

I feel like I live between two parallel realities. I know what Father God, and Jesus have told us what is to come. Yet I do not speak of things Biblical nor of Prophecy to those around me because I feel as if my words fall on deaf ears.

I have experienced the Ides of March – probably at least twice in my life. The first time was physical and the second time was both an intense Psychological & Spiritual affront

You could read about what the Ides represent. The Ides are a test – of human integrity, of one’s inner moral compass and to finally determine what type of covenant he (or she) may have with God.

I mention all this because, for several weeks now I have heard Jesus gently repeat the word “Vortex” into my Spirit. The Vortex is about the paradigm shift but this shift will reach an initial apex. I’m believing this apex is the coming energy vortex – also known as the 1st Harvest. Meaning there is an energy vortex coming. This one is the first one that changes everything. It’s what you can feel coming through the air – as mentioned in the following song.

I feel such an incredible sadness lately. Recognizing how much things are about to change and yet how many people will be so caught off guard and “lukewarm” because they never took the time to truly get to know Our Father.

I now recognize what I experienced back in 2016 was a sample of the Holy Spirit’s energetic magnetic field (the 3-6-9). The Vortex POWER behind that field was nearly incomprehensible to the human psyche.

I believe that’s in part why The Spirit led me to select the specific lyric video for this blogpost. Included in its graphics are the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). We each carry our own Aura, because we are walking energy in motion. Your Aura is also very important. Because it is your energetic blueprint and as such represents the blueprint of emotions you are dealing with: be they good, bad (or ugly.) Think of anytime you’ve seen an MRI image scan (whether its yours or someone else’s). Every human body carries its own magnetic resonance image – top to bottom. Our emotions affect every single cellular response within. That’s why it is SO important to Forgive (self and others), Repent and Release, and Surrender to God. Pent up emotions affect our cellular emotions in a domino style effect. This is how many people can wind up being their own worst enemy. When they resolve to be stubborn about a certain a situation, person, event, object, and obsess over associated memories. Hence, that’s why Jesus told us the struggle would start in the mind and to take our thoughts “captive.”

I have had a very heavy feeling about The Father’s pending Judgements upon the earth since the 1st week of March but I’m remaining very alert on a moment to moment basis.

Yet, I have Faith in Father God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit.

I ask and pray that you would surrender whatever it is that may be troubling your heart or mind and lay them at the feet of Yeshua.

May we all have the opportunity to meet in His Heavenly Kingdom and bask in The Presence of His Glory

God Bless and Protect You and Fill you with Spirit’s Peace.


2/14 Dream: Eric C²

Sleep has been – difficult to find and it comes in fits and spurts. I haven’t had dreams in what feels like a year or more. So, when I have a dream that I at least in part remember, that’s probably important.

When I can’t get the dream off my mind – I know it’s probably something I should write about.

Dream: I was suddenly in a room. There was a male, I was told by Holy Spirit it was EC² and his Dad (whom I never met – although EC, early on, had asked me to). I think I spoke with them (telepathically) because deep in my Soul I feel like we had a conversation. EC² looked different (but I know in the Spirit, I also do not look like I look, right now.)

We didn’t communicate for very long – before they were ready, it was time for me to leave.

I had transitioned from the room I was in with him and I was now walking solo down a street (the word “cobblestone” comes to mind as I type.) But as I was walking and soaking up the beauty and aesthetics of this locale – I could again hear someone’s thoughts coming from behind. Someone was again talking to me telepathically. I turned around to look and it was EC². I knew I needed to keep moving, so I turned to progress onward.

As I continued walking, the next thing I knew – he was walking on my left side – I recognized his Spirit but his physical appearance had changed slightly, and this time, his Dad was not with him.

I don’t recall what, if anything he may have said in the dream – but in the Spirit right now I hear “I’m not letting you walk alone. It’s time for Love to come back around.” I also now understand that this dream is also less about me and more about what is occurring in the life of EC²

I think this all revolves around the End of the Dispensation of Grace and the past month I keep “seeing”

22222 – as in February 22, 2022.

I became familiar with this song in ’91. And I am only now realizing how prophetic in nature it really might be.

I’m sharing this video trailer clip because it was what we went and saw the evening of our “blind” date. “The Cutting Edge” has turned out to be one of my favorite movies – especially if I need a good laugh (and really, who doesn’t lately?)

What’s so weird is that my own parents met and were married for 36 years after being set up on a blind date (I kid you not) –

Yet, because of the events that led up to this blind date, I did not have high expectations for the evening.

[Ed. Note: Pay close attention to the opening trailer – the poster on the back wall is of the Calgary Games ’88. First, the Olympics currently “in swing” through 2/20 and hasn’t there been some events also occurring in Canada(?).

Could these events have synchronicity?

Dear Dad: It’s 12/2

12/2/2021 (I just noticed – today’s date is a palindrome) –

The Holy Spirit also wants me to list these biblical verses, directly related to today’s palindrome date. Genesis 1:22, Genesis 12:2, Luke 12:2, Luke 22:1, Revelation 12:2, Revelation 22:1

Hi Daddy,

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for years. To send you greetings on what would have been your earthly birthday.

Today would have been your 95th Birthday. Happy Birthday, Daddy. (Revelation 5:9) (Revelation 9:5)

Tears are starting to pour out as I write this because The Holy Spirit is having me listen to an artist I enjoyed so much when I was a Freshman and Sophomore in High School – George Benson. It is rather bittersweet because I recall you found out I liked his music and wanted to hear him in concert. You even offered to take me in 1985. For some odd reason, when you were ready to buy the tickets – I had changed my mind.

I am tired of kicking myself over that so many times in the years since your memorial in 1986. So, I’m gonna do something about it….

Though I rarely listen to radio anymore. Today, I did and started to hear George Benson sing – then I started to hear his lyrics in the Spirit.

We may not have gotten to the concert together – but in The Spirit and in my Soul – I am bringing the concert to you. And who knows, maybe our not going to the concert was part of the plan – becoming the catalyst for this very moment in time.

I am sharing some of my favorite songs, with you and any one else who may visit here and decide to stop, relax and listen for a while.

Thank you for being my Daddy while you were here. Thank you for your love and protection and for teaching me all the things that you did. For showing me what a real man should look like.

I love you. I miss you. I look forward to seeing you again, in Heaven.

And now, for a mini Benson concert:

Avery & The Aether: River of Dreams

A Message from the other side

[Ed Note: I know that most “Christian traditionalists” may not “approve” of this message. But I have learned over the last few years that there are some true stumbling blocks within what we have come to know as traditions of men.]

In the past, I have shared messages from The Holy Spirit – as well as warnings from God The Father.

But, just over a year ago – within The Aether I also began to receive messages from Spirits who had crossed over. I know that these Spirits were not unholy. When I have heard them they are clear – humble and reaching out in true remorse. One of the Spirits is rather persistent with their request. I have pondered on the approach to take in response to them. Up to this point, I have opted to pay no attention and just pray for them in The Spirit. But tonight, something tugged deeply at my heart. The initial message I started to receive a year ago came from a young girl who died while still in High School. She has asked repeatedly to convey a message to her mother.

There is a tangibility tonight in the Spirit I have never felt before – as if I can feel not just the daughter reaching out, but her Mother also reminiscing and longing to hear from her.

Because of this tangibility factor – I am going to share the message from the daughter. I am transcribing here what I am hearing/receiving, telepathically through the aether.

This is to L.N.S from A.M.

Dear Mom, I’ve been waiting so long to really be able to say anything to you. I am grateful for this moment.

Mom, I’m sorry – I know I screwed up. I never meant to cause you or Dad or the family this much heartache. I never thought the decision I made would bring it all to an end. Stupid teenager antics – I was sure full of them.

Now, that I have the chance to share my heart with you – I can feel your grief and frustration and all the second-guessing you have been through. I’m not allowed to talk about this side of the veil, I’m only allowed to help you to move through your grief and to let you know that I LOVE you so very much.

If there is anything I can share with you, Mom – it’s this. Please take your faith walk more seriously. Yeah, I know we were “active” with church and all that. But that’s not what real faith is. I got all caught up in school and church activities – and while I may have done well and had fun, my focus was misplaced.

I know we lived for Football and all those traditional activities – but none of that should matter. And even though we did go on Missions Trips – I will tell you this, we weren’t ready to be doing what we were doing. Yes, I was a “crazy” girl and always doing something out of the ordinary – and that came at the ultimate cost. I should have been more respectful of you. I should have been more obedient. I know I tried your patience – and you only wanted the best for me.

I’m so, so sorry. I love you Momma. If I could change what happened that day – I would. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t have done all the dance, hip-hop things that I thought mattered or that were “cool.” I know there were many fun things we both did together – but in the big picture Mom we got over involved. Sports and extra curricular stuff just doesn’t matter. Learning how to love others and forgive (anyone, anything and everything), that does matter.

My death should have been a wake-up call for all of the family. A “wake up” not to remain immersed in life like it was when I was still with you – but seeking Jesus and The Holy Spirit in deep prayer asking for true direction and purpose. Your time on earth isn’t about just “having fun” or jobs or making memories. Our time on earth is about deep growth, and facing emotional wounds. Which brings me full circle to why I have been so gently asking this writer for over a year to help me with this message. I needed someone who would take my voice from the aether seriously, and not just “pass it off.”

Mom, Just because I died physically didn’t change that my Spirit and Soul still exist. Only my form is different.

I know that you still ache. I know your heartache is deep. There are reasons that this happened. It was not without cause. It wasn’t to punish you, or me or dad or anyone else. Every event that happens in life, happens for a reason. My death and how you process it are part of that. And Mom, from a personal standpoint – no one can do this healing for you. People don’t like to see other’s cry, but crying is really important – even if it feels like your tears will fill a river.