Attn: Wave Sheaf Co.

*I received this message at 5pm on 7/21. I hesitated posting last night. However, I was reminded a few minutes ago to deliver this today*

(To all reading this, whether or not you understand the meaning of this message –

It is NOT to be shared on Facebook)

This is a message from Yahuah, Ruach


The Leader of the One Hundred Forty Four

You are already aware of the 2nd & 3rd Watch. You know what the 1st Watch is – and what has already been announced in The Spirit.

Stand Ready for the His true Dove to Passover.

-The Uniting of Alpha & Omega –

Acts 1:4-11

Luke 12:38

Proverbs 30:4

John 21:18

Revelation 6

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Why you should NOT “go” to a worldly church

The last time I recall having been in any “church” building was around 2014. The year I and both my children followed Yahusha’s example and participated in full immersion water Baptism.

Just after that act of obedience, I decided to visit another local church – a LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod). I felt Holy Spirit pulling at me to go visit just once. So, I sat through at least half the service until it was time for Communion. That was when I turned the page to find the Liturgy – and once I did, I read over and again several times to let the SHOCK factor sink in.

The liturgical book the LCMS was utilizing had as part of its dogmas and doctrines that they upheld the “one apostolic and Holy Catholic Church”.

I did something that day I have NEVER done before. Since I had attended solo – I tried to quietly gather my things and I promptly stood up and walked out. I’m pretty sure the offering plate had already passed me, and if not that it was nearing my pew location.

I could not believe that the Lutheran Church had officially SOLD out to Catholicism. And maybe the truth is – this was the plan all along and it was just like the frog in a pot a water –

So – Yes, since 2014 – I have not attended a “worldly” church. I walked out and have NEVER looked back.

Yahusha told us in His Word that we are to WORSHIP God Elohim in SPIRIT and Truth. I was taught this by Holy Spirit many years ago.

I had started questioning the concept of church protocols as early as High School but it was this visit on this day I realized something had gone terribly wrong.

WHY there was a need for the Church Building when Yahuah had also told us through Yahusha that he did not inhabit houses built by men (Acts 7:48). If God is not found in buildings on earth – then – as Frank mentions in this video, WHY ARE WE attending these man-made Patriarchal (501c3) establishments?

This is no joke, ladies and gentleman. There is the wide road and narrow road. You may not want to hear it from a female – you may not believe this female knows anything. You may believe I ought to let a MAN lead me. But I’ll tell you what, Father God Elohim has always told me truth. In my 52 years, I have had many men lie to me or tell me half-truths. (Ps 118:8)

I Trust Father God El.

Who do you put your trust in?

Send The Invitations

(Ed Note: Some of you may question the “Thousands Years” selection – but this is much more appropriate than the Twilight version.)

Opening of Invitation: The Father’s Love for His Divine Family – knows no Boundaries

A Message from Father Yahuah and Ruach Hakodesh

If you are familiar with The Wedding and Wedding Feast Spoken of in the Gospels – please pay careful attention.

Did any of you ever notice that in the Book of Matthew, invitations will be sent out?

To Whom ever will listen – to those with ears to hear, This is YOUR invitation to the wedding, You are cordially invited to the Wedding of My Son – Yahushua, at which time His Beloved Bride will be revealed.

This wedding is the 1st Heavenly Event. Should you chose to accept it, pray that you are accounted worthy – and in doing so that you have accepted The Knowledge and Understanding of Wisdom (Proverbs 8).

If you are reading this blog post…this is YOUR invitation. What will you do? How will you respond? The Father is able to see and read into your heart…ASK Him any question you may have as you prepare your response.

You might even ask Him, who or what, is His Wisdom?

Do you walk daily with His Pearl of Great Price?

Scriptural References

Matthew 22

Matthew 13

Luke 12

Genesis 2:22-24

Revelation 10:7

Proverbs 9

The Reflex: The Return of The Ancient One

“The Reflex”: Meaning as applied to dream. You are NOT a commodity. You belong to no one – but ME. The “purchase” of the ticket was vain attempt to make up for mistakes without seeking repentance and forgiveness from me. Many if not most ignored “The Call” for the learning curve (purification and sanctification) of Proverbs 8.

There were other people in that “dream” in the background of the travel agency…waiting to buy their tickets. Neither Sanctification nor Purification can be bought. At least part of the meaning of that dream is described below.

Yesterday I shared the post, “Of Dreams & Prophecy”

I knew the dream had more meaning and indeed Father revealed at least a portion of its significance overnight. These are the times we are in – Truths are being revealed more rapidly and with less interference.

The Words I received were “Reflex” & “Rewind

“The World is fleshing out half-truths, deception and deceit. Most of what you were taught (or indoctrinated to believe) is only half the truth if not outright falsehood.

The Reflex is the reciprocal reaction of man’s words, intents, and thoughts. If what “man” has taught or indoctrinated to my people Does NOT Align itself with my original 10 Commandments or The Way I had intended you to not just LIVE – but to THRIVE, then you will now begin to witness a REWIND. ALL things will now be exposed…this will synthesize itself even to the societal – cultural – and governmental levels. I will leave nothing unchecked. The so-called “system” of checks and balances is not what it seems. Manipulation and intimidation was both the intent and purpose to retain control – both of which exist outside of my laws.

The Result of these actions by the patriarchy is Judgement – and Judgement is Rendered by The Ancient One —

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Of Dreams and Prophecy

It has been a long while since I had a dream. The last one I had was in 2018 – and I’m fairly certain what I dreamed about and saw was the 6th Seal (Rev 6:12) Quake.

I had recently asked Father to help me understand what is coming but to do so gently. I really don’t know how much more my heart, soul or Spirit can handle seeing what a mess the Patriarchy has made of Yahuah’s creation.

This dream occurred this morning. 7/11. I had almost forgotten about it until later this afternoon. Frankly, I didn’t really want to share it because it was just so weird. I have waffled back and forth….until just a few minutes ago when in The Spirit I heard…”You should share it, because this isn’t just about you…this dream will (ultimately) affect many”

Ughhh – that’s just a gentle way the Ruach lets me know that I need to share it because doing so is an Act of obedience.

So, here goes….

We (my family was with me) walked into a store. I think it was a travel agency of some kind

My spouse requested a ticket for me. I distinctly recall it was ticket for a Cruise Ship. I was kind of dumb-founded by this. (I have zero interest in taking a Cruise)

I don’t recall being handed any kind of a ticket just that my spouse said I should go, and I would enjoy it. The next thing I remember is being a in room/bedroom trying to pack for this trip. I had some swimsuits in my hand and was searching for other items of clothing. At that moment I realized…why would I be going on a trip now with so many uncertainties? I should cancel this… and as I was about to put everything back, the dream ended.

This dream was so odd because the only time we have ever walked into a travel agency (AAA) was to book a 13 day trip we took in 1999 touring Europe and places like England, France, Rome, Germany….

As far as Cruises go, we have taken a few though the last was probably in 2005/6.

I had decided years ago after having gone Gluten Free that I would probably not take any more because my eating habits also changed after they removed my gallbladder – and the highlight of a cruise (besides Ports of Call) was the dining experience. To top it off, I think we have only ever booked one cruise with a travel agent and then proceeded to arrange the rest ourselves, online

In real time, we just had a conversation about the future and travel plans – (which is why this dream was so strange). He currently likes “van life” travel and touring the country in small spurts of time. I’m content working in my garden – growing plants and (trying to grow) vegetables – at least for the time being.

I will also say this, I feel like the exchange at the ticket counter indicates there is some type of “transition” coming. And that the Cruise Ship referred to here isn’t necessarily what we have come to know as the traditional Ocean Liner…

Word from Yahuah: You are in ERROR

Speak My Words to The Flock My Daughter

2000 years ago I sent My Only Begotten Son to DIE for your sins.

You have had 2000 years to make amends for your iniquity.

2000 years to repent

2000 years through which to reflect on mistakes, transgressions, and oversights as well as confront your own un-forgiveness.

And what have you done with that time? Over the course of 2000 years you have taken My Word and mis-used it -transposing and manipulating it for YOUR benefit.

I am specifically addressing the Patriarchy….


Elohim Ahavah Adonai is The True God head –

and yet the MEN of Jeremiah 8:8 conspired according to Psalms 1 and sought to usurp that power for their own malevolent intentions.

Therefore, Tribulation will occur.

Tribulation will occur because every one of you that attend a Brick and mortar church learned nothing through the last year. You were supposed to learn that the True Church is neither built by nor governed by men. The men of Jeremiah 8:8 erased the TRUTH of who My Holy Spirit is. Jeremiah 8:8 is all the proof you need to know to recognize the so-called “Mandela Effect.”

Your only task over these 2000 years was to self-reflect and help others do the same.

My Daughter – whom I set to task with this Blog 12 years ago – has spent years in self reflection.

And Yet it is the very “brethren” that she served through this platform that took it upon themselves to slander her name across the digital landscape and called her a harlot, accused her of being misled and in need of a Shepherd for seeking Truth amid Lies.

My deepest apologies “my sons” but my daughter learns from The Ruach Hakodesh…you would do well to Seek the same Source of Truth! I AM righteous and Fair but also protective. I have kept a keen eye on every person reading this – as the Ruach and I have known you since before you were born.

Hear me well oh you Pulpit Preachers – You DO NOT KNOW Me! If that is not what you wanted to hear then you have FAILED. Mind you, every word you have SAID – SPOKEN – or Thought has been written down and kept record of! You were warned to examine your thoughts, words and deeds…

If that DOES Not scare you and leave you in FEAR and Trembling of My Name, it should. It is I, Elohim that keeps YOUR Akashic records. You know them as the Book of Life.

For those of you who doubt Tribulation will happen, who mock or scoff about the Return of Christ and insult the difficult Sacrifices My Son made FOR YOU – it sounds as if you are overdue for correction. You will wish you had sought me.

My Holy Spirit – also known as The Restrainer will be removed. When this occurs it will not be “a secret.” The World will know because The Restrainer was here FOR YOUR BENEFIT just as Yahshua said at John 16:7

For those of you who are not well versed in The Scriptures it is the REMOVAL of The Restrainer that is also the Opening of the Apocalypse. It is the opening of the Apocalypse that reveals what has been HIDDEN.

The Truth is you have been lied to by the modern – 501(c)3 church.

The Church that is coming – that WILL lead you, teach you and guide you is The Holy Spirit.

The One spoken of in Proverbs 8 and Galatians 4:26

Know this – when Judgement commences at the Apocalypse – DO NOT Reject or Blaspheme My Holy Spirit – without repercussion (Mark 3:28-29).

Changing of the Guard: Near & Nigh

Revelation 10:1 And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire:

Revelation 10:2  And he had in his hand a little book open: and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth,

Revelation 10:3 And cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roareth: and when he had cried, seven thunders uttered their voices.

Revelation 10:4 And when the seven thunders had uttered their voices, I was about to write: and I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered, and write them not.

Revelation 10:5 And the angel which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven,

Revelation 10:6 And sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer:

Revelation 10:7 But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.

#ApocalypseofRevelation – #Mazzaroth – #PrecessionofEquinox – #Pisces2Aquarius – #HolySpirit

What they should have known

For those who might remember the blog post shared last year about Heliofant’s “IPetGoat” video….

This is an update with additional information and background information regarding Prophecy, Truth and Symbolism contained within hidden history.

As I watched a video today, I cried.

Yahuah God and The Holy Spirit have never lied to me – but Man has. Just as Yahusha said they would. (Ps 118:8) Emotions of anger and frustration washed over me.

If you recall how people have referred to the time of atrocities that were committed during Nazi-ism as “never again” and “let’s not forget” – what we are NOW facing is just that, a repeat of history. A cyclical repeat. Everyone thinks that they “are doing their part” when in fact you have become the manipulated.

Well, my righteous anger has begun to overflow today. You might not believe it – but all roads lead back to Rome – and the Vatican – and the Patriarchy driven time of the Middle East.

Yet, unfortunately – the book we currently regard as the Bible is currently being “played” out right before our eyes. If you think the Biblical narrative is limited just to the geographical “Middle East” you would be mistaken. People may believe that Jerusalem and Israel is the “flashpoint” of earth – but have you ever considered how many places across the earth are named after the Cities of The Holy Lands?

Do a search for yourself – It really is rather interesting to contemplate….

Moving right along –

I have a real beef to pick with the likes of Gill Bates, *nthony F@uci, Cl@us Sw@ub, B;rks, (I’m sure many of you could think of a few others to add to it) – but this is just a small selection of names from the ranks of dark forces who have ill intentions against humanity.

This is the original IPETGoat video

And – This is the video you should watch – there are many people who should have watched this before they ever thought to try and “Decode” the IPG2 compilation. But, as the saying goes “we reap what we sow” – Will you now take the time to learn what was hidden from us? This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, too.

Now, Yahusha’s sacrifice is starting to make a lot more sense. Why the religious leaders did what they did.

Control is the name of their game….

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And So It Begins…

I had heard about this cargo ship “stuck” at sea, but haven’t really paid much attention.

I was outside working with wood and building a project when the Holy Spirit had me pause and take a moment to peruse through WordPress. That’s when I noticed an article shared by “Blood of the Lamb” (Watchman73) regarding the Suez Canal crisis – which included the above photo from SkyNet, that I did a double take –

We are looking at Prophecy in the making here – and more than a couple of signs of Tribulation and Apocalypse.

I have seen these cargo ships before – when I was little I lived near the Port of Tacoma, and remember well driving past them. What struck a chord in me today was seeing that “Evergreen” Logo. Because that Logo directly relates to this song:

I remember hearing this song on the radio as a kid – I almost thought of it as my parents song – because their love was steadfast and loyal, almost more Agape in nature than how culture has tried to romanticize everything that love isn’t. After they died, it was really hard to listen to it – so I tried not to.

Today, when I saw the Evergreen ship in the Suez Canal – The Holy Spirit directed me to listen to the above. Until now, I would not have realized how incredibly prophetic the lyrics are. If you are at all aware of our Biblical Scriptures – the lyrics to Streisand’s, “Evergreen,” point right back to Books such as Song of Solomon and Esther. Utterly amazing….

Now, for the Prophetic kicker of this Cargo Ship as it relates to “Current” events – The Evergreen is stuck in the Suez Canal. I read that The etymology of “Suez” (in Arabic) means “Beginning”…on top of that the Suez Canal is located near the opening of the Red Sea. Think about that REALLY carefully.

Opening —-

Red Sea —

Opening alludes to “Birth Pangs” of a woman (Rev 12) – this cargo ship is in the WATER. A woman’s water normally “breaks” or “bursts” as the baby “Crowns” and is birthed. We are now at (if not past) 3-1/2 years since the Revelation 12 Sign.

This Suez Canal “BREACH” is not just coincidental.

RED SEA – the parting of the RED SEA. As a woman gives birth, the woman’s water not only breaks but there is a parting of blood and water as the baby is delivered. Not to mention, when Yahuah used Moses to “Part the Red Sea” in the Exodus.

And – this appears to be occurring over what many acknowledge as Pesach, or “Passover”….and “Passion Week”