W – Con – E – Troll – F – ers VS. The Pluto Return

My journey down the “rabbit hole” began around 2014 or 2015.

That’s when I personally started to ponder and pray about a lot of things regarding Spirituality, religion and what we have been “taught” by the “system.”

In hindsight, I now realize I was on a quest – as many of us are – similar to Neo.

In hindsight – there were many things that initially freaked me out even though what I was learning would stand as confirmations to the reality of the matrix (the age/epoch we are currently in) which is on the verge of collapse – otherwise known as the birth pangs of “Apocalypse”

There are so many things that have occurred or are now occurring that I have to look at them collectively as more than mere “coincidence.” (ie: nothing is random.) If nothing else each experience as helped me recognize that the Faith I was gifted with has carried and continues to help me with understanding.

Today, I watched a video from Dr. John Campbell. It was that video which reminded me of what I saw back in 2015/2016 (a Whorld-Ekon-Phorum site) that although it completely freaked me out at the time – now makes a lot more sense. I do not feel led to share Dr. Campbell’s link within this blog post. However, you will find it on his YT page, titled “The Next P@ndemic” and if you have not seen it – I encourage you to view it. As soon as I watched it, I had a major flashback to the things I had seen and learned about the WE “Forum” over the years.

There is something else I am going to introduce here. The concept of America’s Pluto Return. Between all the studies I have done and all the influence-manipulation of Gil Bates and Mr. Clorox Swab – I think these individuals (and all associated with them, in the shadows) are in for a major awakening of their own.

America’s Pluto Return is closely associated with the Water-bearer spoken of in the New Testament. But I also believe the Pluto Return has association with the Red and Blue Kachina’s of Native American Prophecy.

Just as Elohim has a time clock called the Mazzaroth of Job 38 – also known as, the Precession of the Ages – so too do the “W – Con – E – Troll – F – ers” of Dh-@-Vos (ie: Ah-ghen-da 2030 – previously 2020)

It was the Dh-@-Vos time clock I briefly read about and perused way back then which prompts today’s message.

After having watched Dr. Campbell’s most recent message the Holy Spirit reminded me of a video that was shared by New Jerusalem Channel. This ties in directly to where the USA is at right now – at this juncture of history.

This is what America’s Pluto Return is all about. It’s ok if this seems far-fetched – but the biblical scriptures are a set of texts based on alchemical principles. The Pluto Return is part of that – Pluto in mythology is known as Hades. Hades related to Hell. We are at the precipice of not just a new world – two world bifurcation but a huge time of decision.

Does that sound familiar where the biblical texts are concerned? Revelation 13 anyone? We already watched the Great Eclipse of September 2017 and the Eclipse of 2024 is ahead — as is the transition into the Age of Aquarius (Winter/Spring 2023).

Meaning, there is no more room for indecision.

A Prayer for Salvation:

Heavenly Father – You are Holy and Mighty but you are also just and righteous. I pray in the name of your Son, Yahusha that hearts would continue to seek your mercy and forgiveness. That those lost in sin, addiction, lost and alone would cry out to you and receive the life preserver that is your Holy Spirit. Help the blind to see. Help the deaf to hear – the cry of Proverbs 8 calling out to them. Allow all those who have not discovered who you are – to Smell the Smoke of The Holy Spirits Fire – to create within each a desire to be enveloped by the divine Fire that only Your Glory can provide.

Thank you for hearing this Prayer in Heaven – Thank you for fulfulling our request. In Yahusha’s Name – Hallelujah


Extrication of Zion-Babylon’s Destruction-3 Days of Darkness

Nabal was warned. But He did not recognize my call to him.

Now this message is directed to both Nabal and Haman, and their workers of inequity.

You were given countless opportunities with which to “come clean” with the children of earth.

Your sinister intentions against the Houses of Judah, Israel (Ephraim) and the innocent souls you have manipulated and coerced have been duly noted.

Your Serpent and Reptilian seed has overrun all that is good with your lies, manipulations and blasphemies.

You know full well the time of your reckoning is come.

As you watch and listen to this video that I have directed be included with this message – bear in mind that everything you have “learned” or adopted as a belief about the land known as Jerusalem of the ME has been taught by the puppet masters of Patriarchy. How many of you have sought my Holy Spirit for the Truth about the heritage of the land of Israel? Have the last two years not brought you to pause and ponder about who is telling Truth (Spirit of Prophecy) versus who are intentionally leading souls astray with lies and half-truths?

No one can serve two masters!

Remember the Revelation 12 Sign back in 2017? Now then, recall that the 2nd Eclipse across America will be in 2024 – 7 years later.

Babylon will be blotted out in one hour (Rev 18:0). This is because of the sins of Nabal and Haman’s evil intent (Psalm 2:1-2)

The “Event” that kicks off Great Tribulation is the Extraction of Zion. The removal of God’s Holy Spirit –

Once the Restrainer is “extracted”, the earth will be covered in great darkness (See Genesis 1) and the dragon will take his place (Rev 12:9).

I Pray that we are all accounted worthy to be part of the Wave Sheaf Offering.

The Final Signs – Look Up!

Felt compelled by The Spirit to also share this message from Ken McClellan. I discovered his page about the same time as James’

Ken also recognizes we are approaching the Pole Shift. He has shared in his videos about the meanings of the ancient stones and the warnings that were left for us to prepare us for what’s ahead.

I concur with Ken. I hope and pray to be accounted worthy to escape what’s coming upon this world.

I hope I am blessed to meet all my brothers and sisters on the other side.

Thank you, Ken. I appreciate your knowledge and what you have shared.

God Bless and Protect us all

The Plasma Event: The Bifurcation

I began this blog post months ago and was looking for something else entirely, when I stumbled upon some of the videos  highlighted. Today The Spirit redirected me to complete it.


Some of you may have heard about The Georgia Guidestones, which basically is a list that includes reducing the population of humanity. You will notice within the Genesis Device (Star Trek) video how the description alludes to much of the propaganda the Me. Dea. has been feeding the masses since the Tell-lies-of vision entered the main stream decades ago.


I have never mentioned this on this blog, but 5 years ago – one of the very first Rhema Words the Holy Spirit gave me was “Nuclear Winter”


When I heard that, I dropped to the floor on my knees and just started crying. The moment was so very surreal…because it was like I was being shown in the Spirit – the effect of a Nuclear Winter occurring. I felt an eerie type of “cold” begin to cover me in The Spirit – though I felt it at an aetheric level sometimes the aetheric is more powerful than physical.


Part of this Spiritual information exchange was knowing that a type of nuclear holocaust was down the road in our future. However, this “nuclear winter” may not appear as they have presented in Sci-Fi film.


As I have read the scriptures over the years – I keep seeing and hearing the phrase from Revelation 3:15 “I wish you were neither hot nor cold.” Having recently realized that the Bible was written utilizing mostly alchemical references – it is no wonder that it has been misunderstood. Pastors in the pulpits are not instructed to teach from the alchemical perspective. They are taught to teach what the puppet masters want the masses to believe, this allows the current hierarchy to retain control of their 3d matrix.


I would imagine, those of you who are following this blog – whether you are a long time follower or rather new are searching for a new way of life. Another way of living. I have been praying about this. Many of us who believe in Christ Jesus, Immanuel and the Work on the Cross have been awaiting the Rapture of The Church of Philadelphia – The Rescue of The Bride, The Wave Sheaf Company.


I was led to establish this blog by our Father God. And have tried to share only as incoming information is deemed fit. Years ago, when I received the phrase “Nuclear Winter” that download really frightened me. However that was quite some time before Pre 2019. As the hours tick toward the conclusion of 2021 – Nuclear Winter has taken on a totally different perspective.


A few weeks back I had heard people online talking about hearing the sounds of “booms” and attributing such sounds to thunder in the clouds. Then recently, I had heard that those booms might actually be associated with the techtonic plates within the earth and the shift of those plates related to the Magnetic Pole Reversal and the end of the current Epoch we are observing. I really didn’t think anything of it until I was outside this past week and I also HEARD the sound of the boom. I know what thunder sounds like because I love thunder and lightning storms. This was not the sound of thunder. Deep down in my Spirit I have this knowing that Nuclear Winter is likely associated with the coming Magnetic Pole Reversal.


I really wasn’t sure about any of this until yesterday when The Father spoke to me in Spirit and I asked additional follow up questions.


The first download I received was “Plasma” -followed by, “Be Ready for the incoming Plasma Wave.”

“Father, what on earth do you mean by Plasma and Plasma Wave?”

“Little one, you are in the womb of the Earth – you and your siblings are effectively gestating in a womb of darkness. While in the womb you have WORKED spiritually to seek and find truth. All within earth’s womb are about to experience the labors pains necessary to leave this 3d reality and enter into the one you have been waiting for: 5d, 6d, 7d or what the scriptures identify as New Jerusalem. Part of that labor pain is going through the Plasma Wave. This soon coming plasma wave is the “birth canal” of delivery via electricity. It will produce an energy vortex. The energy vortex is necessary. The human body is a field of energy which has been condensed into darkness (skin) and within the law as a part of the beast.

However, New Jerusalem/Heaven – does not require this skin. In fact this skin covering is not permitted in The Holy City. As such prior to entering the Holy City it must be discarded. Part of this discarding requires cleansing of the old garment (skin of sin) to release the new (Purified Spirit/Soul – Tree of Life). The Plasma Wave is the necessary bridge between Earth and Heaven.”



(Kind of weird to see a display of “QR code” displayed here in video)

“The “Plasma Wave” is a field of electricity. It will resemble the same type of environment that encased each of you within your mother’s womb. In this case the Plasma Wave will have a double natured effect. This is because the Plasma Wave is both a blessing and curse as part of the Day of the Lord. Those familiar with The Old Testament will recognize it as “The Destroyer” and it is something that no one will escape. Even those hidden within underground caves or bunkers will not escape it.


Those who have believed in the sacrifice of Christ Jesus (and his resurrection) and accepted The Holy Spirit into their heart, mind and soul will not be harmed but there may be other lessons learned and knowledge gained through the Plasma Wave.”

(Please note there will likely be more than one “Plasma Wave” that passes across and through Earth which would account for more than one Harvest of Souls.)


“Those who have not surrendered to Christ or done their Spiritual Work to cleanse themselves of iniquity will experience rather unpleasant side- effects of the Plasma Wave. The Plasma Wave will signal the beginning of the Apocalypse. That is because once the Plasma Wave enters your atmosphere it will cover the Light of the Sun, moon and heavenly bodies. It will create an energy vortex (the Signal of the Sign of Jonah) and this will begin the 3 days of Darkness.”



The following video is merely a generalized presentation of the coming magnetic pole shift Cataclysm, mentioned in Genesis 1 and in the Book of Revelation. Notice when Admiral Kirk addresses the computer what the blue and white symbol looks like at its introduction


Please check back as this blog post may be (frequently) updated.

“Tick-Tock” of Mazzaroth: Patriarchy’s End

2020 – The year of hindsight and reflection confirms the ages old cliche “Hindsight is 20/20”

I did not realize it but this transition was brought to my attention back in 2005(ish). A friend had emailed us a fascinating anecdote that alluded to there being a timeline as to how all empires ultimately fall. At the time, I thought – how is that possible? There is no way. That was about the same time as when The Father had directed me to open my Bible and begin reading Revelation: The Book of The Apocalypse.

Have you seen the “memes” that mention, “there is no stopping what’s coming”? In general I tend to think people attribute that concept to “Cue” – but the true credit belongs to Father GodElohim.

The Book of Job (chapter 38) mentions the Mazzaroth, which encompasses the Shamayim (Heavens) and within the Heavens – written among the stars is what is commonly known as the Zodiac. The Ancients were familiar with it as the Dendera – Zoroastrianism – Vedics.

Last year after the infamous “Car. Oh Na” virus became part of the propaganda campaign for the Old World Or-der of Patriarchal control – I did a little digging around God’s Word related to Job 38.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the 2020 shake up was symbolically also written in the stars. I used to live in a place called – Corona, CA.

I didn’t even realize how this past 18mos could be significant until you really look at WHERE the “Serpens” is on the astronomical map. Pause it and notice that, indeed, the “dragon” at this point is about to fulfill Revelation 12:4. This is where the archons (powers and principalities mentioned in Ephesians) began to try and exercise their bicep muscles and we see here that deep within the Mazzaroth there is in fact a Crown within one of the decans. The (reptilians -ie: Archons) are trying to devour the Children of God.

I bring up this topic because it is pertinent. We – each of us – is a creation of God. We are walking energy in motion. Whether that energy is dark or light. We see evidence of this ranging from Jesus transfiguration in the New Testament to also when Jesus identified the legion (archons of darkness) in Mark 5 and Luke 8.

Moving on to the next “Tick Tock” Clock, is this from Hunger Games. And the reason I share this now is because the usual suspects are showing us in plain sight what is going on. Even each “wedge” within the clock seems eerily reminiscent of the Judgements written about in Revelation. The “Clock” in the movie even includes the ‘decans’ – described as “tubes” within script.

And why does all this matter? Because we are leaving the Age of Pisces and are entering the Age of Aquarius. Recall Jesus words at Luke 22:10. That is a reference pointing to the Sign of Aquarius in the Heavens (owka “The Waterbearer” – the one who pours out truth).

Yet, what we really need now is balance – and balance is another keyword pointing to the scales of balance….the archons of darkness are about to be overthrown.

How long wilt thou go about, O thou backsliding daughter? for the LORD hath created a new thing in the earth,

A woman shall compass a man.

Jeremiah 31:22

And speaking of Job

Thank you Judith

And this all relates to Jeremiah 23:6 – Jeremiah 33:16 and Jeremiah 51:10

Tick Tock

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Why you should NOT “go” to a worldly church

The last time I recall having been in any “church” building was around 2014. The year I and both my children followed Yahusha’s example and participated in full immersion water Baptism.

Just after that act of obedience, I decided to visit another local church – a LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod). I felt Holy Spirit pulling at me to go visit just once. So, I sat through at least half the service until it was time for Communion. That was when I turned the page to find the Liturgy – and once I did, I read over and again several times to let the SHOCK factor sink in.

The liturgical book the LCMS was utilizing had as part of its dogmas and doctrines that they upheld the “one apostolic and Holy Catholic Church”.

I did something that day I have NEVER done before. Since I had attended solo – I tried to quietly gather my things and I promptly stood up and walked out. I’m pretty sure the offering plate had already passed me, and if not that it was nearing my pew location.

I could not believe that the Lutheran Church had officially SOLD out to Catholicism. And maybe the truth is – this was the plan all along and it was just like the frog in a pot a water –

So – Yes, since 2014 – I have not attended a “worldly” church. I walked out and have NEVER looked back.

Yahusha told us in His Word that we are to WORSHIP God Elohim in SPIRIT and Truth. I was taught this by Holy Spirit many years ago.

I had started questioning the concept of church protocols as early as High School but it was this visit on this day I realized something had gone terribly wrong.

WHY there was a need for the Church Building when Yahuah had also told us through Yahusha that he did not inhabit houses built by men (Acts 7:48). If God is not found in buildings on earth – then – as Frank mentions in this video, WHY ARE WE attending these man-made Patriarchal (501c3) establishments?

This is no joke, ladies and gentleman. There is the wide road and narrow road. You may not want to hear it from a female – you may not believe this female knows anything. You may believe I ought to let a MAN lead me. But I’ll tell you what, Father God Elohim has always told me truth. In my 52 years, I have had many men lie to me or tell me half-truths. (Ps 118:8)

I Trust Father God El.

Who do you put your trust in?

And So It Begins…

I had heard about this cargo ship “stuck” at sea, but haven’t really paid much attention.

I was outside working with wood and building a project when the Holy Spirit had me pause and take a moment to peruse through WordPress. That’s when I noticed an article shared by “Blood of the Lamb” (Watchman73) regarding the Suez Canal crisis – which included the above photo from SkyNet, that I did a double take –

We are looking at Prophecy in the making here – and more than a couple of signs of Tribulation and Apocalypse.

I have seen these cargo ships before – when I was little I lived near the Port of Tacoma, and remember well driving past them. What struck a chord in me today was seeing that “Evergreen” Logo. Because that Logo directly relates to this song:

I remember hearing this song on the radio as a kid – I almost thought of it as my parents song – because their love was steadfast and loyal, almost more Agape in nature than how culture has tried to romanticize everything that love isn’t. After they died, it was really hard to listen to it – so I tried not to.

Today, when I saw the Evergreen ship in the Suez Canal – The Holy Spirit directed me to listen to the above. Until now, I would not have realized how incredibly prophetic the lyrics are. If you are at all aware of our Biblical Scriptures – the lyrics to Streisand’s, “Evergreen,” point right back to Books such as Song of Solomon and Esther. Utterly amazing….

Now, for the Prophetic kicker of this Cargo Ship as it relates to “Current” events – The Evergreen is stuck in the Suez Canal. I read that The etymology of “Suez” (in Arabic) means “Beginning”…on top of that the Suez Canal is located near the opening of the Red Sea. Think about that REALLY carefully.

Opening —-

Red Sea —

Opening alludes to “Birth Pangs” of a woman (Rev 12) – this cargo ship is in the WATER. A woman’s water normally “breaks” or “bursts” as the baby “Crowns” and is birthed. We are now at (if not past) 3-1/2 years since the Revelation 12 Sign.

This Suez Canal “BREACH” is not just coincidental.

RED SEA – the parting of the RED SEA. As a woman gives birth, the woman’s water not only breaks but there is a parting of blood and water as the baby is delivered. Not to mention, when Yahuah used Moses to “Part the Red Sea” in the Exodus.

And – this appears to be occurring over what many acknowledge as Pesach, or “Passover”….and “Passion Week”

The Return of The Warrior

I have been long waiting to share this song – at least a year if not more. I knew one day I would.

The World you thought you knew, is about to come to a crashing end – and meet its demise…

Did you know that we are not just living in unprecedented times? – but that the ending of this era – this “epoch” – what many know of as the “Time of The End” – is also The END OF DARKNESS (?)

But that “End” also means the BEGINNING of the New. The Coming Establishment of New Jerusalem.

Please listen – very VERY Closely –

The S-W-O-R-D of El is readied

The POWER of Elohim is about to be displayed.

Pray that you have done the work to cleanse your heart, and soul

Pray that you have developed a personal relationship with Yahuah, Ruach & Yahusha –

Because DARKNESS is about to meet its match.

The Event – that the world has been waiting for – the opening of the Apocalypse – The Revealing of the Ekkclesia…

The Church of Philadelphia is going to take “The Masses” – “The World” – by Surprise. For once, The Lies will be exposed and The Truth will Prevail!

All the OLD Systems are going away – for those that have been oppressed, belittled, abused mistreated, mocked, scoffed, scorned, ridiculed…

Vindication – Redemption – Victory – Truth – Freedom – Joy : It’s ALL Coming

The Warrior is Coming – Elohim will EMPOWER the Lion of Judah and “scandal” will take the world by STORM.

We will ALL finally learn the truth as Elohim emerges with the True Light of Day –

May Abba Father Yah, Bless you, Keep you and Protect you under His Wings

Man’s Truth Vs. Spirit of Truth

Every Breath You Take - YouTube

I had a really strong inclination to share this last night, along with the lyrics and melody to “Every Breath You Take” but stopped short of doing so.

It was a few moments ago when I saw – “Every Breath You Take” – shared by another blogger that I took it as confirmation and find myself back at the keyboard.

The Magnetic Pull of the Earth’s orbit is about to come full circle…I previously shared about how corrupt the MSM has become – and that I had been shown this would happen in a Vision back in 1992/3. Back in 2016, I’d started keeping a combined dream journal and Spiritual messages journal. In that journal I was given the words “High Stakes Treachery” and “Treason” among many others – But I eventually stopped writing them down because I didn’t understand what those messages were alluding to.

Now, I have a better idea. If you have read, “Whose Truth Have We really been Fed?” then you will have a much better understanding of both “Every Breath You Take” and “The Plot against The President.”

We have truly seen nothing yet. The World we knew is about to B-U-S-T wide open as the Firmament of the Heaven’s is opened as a scroll.

The Age of Pisces is about to come face to face with the Precessional Mazzaroth transition into AND of Aquarius – this is not new age – nor is it Tarot or Astrology.

This is about God’s Mazzaroth, Spoken by God in Job 38: 31-34. This is about the LIES being exposed and the Truth being poured out.

The First Fruits Wave Sheaf Harvest is approaching – along with the division of Wheat & Tares – are YOU ready for the Harvests of The Lordwill you be part of New Jerusalem?