Stoking the Embers: Combustion



There is something in the air, I can’t explain it – but I feel it.

It has been growing and gaining in speed like unto an invisible gyroscope as the hours and minutes progress


The last few videos the Spirit has led me to watch… I’ve sensed the combustion of “Fire” building all while it’s being “stoked” in the Spirit…

What has been merely a spark – now has many multiple  embers now most are nearly ready to set off a multitude of wildfires. Be Ready – Prepare to Stand.


Yesterday I shared the message about Repentance and Prayer…that message goes hand in hand with this – based on practices that have been “forced” in the past.


We’ve seen what happened in New York and a small handful of other states…listen closely to what Patriot Nurse addresses.

Do you know where you stand with Yahweh God?

Do you know where your line in the sand is?









Only Through Repentance

The National Day of Prayer was Thursday May 2nd. I don’t pay attention to most media so I only viewed this for the first time this morning.



From Deuteronomy 4:2 (KJV)- Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you.



The following video is 5:45 in length – but if you are stretched for time fast-forward to the 5:00 mark and start listening from there. He seems to begin quoting from Deuteronomy 4:2. However, there is only one way that Yahweh Adonai will heal this land and it takes more than prayer…



…It takes humbling oneself.

To “REPENT” (repenting/repentance) – or turning away from the sin/leaven and humbling one’s heart to submit to the Potter and allow The Holy Spirit (Ishshah) to cleanse our impurities.

Elohim listens and responds to those who both Pray and Repent

Nye-be-Ru: When Heaven & Earth Collide





I have taken a very long leave of absence from blogging. I needed to get back into THE WORD. Study it. Understand it.

Talk to God about who He is, who I am in HIM, about who Yahshua was…and is, learn more about The Holy Spirit and why we were given this thing called the Holy Gospel to begin with.

I needed to allow the Words of Yahshua and The Ruach to really soak in to every nook and cranny, every cell within my body.

And eliminate noise as much as I could…

I have been studying The Old Testament and The New Testament. Word by Word – line by line – precept upon precept. I have also been weighing whether or not to even come back and write.

The dilemma is – writing is who I am…it has always been an outlet for me. One of the only ways I can truly find to express what I think.

But there was a point that I reached an impasse. I’m still working through that impasse, with Yahweh, and still have yet to determine what the results of that impasse look like. God has yet to show me beyond the dreams and visions I’ve had. Frustration is real but God is patient and kind – someday I will see 20/20.

However, there is a message I feel burdened to share that is not something I particularly desire to hold onto anymore. By not sharing it, the weight is becoming burdensome – and Yahushua instructed us during his earthly ministry to surrender all our worldly cares unto him.

Often times I’ve learned that if I write here, what is weighing on my heart/soul/Spirit that Yahushuah Ha Maschiach will – as part of, “running the race,” take the baton from me and help me carry it onward.

I trust Him, more than I trust myself. So far, each time I have come to write here in the past – writing without hesitation has always proven to be the most savory of ointments poured forth (Songs 1:3)

If I continue carrying the burden, then it will compound the weariness that’s been building. That being the case, I prefer to submit to Adonai that which I have been given and surrender it instead unto my Redeemer. There is no point in holding onto a message that I feel is weighing me down.


Sometime ago, I believe it was October 2017 I was given a blog post regarding something called, “The Destroyer.”

At the time, someone asked me if I thought the Destroyer might be Nibiru. I recall thinking, “Nibiru?” I had barely heard of it and never paid much attention to articles or stories about the theory of Nibiru/Planet X…I never answered the question because – I truthfully didn’t know how.

As I reflect back over time, one of the last things I recall my Dad telling me was that the best policy regarding answering a question you don’t have an answer to is reply, “I don’t know know.” Meaning, don’t make a guess just to fill in space!

In this case, when asked about Nibiru, I opted to just remain silent.

The second piece of advice I got, I received from two different people on two separate occasions. Oddly enough though, the advice came from two different people – they were both named “Joy.” Coincidence?


Both times, both people suggested I “give place” and allow the Holy Spirit to “teach” me – that is to lead me into all TRUTH. After all, The Holy Spirit – Ruach Hakodesh – was given to us at Pentecost to provide comfort and healing, as well as wisdom, understanding and ultimately – knowledge. So, that is what I did. I laid it all down. And asked The Father to teach me starting from scratch. To correct any faulty learning I had gained while here in “Egypt.” And, yep..that has been a re-learning process.



After I was asked if I knew what Nibiru was, I recall thinking…how would I know what Nibiru is? Many months of moons have ticked by on the calendar since I wrote about The Destroyer. All the while, the word – Nibiru, has continued to repeat itself as a passing thought. It never occurred to me I should inquire further about it.

It was at the beginning of April that as I was reading the scriptures, praying and pondering – that the idea of Nibiru ebbed through my thoughts, yet again.

“Lord, have you been trying to tell me something?”

“You have been presented several opportunities from others asking you questions about Nibiru. But you have not received an answer because you have not asked. Do you want to know what it is? Ask me to teach you – to show you.”

“Teach me Lord, Here I am…show me.”

“The answer to Nibiru, is not a simple one…but it is biblical. Walk me with and I will guide you into understanding how this unknown celestial object is much more than a “planet.” It is invisible but not for the reasons many people think.”

The following I share with you is how The Lord walked me through understanding what “Nibiru” is as destroyer.

“Nibiru is a complicated matter. Much speculation circulates this unknown celestial presence and its origin. It is both bigger in scope than what has been revealed and yet what it is, is already presented in The Scriptures. Prepare yourself to write and My Sheep to receive.”

Let’s pray:

Heavenly Father – Cover us with the blood of your precious Son, Yahshua Hamaschiach. We seek your Truth. We Seek your Grace, Mercy and Understanding. Please find favor with us and help us to see through your eyes and be taught by your Holy Spirit. Together, we lift our hands and voices – praising “Our Father, Who art in Heaven – Hallowed Be Thy Name – Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” Amen

What you need to understand about Nibiru is the same thing that needs to be understood about The Bibles that you read from. Over the centuries many different biblical translations have been published. These translations, have thus far been influenced by those who had the power to wield. In order to best understand My Word & The Scriptures, it is necessary to possess the indwelling of The Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha Kodesh) – this is part of your personal relationship with The Logos. There is a reason for this and unfortunately, for The Church of Laodicea – all now stand in the final moments as the door of Grace is closing, upon the snare of deception, laid long ago.

Foundational Pillars

A Hubble photo of three gas pillars in the Eagle Nebula. Some squares in the upper-right of the image are black and contain nothing.

“The Foundation of The Earth – Elohim’s (Pillars of Creation) that were formed in Genesis 1 – have never changed. They are the building blocks of this existence: Earth and Life.

The Logos has never changed, just as His Son is everlasting and The Ruach Ha Kodesh – our Comforter is a part of the Constant and mostly invisible (time continuum).

What has been tainted over the generations is that which has been “passed down” through the generations by men- Scribes with their own agenda (Ages of Time).

While The LOGOS is The Truth – You might be tempted to raise your eyebrow with the concept that the scriptures have been tampered with; however, The Truth you Seek is Stranger than fiction.

I have taken my Daughter on a very long journey the last 2 years…down a very narrow road.
I have prompted her to watch things most people might not consider “Spirit” Inspired and yet when I show you the origins of Nibiru, the deception (underway) of the powers that be might seem more real now – than ever.

Among the movies assigned:


One Night with The King,

DaVinci Code/Angels & Demons,

The LakeHouse

These movies portray the themes of the Earthly/Physical Wars, Spiritual Warfare, Tenacity and Endurance, Destiny, Deception, Quantum Physics, Faith – Hope – Love….

Each of these movies is a significant indicator of the battle MY SHEEP are facing (and have faced) from the opponent as well as tactics the enemy has used in an attempt to deplete the allied forces. – which are currently preparing to “muster.”

However, it is because of The Magnitude of the Power my Sheep have in ME, that they remain “STANDING.”

Before I break down the meaning of Nibiru – know this – With the Help of The Holy Spirit and Logos – The Bible is the Holy and Inspired Word of God and can be understood by all.

When The Word is read by someone who HAS the HOLY SPIRIT Dwelling in them – I – The GREAT I AM – WILL REVEAL ALL TRUTH.

However, The Bible – due to the nature of MAN’s Sin and ultimate need for POWER/GREED and manipulation has tampered with the Scriptures. Proof of this is found in Jeremiah 8:8. This does not mean the WORD of God is not powerful. What it means is that each of My Sheep will find me when they Seek Me in their Secret Place (Psalm 91).

This is why I directed the viewing of The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons…followed by The LakeHouse.

The DaVinci code is less about what might be considered “blasphemous” to the name of Yahushua and more about the doctrines of demons that mankind have ALLOWED to infiltrate MY TABERNACLE. Spies and False Prophets cannot be avoided until MY SON returns with His Reward.

Today’s modern church gives little to no ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of the guidelines laid out in Leviticus/Numbers and Deuteronomy…and instead the harlot has clothed herself in luxuries, haughtiness and infinite grace while at the same time “winking” at SINS that no longer seem sinful – nay, accepted by the MAINSTREAM.

It is by the premise of Predictive Programming that the enemy (Elite) is required to present in plain sight what is ahead.

The Word of God, likewise, instructs MY SHEEP to study and understand the Books of the past (Old Testament) which are mirror reflections of the blessings and curses ahead.

Will The Branch to come be able to Judge you as righteous? Do you count yourself as FAITHFUL? Or are you among the multitude that have SOUL-ed out?

What the lying scribes did was alter words in salt and pepper fashion throughout the books (including The MANY that were excluded by Constantine and The Council of Nicaea – in addition to others going back in time prior to that.)

Without the assistance of the helper/comforter, Strong’s Concordance, and The Logos/Rhema – trying to decipher most of The Bible is lost on the average man and woman…and is the reason why most of the Pastors in the Pulpits have missed presenting what was intended to be taught and have instead truly received doctrines of demons while their sheep continue on the wide path, unknowingly.

Fear not, what has been done in secret will soon be exposed…

Now, onto Nibiru.
First and foremost – Nibiru is not one – SINGULAR- thing. It is many things…that are ALL scripturally based.

Nibiru is a created word of terminology associated with the coming DESTROYER
To understand what it IS, you first need to understand how the concept of the destroyer was created. It must be broken down – using the Hebrew and Greek.

The Lord helped me with this utilizing the Strong’s. It was not a fast process. I was guided through the Concordance and taken line-by-line (precept upon precept) of it’s origins.
Nibiru breaks down (phonetically) as NIY – BE – RU
NIY – BE – RU means

NIY: H5204 A Doubtful word (of the false prophets) Jeremiah 8:8.
The World (those who are not indwelt with Ruach) will VIEW and blasphemy The Witnesses of Rev 11. Although there is a minor revival of people returning to THE WORD of God – the majority – have begun to turn with the tide and view what is Good as Evil or what is Evil as Good. The Seeds of the Tares will view the prophets as blasphemeous (not unlike) what occurred when Yahshua stood before the Sanhedrin and religious leaders of his day.


BE: #1205 beh-aw-thaw

Fear – Trouble (cup of trembling) Is 51:22, Ps 45:4-7 –
#1264 be-rowm/ber ome (damask – variegated thread, rich apparel) –
#1220 beh-tser (gold defense: “wall”) Ps 45:9, Songs 2:9, Songs 8:9-10

“BE” is also a cross reference to Jerusalem’s Wall (Wailing Wall) and The Cup of Trembling (this sets the scene for the prophesied cross reference of the evening sacrifice of the scapegoat from Leviticus) Rev 11:7

RU: is direct cross reference to The RUACH Ha Kodesh (H7307) and the following scriptures – Rev. 3:12, (and New Jerusalem) Rev. 22, Is 49:17
While The Ruach – The Spirit was designed to be OUR comforter. The rules reverse during The Tribulation. It happens this way because the Fire (Ishshah) that is designed during the age of Grace to PURGE God’s Children of sin will be that which ultimately becomes the stumbling block/stumbling stone for those sheep (unwise virgins) who slept instead of keeping their wicks trimmed. The Hamaschiach died to redeem his Bride…but if the Saints want to be part of the Bride’s retinue (Rev. 19:8) they have to accept her to be counted worthy and become part of the End Time Army of Rev 7 & 14 – and in the Bride’s procession (Galations 4:26) prior to the barley harvest
Those who don’t go through the purging process (Psalm 139:23-24) prior to Tribulation, go through it (The Tribulation) without the benefit of Transfiguration/Transformation.There’s more…and this is where God’s plan for His Creation becomes supernatural.
Eagle Nebula: Look below and notice the Pillars of Creation (in the center/middle of the Nebula)


Eagle Nebula from ESO.jpg

Nibiru is associated with something famously known in the cosmos as The Eagle Nebula. (cross reference to Rev 12: Eagle’s Wings) which is an open cluster of stars in the constellation called “Serpens” (#1272: to flee/bolt) but what makes this something to pay closer attention to is that in the Scientific community it is known as part of “The Pillars of Creation” ( Ecc 3:18, Ps 49). The Word “Pillars” are well mentioned throughout The Word – you will find it within scriptures 88x’s and the number 88 is significant pertaining to the The Alpha and Omega.

In a nutshell, as I read, studied and listened to what The Spirit was showing me – Nibiru – IF there is a planet – is connected to The Work that both The Holy Spirit and Yahushua will be doing when The Apocalypse opens.

To cut to the chase, there will be a set of circumstances occurring as the – The Witnesses – APPEAR. This will affect the cosmos because the actual manifestation of them appearing will cause a TON of stuff to happen such as the axial pole shift – 3 days of darkness, etc.

It is all there in scriptures – every time He showed me something I could see that everything was interconnected. If you think about it this way – that the Witnesses are essentially the manifest presence of God and His Holy Spirit.

How could the manifest presence of The Godhead NOT cause the earth to shake and the skies to go dark? – especially if (as God has warned us) he’s trying to get HIS CREATION (His kids) to look UP from their distractions and idols and pay attention to HIS INSTRUCTION/correction….even as the Judgments are unfolding.

Through this study, I kept seeing repeating patterns between the Old and New Testament. The only way I could read and study the GOOD BOOK was letting The Holy Spirit lead me. The more I read, the hungrier I got…

The 3 days of darkness is coming because that is when the restrainer (The Light – Genesis 1 – within the World) is removed, darkness will prevail (Genesis 1:2, Jonah 1:17) . Sometime after the 3 days is when the Supernatural stuff will kick into high gear. Damascus will soon be the ruinous heap. (Isaiah 17, Jeremiah 49:24, Amos 1:3)

Nibiru is everything associated with the chaos of when Tribulation has begun – ALL the shaking, disasters, and Woes as laid out in Deuteronomy 28…as well as what hasn’t happened with the Seals/Trumpets…

May God protect each of you under his wings and Bless you with His Peace…

Song for The Transformation & Harvest


Thank you for the soaking rain,

Yahweh Adonai


I will never be the same again,

I can never return, I’ve closed the door.

I will walk apart, I’ll run the race

And I will never be the same again.


Fall like fire, soak like rain,

Flow like mighty waters, again and again.

Sweep away the darkness, burn away the chaff,

And let a flame burn to glorify Your name.


There are higher heights, there are deeper seas,

Whatever you need to do, Lord do in me.

The Glory of God fills my life,

And I will never be the same again.

Fall like fire, soak like rain,

Flow like mighty waters, again and again.

Sweep away the darkness, burn away the chaff,

And let a flame burn to glorify Your name.

I will never be the same again,

I can never return, I’ve closed the door.

I will walk the path, I will run the race

And I will never be the same again.


Amen Amen and Amen.


The Algorithym of Unity





Recognize these words? Good. You should.


I am here to tell you something you need to know. Everything you thought you know – well, it’s not.


You’ve been hearing much rhetoric recently about there being “movement” to create unity.

Unity in the world.

Unity among men.

Unity among all faiths.


The common denominator in ALL of it – is a matrix (no, not exactly like the Keanu Reeves movie. You’ve got to remember that The Matrix is a Hollywood production.)


No, The Matrix I am talking about is a Godly One – and until this morning I really wasn’t sure it existed. The reason I say that is because during one of my daily in-depth bible studies recently I discovered The Word MATRIX in The Strong’s Dictionary. No Joke.


The Word Matrix can be found in Exodus 13:12 and Exodus 13:15 and Exodus 34:19. In addition, Numbers 3:12 and Numbers 18:15. There is only one root word to Matrix and it is found in The Hebrew:


H7358: from 7355; the womb; (comp to 7356) matrix, womb

7355: to fondle, to love, espec. to compassionate. Have compassion, love, mercy.

7356: from 7355, compassion (in the plur) by extension the womb (as cherishing the fetus) by impl. a maiden – bowels compassion, damsel, tender love (great, tender), mercy, pity, womb


Where is this WORD study leading? To be honest, I have studied The Word almost more diligently than I ever studied any subject in college (except maybe Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis)

I’ve been told a couple times in the past, that most people wouldn’t understand the way that I think. Until now, I don’t think I realized the implications of what that meant. It has an association with The Godly Matrix.

The Truth is that Scripture isn’t just a book of how to live well. And it isn’t just a nice history lesson. It is not just THE LIVING WORD. It is more. It is OUR MATRIX.


The Matrix of The People of God.

Eve was The Matrix. And The Serpent knew it. I am also under the impression that Adam knew it but for whatever reason he was silenced.


Back to the Title of this post.

You might have noticed a few blog posts back that I had mentioned I was no longer worthy of writing The Lord’s Words.

That was based on a dream I’d had. The dream was about The Bride and the apostate church. A larger hunk of that dream was personal in nature, so I shared what I could. The remaining personal interpretation was given yesterday and I better understand Yahshua’s righteousness and my position in Him. Praise God!

That being said, this blog still belongs to Him and Him only. I will only write as prompted.

He is having me return to another writing assignment I was tasked with sometime ago. For the last year or so I knew that I knew there was something I was supposed “to do” – that thing I was supposed to do was this writing assignment. I confess, I just wasn’t sure I could write it…but that doesn’t exempt me from what I have been asked to do.

And He has asked me to do this. There has been a fierce battle over this in The Spiritual Realm so I have a request: Please pray over me for this assignment. The writing is intended to benefit all those who are lost, broken, hurting, isolated and otherwise far from God.

I ask for you to leave any comments of encouragement and/or prayers on this blog post – but even if you pray silently as an intercessor…I thank you and Our Lord for those.]


The Believer’s Acronym for Unity is:

United  In   The  (Body of) Yahshua


The World is going to start talking a whole lot more about Unity and it won’t be related to Eternal life. The algorithym the world speaks about is related to CERN, AI, Google and a host of others you are likely (hopefully) already familiar with.

The Truth is this. The Algorithym of the Godly Matrix is going to bust wide open. This is going to happen either just before or when the Tribulation starts.

I have learned through a series of hard lessons not to mention dates or timing because I also just learned in the Spirit that because of the Time Space Continuum the time framework of Heaven doesn’t translate well into our world (consider the similarities in nature of how difficult it can be to translate the scrolls from their original language of Greek/Hebrew into a word form WE can understand.)

Again, we keep forgetting God Way’s are higher than ours.


One last thing I’ll mention. Quantum Physics.

Don’t go all weird on me.

Years ago (2006?) I was given the WORD: Quantum Physics. I tried to learn about it then, but I had just barely begun drinking Milk. So, let’s get real right now.

God is Creator. If He created the Universe and Galaxies then isn’t it possible/probable that HE USED Quantum Physics to do it? After all, He knit you and I together in our mother’s womb and as mentioned before His Ways are higher than ours…besides, HE IS GOD.

When you get down to it – what is the difference between knitting the galaxies together by means of quantum physics or knitting us in our mother’s womb? Sounds a whole lot like the Book of Ecclesiastes to me!

Here’s the definition of quan·tum phys·ics

[quantum physics]

  1. the branch of physics concerned with quantum theory.
    “quantum physics allows for particles to be in two states at the same time

One last reality check about how GOD’S Quantum Physics fits into the Bible. I was just given Ephesians 2:6 and Ephesians 1:20 as confirmation. (Pray over the highlighted purple text above as it relates to the verses given from Ephesians)

In closing:

Brothers and Sisters, I saw The Banquet Table and a portion of The Great Hall recently in a dream.

Notice I didn’t say the Wedding Feast.

I saw people gathered around a LONG table – it was SET and ready but we were there for a “meeting” soon to commence.

What we are here for, isn’t far off. The moment MANY of us have longed for is JUST AHEAD. I don’t know what just ahead means – so just stay in the Spirit and really WALK with HIM.

I don’t think IT will happen the way everyone hopes it will or wants it to – but seeing what I was shown is something I never imagined I would even get to dream about!

Very soon, those He has called will be “Pulled into” something very real (surreal) – so Make Haste – and make yourselves ready.


This Blog and Blog Post are covered by The Blood Of Christ


Make Haste

Upon the earth – I sent my Son

The Perfect Sacrifice of but One.

Surrendered Soul – to blot out sin

Above Calvary’s jeers and blood – Heaven gazed on the broken body of My sinless Son

They saw Him not who would save their souls

Those mighty “priests” from days of old

Tell me now – you “preacher’s” of Jah

Are you ready to face The Almighty’s Throne?

Make haste of your rhetoric and rhyme. You speak not words divine

False doctrines of peace and plenty abound as you gather offerings based on Hananiah promises of “palaces and gold.”

My White hot anger bubbles – yet unaware are you as I ride.

Your mammon was not satisfied. Hearts waxed cold lusting for more. Oh, the fate of those Baal-worshipers, puffed up with Pride.

Your Flocks led astray by bitter-water and gall – Milk and Meat replaced by “cotton-candy retreats.”

Fear and Trembling was MY COMMAND – Oh son of the morning – you rebelled in vain.

The tares soon stake their eternal claim-

My People, My Land…who among you is ready?

The Battle is REAL – To Those who have answered My Call: Stand Ready!


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The Ultimate Test

God is the God of the unexpected…He is the God of New Things (Jeremiah 31:21-22)

I was reading Proverbs 11 and as I finished reading 11:2 I heard the gentle voice of His dove (Mt 3:16) whisper “go to Rev 3 and read it.”

I started reading and at chapter 3:7 I was reminded of the dream I had a month ago that combined a message about The abomination of desolation, The Great Deception and Spiritual Darkness that is now upon us. (Rev 9: 20-21)

However, the message the Spirit conveyed tonight wasn’t focused only on that aspect of The Apocalyptic book. The focus was on the very last image I was shown in the dream – an open door at the back of the room (Rev 3:7-8) or what The Lord has termed “The Mercy Card.”

In hindsight, this open door was not the first I’d seen in a panoramic vision/dream. The revelation I was given forced me to step back and pause. …because when reality meets the road of the Spirit realm your thought processes need time to play “catch up.”

In this moment, I have to echo Paul’s words from 2 Corinthians 12 – So I’ll be as blunt as I can –

What would you do if the scary movies or tv shows you watched for entertainment became frighteningly life like?

Take for instance, a series called “Walking Dead” (though I have not viewed it.)

What IF the theme of that sci-fi series went from something on your television screen to an actual reality. What if the premise of that became fulfilled by something completely surreal and was fulfilled supernaturally by The Judgements “rolling out” resulting in Zechariah 12-13 (NLT)?

The point I’m trying to make is something each of you will have to contemplate, pray and Seek God about.

Y’all already know that we have to “test” the Spirits; and ask for confirmation.

The Almighty works in patterns. His Word is consistent. I mention that, because I was reminded the message regarding my dream about The Ultimate Test was not a “first” – it was actually a secondary confirmation.

I had a dream on 3/28. He took me in the Spirit in time to a moment in the future. What I saw was as real as my living and breathing in the moment right now. What happened occurred during sleep, but it was VERY, VERY real.

I don’t know if I was witnessing a) opening of Rev 6:12 or b) the results of a two state solution or c) something else entirely. I only know I recognized chaos starting around me. I cried out “No! Oh no..Oh God No. This is it. It’s starting. It’s really happening – for real!”

There are 2-3 times in my life I have truly felt fear. What I experienced in the Spirit in this vision – surpassed all that.

Fortunately, as the moment of chaos started, He released me from it and brought me back to the present by waking me. It was a shocking transition. I had to breathe in and out several times and clutch pillows to convince myself of where I was.

Somehow, He had switched me between “realms.” This was nothing I could have done on my own.I had not been in just a regular dream.

When I opened my eyes here, I think it was roughly 5am – still somewhere in the wee hours. I was too scared when I awoke to even cry. When I finally managed to gather myself together to speak with Him – I began to ask for Him to provide interpretation. A portion of the interpretation came within minutes of waking. But it was last night (4/11) I received confirmation to the dream…which was not easy to hear.

Therefore, this message addresses The Ultimate Test. The Ultimate Test is something every human being on earth must face. This video will help explain it…

Dark Island

“The only way to defeat the darkness and receive Victory is to call out MY NAME. Remember it. It will not fail you.”

Bear in mind, EVERY human being alive today, has an area within their mind that contains a fear we do not know of.

This fear is known to God, but by God’s Grace, it is generally kept hidden to mortal man.

For lack of a better word this “fear” is a type of Achilles Heel – especially to the unbeliever because they lack Jesus’ Blood covering and Holy Spirit indwelling.

To the believer, the enemies intent (John 10:10) is foiled for the opposite reason.

You and I exist here on earth as a place to learn. We are supposed to learn about WHO Jesus is. How He LOVED and ABSORB the reality that we don’t HAVE to become our sin.

The more we Seek Jesus – the more we become like Him. The goal God has for us is to reflect Jesus. Once we grasp this – the moment in time comes for us to face “The Ultimate Test.”

This test is the final door that we face prior to crossing the veil and meeting The Lord face to face. In the case of Christ, his Ultimate Test was the cross – and each of us will so too have a similar moment. What is the purpose of the test?

Think back to the movie The Passion of the Christ:

The Cross

The purpose of the test is the culmination of all our combined “training” on earth. It is the moment that tests us physically-emotionally-and spiritually.

It is when our time on earth – in our current capacity is complete. It is the moment when we are tested while facing a situation specifically tailored to us. Each person’s test will be different because we are all different. (Psalm 139:14)

The test is used to measure whether or not we will call out to Jesus/Yahushua (Luke 23:46) as our Savior to rescue us in our final moments.

The Ultimate Test is the moment when the measurements of our lives are taken on the balance scales (Proverbs 16:11). Will we use the tools we have been given (Yahushua’s name as Victor: Luke 23:46) to defeat an enemy we cannot see? (Ephesians 6:10-18)

Father, through this lesson you have taught me about who I am becoming and given me a new name (Rev 2:17). (There WAS a purpose to my Room #217 at college!)

Therefore, I lift up each soul that reads these Words!

I ask that each is prepared for what they must face and that you would deliver them through this specified moment in time…

Above all – I pray I have delivered the message as you intended and that each of you are ready for the challenge when it presents.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Proverbs 10:24

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From The Father: About Dreams

When you visit any website (a blog, video or via content anywhere on the internet) regarding anything about dreams people have had, you need to be aware of something.

Years back when I first discovered and became interested in prophecy and the prophetic, I thought all things were created equal…kind of like what’s mentioned in Genesis.

I’m here today to share a caution from Our Father. This is something I wished I’d known a long time ago….

God gave us Jesus for a reason…then Jesus told us He needed to leave to send us the Comforter/Counselor. There was a reason for that.

As you visit other websites or watch videos where people share their dreams and corresponding interpretations — please note whether or not they mention “I believe this means” vs “Holy Spirit/God told me.”

Dreams from The Father WILL be interpreted. Interpretation is provided by The Ruach.

Over and again when I have visited internet sites where people share dreams they have had and the author includes the phrase “I believe this means”…very often (not always) but often they are providing a carnal interpretation…which could unintentionally convey something entirely different than our Creator intended.

Think about it – Adam and Eve stumbled when the enemy twisted God’s Word. Then Sarah stumbled thinking she needed to help Abraham in order to fulfill God’s plan. NOT!

I have seen through observation what The Lord is pointing out – it is happening consistently over and again in what people write and vlog (this also includes my own blog posts about dreams/visions – Sigh).

It is scattered across YouTube.

Dream interpretation can be “fun” but when it comes to God, he moves with purpose and intent. What He has taught me and He WANTS you to know is HE WANTS to have the last word in helping you. He does this b having The Holy Spirit GIVE you your dream interpretation at the moment you need to know.

Anything you try to interpret by your own power/energy or effort will probably fall short. Here’s the serious caveat…was the dream even from God? Always test the source. (1 John 4:1)

Ask God in prayer after you receive the dream to confirm it WAS from Him. God doesn’t lie – He can’t and won’t. He’ll tell you that much even if he doesn’t provide immediate interpretation.

It’s tough to pause when wanting to share Holy Spirit interpreted Dreams. This is what happened yesterday when I’d received a large chunk of dream interpretation in the afternoon and then the final portion last night. I hadn’t expected that, and God is WAY-bigger than our best expectations!

The point is, prophetic dreams aren’t for us to interpret or speculate on. They are God’s business.

This is a strong word of caution to utter for ALL who are willing to listen – but this is what I’m hearing

“Don’t interpret MY GIFTS of Dreams. They are used to direct, instruct and teach my sheep. To attempt to interpret on your own and by your own power is a form of rebellion. Refrain from doing so and wait on me; If you must, Repent.”

Father, I repent for making guesses at interpretation about my own dreams. Forgive me.


Daniel 2

Daniel 4


Read Hosea 2

1 Corinthians 14:5


“Do you not realize, Daughter, that by Noah merely building the Ark – his actions were in effect prophesying to his people about their demise?

Do not fear The Words I ask you to speak. There may be some who do not agree or like hearing them but what you say, are not your words – but WORDS from The Father.

Israel WILL acknowledge her Messiah

The U.S. will bow down under my Judgement.

Prophesy, Daughter!

YOU were elected by MY WILL. But not as a Cyrus. Yes, your people asked for a “king.” They demanded prosperity. But in the middle of their cries they neglected to examine their own hearts. Their hearts were corrupted by greed. By idols. And above all, false worship.

Many still see you as a Cyrus, and you will be used to accomplish MY WILL. But since your election you have failed to submit to me and to lead The People of this land into a state of repentance.

Merely “attending church” on a Sunday morning does not “qualify nor quantify” as redeemed or restored. Just as when Abel’s blood was shed – the blood of “unwanted” babies cries out and the sound is deafening. Maybe if you could hear what we, The Father, The Ruach and The Son do, you would understand???

Injustice runs much further and deeper though than almost any can imagine and most have enough reminders each time they turn on their nightly “news.”

Suffice it to say – to paraphrase Ruth Bell Graham “If God doesn’t Judge America – he will owe Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.” True, words – from Daughter, Ruth….based on Ezekiel 16:49-50.

My Children – those who know my voice know that Israel and especially Jerusalem is a prophetic marker in Biblical time. Right now, she is at “boiling point.” It is high time my chosen people learn who Messiah is.”

Yesterday, I really had to talk to Jesus about the meaning of the Scripture in Psalms 122:6 “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.”

As we talked, I understood this Scripture is actually a Prophetic prayer intended for a specific time on God’s calendar. It has been the The Will of God to prepare his Jewish family for the Days to come (Revelation)…Thus, even though there has been on-going strife since 1948 this specific verse of prayer will have new meaning.

“It is now time to finish Prophesying, Daughter”

“Yes, Lord”

“Daughter, Prophesy My WORDS…

To The Nation of Israel: You have been my chosen people since the beginning. I have loved you as I loved my own Son – But you did not love My Son. You not only rejected Him – but have since then turned your back even unto His sacrificial gift of life.

I have weighed your sins – observed your handling of my temple and have watched my son cry tears for too long over that which you treat with contempt.

You acknowledge The Sovereign God as your Creator but have been blinded to the reality of who my Yahushua is and what He has done out of My great love for you. Therefore, I shall now invoke verse 122:6 of Psalms.

The People shall now be taught my commandments and my laws – that they may live. My Laws are as the Apple of Thine Eye (Proverbs 7:2) and ALL will recognize that my plan was fulfilled a very long time ago. You shall see Jerusalem invaded and will finally understand the true implications, applications and meaning of Psalm 122. Soon – very soon – every mouth WILL be praying for Jerusalem’s Peace and when the HamaShiach’s name is Blessed – EVERY knee WILL finally BOW!

To Israel’s Sister & Ally

The mirror of your existence will suffer the same fate as that of my beloved land. You call yourself a Christian Nation but your pagan practices do not reflect what My Son – Your Savior was born into the earth for.

I gave you “the king” you asked for, but he and his counselors have been led astray – and led your countrymen down the wide path. The “reprieve” was a mythical lie – that most ate up like cotton candy. Do you now see how that cotton candy was as a “mist of vapor”?

You do not know and have not seen the full picture – but you shall. Your fate shall be as that of Israel’s and Jerusalem as well. Your idols shall not be able to help you and you shall watch your leaders crumble – you have already begun to witness this. That was just the beginning….

Prepare your hearts and minds for what is ahead. Submerge yourself in my word according to Psalm 139:23-24 and seek Jesus (Yahushua’s) protection (Psalm 91/Psalm 23).

My promises in scripture will be your only life vest: use them.

Guard your hear and your mind: Judgement Commences –

In The Name of Jesus The Christ,

and The Ruach Ha Kodesh –

I AM The I AM”

Isaiah 26

Isaiah 27

Isaiah 28
(As with all Words, please seek The Spirit for confirmation)