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 Jul 19, 2017 15:51 Audio Podcast of Blog Archive from May 2013.


20/20 & Force-to-Part

For those of you who listened to yesterday’s audio podcast, you may find this interesting. I tried to record a segment today. Tried being the keyword. Either I misunderstood the instruction to record these or there is something going on in the Spiritual realm – because I experienced one technical difficulty after another this morning.

I like starting the audio recording with the background music, but today I found my recording headset would not “sync” with the background music option. I guess I could record without music as part of the opening (Sigh…) I spent more time trying to trouble shoot the blue-tooth headset, background music and trying to produce a clear and audible recording that I really have started to wonder if it is worth continuing….

That being said –

Seeing that a recording is unlikely today there is something else I will share that I had always meant to…


Is Hindsight 20/20?


A week before the road trip to California in May, I was holding my glasses in my left hand. Out of the blue, the left side of the glasses completely severed from the frame. See photos below.

This is similar to how I was holding them when they broke

This is what they look like now

I had just had these frames and lenses replaced under a warranty I had purchased, less than 4 months prior. Meaning that this NEW 2nd pair would have NO warranty.

I had to go back to the prescribing eye Dr’s office and find a new pair of frames to fill a new prescription. There is an equally interesting story to go with the search for that new frame and what happened in the weeks thereafter.

As reader Tony had commented on a previous blog post…there really is no such thing as coincidence – I’m speculating here but ponder whether the breaking of the left eye glass frame and the incident with the kitchen nook chair are connected. The glasses breaking (having to do with “vision” happened a week before the trip. The chair happened the day we arrived home.)

Glasses break (sheer off their frame) –

A chair breaks in the center of its construction – Foundation

I’m not “reading more into this” than I should – I just find both situations rather unusual.



Moments & Distance 

Each moment is pivotal

Not one less significant than another

Yet, how easy it becomes to meander through life looking only through rose colored glasses 

How many times have a million singular moments stood out – to you? And in those moments the Double-Edged Sword exposes Light from Dark and Truth from Fiction. 

In the moments that catapult reality with illusion – do you recognize what you could not see before? 

God’s Word is Truth

And that SPOKEN Truth burns with Power 
God’s Power is DEEPER than the Ocean’s Blue

Climbs Higher than the Starriest skies of Heaven &

Reaches lengths more VAST than all the galaxies of the Universe. 

When purging creates 

4th of July 2017 was low-key – intentional.

As my Summer purge continues, I looked inside a bag hanging on a door. There were 2 skeins of yarn I’d bought years ago. I took one out just to practice crochet. I finished that skein having made something less than a placemat. Sigh. 

(Yes, I started to unravel it to make something more practical/usable. Question is will I?)

I moved on to the other larger yarn skein. Keeping in mind I have little to no knowledge about crochet…I’m youtube self taught. 

I didn’t know what I was trying to make but I was hoping for more than a placemat or table runner. The result is my new full length scarf… (I still have to finish the ends). It’s by no means perfect but the color of the yarn turned out to be some of my favorite colors once this started taking shape..go figure. .

Then, I started working on a partial skein of blue…

Until that skein was gone. ..if I could find a matching blue that might end up being a nice scarf as well. 

Finally, there’s a birthday party this weekend daughter is attending and we wanted to give something other than a gift card. 

I went to find Red Heart Sashay yarn last week at Joann’s. Here is the result of that effort (which I mostly completed last night)

It’s for a 13 year old girl that loves purple. The yarn is actually a purple “metallic.”

I never imagined I’d actually get ANY of those original skeins crocheted into something I could possibly use. 

Now that the long weekend is past I’m hoping to get back into the hobby room!


There are voices of the past I vaguely recall; my Mom, Dad, and Grandma.

There are memories of other voices from decades past that I don’t know if I’d want have to hear again. I’m sure there are a few of you reading this who know what I’m talking about. 

As much as I miss the day to day interaction with those I’ve loved, lost and now memorialize in thought…I realize now how much every one of us thrives on the vocalization of the spoken word. Especially the spoken word that is alive and full of God’s Power.

By this I mean just consider two portions of scripture – where God speaks Creation into existence (in Genesis) and then He tells the disciples on Pentecost to GO and spread THE GOOD NEWS because they have been filled by the Holy Spirit (Acts.)

I say this because I’ve spent a good deal of time thinking about how God spoke to what we call the Major Prophets (Isaiah/Jeremiah/Ezekiel) and the Minor Prophets….how His voice sounded to them. How other people felt when encountering these men of God? 

I have met people over the years whose voices (via prayer or worship in song) provided a peace and Shalom that I guess I could only describe as other worldly…or maybe best described as “supernaturally anointed.”

I remember hearing someone sing (and especially sing “Hallelujah”) and I’d just want to cry (Happy tears mind you). 

When was the last time you felt that kind of Joy? A bit of Heaven on Earth?

Someone shared the scripture verse for the Month of July referencing Deuteronomy 31:6 today – and then concluded the message with “Hallelujah.”

The most interesting part was that that message was time stamped 2:34. Over the past few months I’ve seen lots of 1:23…and now I’m seeing 2:34 almost as frequently.

What am I trying to articulate through this rambling? God is a God of order. He is The Good Shepherd who protects his sheep and I’m grateful that He is able to bring everything into His perfect alignment.

So, Hallelujah to Yeshua (Jesus) from whom all blessings flow…that you are directing not just my pathway,  but the pathway of each soul reading this. 

Because, You are the Great I AM.

Bless all who are reading this…

Days of Yore – Paradigm Shift

Time is not only changing but based on what I saw last week, it is being changed and reflected in “popular culture” or the move towards that end (this is something I mentioned in a post on my sister blog today.)

I don’t feel like an “old” person…but suffice it to say I miss the days of the “lost art” of letter writing and phone calling (even using a CORDED PHONE!) and welcoming new families to my neighborhood.

When I saw what I call the “Nosey Neighbor” commercial the first time last week – my heart almost sank through the floor. I grew up in an era where the “Welcome Wagon” was the official introduction to a community when you had recently “moved in” to the area.

I wasn’t a kid all that long ago; and baking cookies or a pie or a cake to introduce yourself was not at all unusual…it was normal. I get that most people would rather buy commercial goods than bake their own because baking is more a science than an art (although I consider it both).

I will admit, just this past year – I baked cornbread to take over to the new neighbors to say Hi. I wasn’t there to snoop. I was there to smile, say hello and spread a daily dose of cheer.

I have been told over the past year or so, people don’t want homemade stuff anymore. People don’t want to see anyone at their door step (other than FedEx/UPS). People are not only choosing to refrain from expanding their “tribes” but only meeting their immediate neighbors. This is hard for me to fathom, because I feel like I have lived all-over and it always felt both exciting and fun to meet new people.

It’s taken me about 5 years to really comprehend that not only has all that changed but the days of yesteryear are – GoNe – and now (the Citi “Neighborhood” ad) is shedding light on why…

Seeing this ad has created a paradigm shift for me..television is really reflecting what is happening in society.  We’re witnessing history in motion and as most of us have learned “history repeats itself.”

Where this is headed I really don’t know but I’m focusing my gaze on the only ONE I know is in full control and with Him at the helm, THANK GOD, nothing happens by chance

Blessings to each of you,



Philippians 4:13 Motivation

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like feeling like I’m not accomplishing tasks.

I’m not even talking the “everyday gotta do’s” like washing clothes or eating. I’m addressing the kinds of things I have to pull myself up by the bootstrap just get started.

How many of us have taken time management “classes”…? Yeah, let’s not go there….

I have discovered, I’m not a list maker. I think I’ve discovered why and there may be a spiritual reason for it. 

I noticed this past week that when a list was written in pencil or pen..the item once completed could be “checked off” as complete. So, why would seeing a scratched out task bother me? Because, I’m recognizing that the remains of that completed task were a reminder of something previously unfinished. And my mind couldn’t shake that -shadow- thought. 

Instead of feeling achievement…I felt like a gerbil in a cage running on that wheel. 

As sat in my hobby room last week, I thought, “after all these years there’s got to be a better way, Father…help me – show me.”

And that’s when it happened and I’ve been trying something – new to me. 

It’s my “I can-do ALL things (thru Christ who strengthens me” board. 

In using dry erase markers and a white board, I jot the reminders down.  But when they’re done I erase them with the white board eraser. I juggle the items on the list as I need to and adjust what’s been completed in the evening and modify for the next day.

I love that when an item is finished I don’t see evidence of it…and for me that’s a good thing. It helps to remind me that no matter what I’m working on in the “natural” and what needs to be worked on in the everyday “gotta-do’s” and “have to’s” that my sins have been washed away as far as the East is From the West by Yeshua’s Blood. 

I started this motivation “exercise” about a week ago. 

The white board itself is probably about 8 years old (I love to repurpose/recycle)…but the concept of re-applying these resources after all this time makes me thankful. Thankful Lord, that your mercies are always within reach…even 2000 years later. 
I’m beginning to realize that everything He wants us to do, He will lead us along the path to the gate He desires us to walk.  All we need do is really observe, listen and obey.

Turning Scraps to Treasure 

If I can ever find the original photo from a couple years back, I’ll add it. 

I stood in the Hobby Room a couple minutes ago ready to shake my head in frustration.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a “makeover”…from the inside out… and nothing based on any movie theme either. 

When I first started this blog it took me a couple years to realize that (without knowing it) I had borrowed the title from John 1:5

Now, as I assess all the fabric stashes and material scraps that have built up since I bought that 1st sewing machine (which led to the serger and later the embroidery)…I wonder how so much accumulated so fast. You can stop heading down that rabbit trail because I did it for you last week. 

I bought the 1st machine in 2010…and adored it. Then I got a little curious about embroidery…so picked up a small unit to get familiar with the “art.” 

I got so familiar with it that I made 50 gifts on it. But my stitch field was limited to 4″x4″. I yearned to be able to tackle bigger projects. So, I ended up finding a gently used machine that had a stitch field large enough to work with bath sheets/towels.

I was then faced with a decision. Instead of continuing with what I already knew, I leaped into getting a real estate license. 


A year later, I remember another associate saying to me right as he was at the crossroads of decision…to stay in or get out. 

Just to hold an “active” Realtor license where I am can cost a minimum of $1,700/year. If you’re not pounding the pavement and looking for “business” (ie: listings) that kind of expense can really make you take a hard look at priorities. 

I’ll never forget Troy saying that (the ROI) wasn’t worth $1700/yr to keep an “active status.” When the time came for me to make that same decision…I did the same. I opted to flip my “active” license to “inactive” status. 

I bring that up because I remember debating with myself…before I even enrolled in the RE License school about whether I should really bother going to “school” or just continue with the sewing/embroidery. The latter was a creative outlet/passion/hobby…Real Estate was for the challenge to say “I did it” – 

In hindsight…I briefly got sidetracked to the wide path. I met some neat people in RE over the course of that 18 months but my heart and mind weren’t there. 

It’s nice to be back in this creative space. ..where (I recognize) anything is possible: 

Where all things are possible through Him who gives me strength….it’s just trying to locate that creative flow and “coax” it out of hiding doesn’t feel like it happens overnight – you know? 

So now, piece by piece. ..strip by strip and stitch by stitch I’ll take the remnants from all those years ago 

Fabric pieces/fragments

and hope the Holy Spirit guides me to create beauty from bits and fragments of cloth…into something usable.

Besides, I’m clearing this out because it’s hard for me to work in cluttered space.

And, maybe as each piece is cleaned up and joined into strips…those strips will become His canvas, reminding me of Yeshua’s love via Isaiah 53:5 that says “ His stripes I AM healed…”

Amen and Amen