What they should have known

For those who might remember the blog post shared last year about Heliofant’s “IPetGoat” video….

This is an update with additional information and background information regarding Prophecy, Truth and Symbolism contained within hidden history.

As I watched a video today, I cried.

Yahuah God and The Holy Spirit have never lied to me – but Man has. Just as Yahusha said they would. (Ps 118:8) Emotions of anger and frustration washed over me.

If you recall how people have referred to the time of atrocities that were committed during Nazi-ism as “never again” and “let’s not forget” – what we are NOW facing is just that, a repeat of history. A cyclical repeat. Everyone thinks that they “are doing their part” when in fact you have become the manipulated.

Well, my righteous anger has begun to overflow today. You might not believe it – but all roads lead back to Rome – and the Vatican – and the Patriarchy driven time of the Middle East.

Yet, unfortunately – the book we currently regard as the Bible is currently being “played” out right before our eyes. If you think the Biblical narrative is limited just to the geographical “Middle East” you would be mistaken. People may believe that Jerusalem and Israel is the “flashpoint” of earth – but have you ever considered how many places across the earth are named after the Cities of The Holy Lands?

Do a search for yourself – It really is rather interesting to contemplate….

Moving right along –

I have a real beef to pick with the likes of Gill Bates, *nthony F@uci, Cl@us Sw@ub, B;rks, (I’m sure many of you could think of a few others to add to it) – but this is just a small selection of names from the ranks of dark forces who have ill intentions against humanity.

This is the original IPETGoat video

And – This is the video you should watch – there are many people who should have watched this before they ever thought to try and “Decode” the IPG2 compilation. But, as the saying goes “we reap what we sow” – Will you now take the time to learn what was hidden from us? This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, too.

Now, Yahusha’s sacrifice is starting to make a lot more sense. Why the religious leaders did what they did.

Control is the name of their game….

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And So It Begins…

I had heard about this cargo ship “stuck” at sea, but haven’t really paid much attention.

I was outside working with wood and building a project when the Holy Spirit had me pause and take a moment to peruse through WordPress. That’s when I noticed an article shared by “Blood of the Lamb” (Watchman73) regarding the Suez Canal crisis – which included the above photo from SkyNet, that I did a double take –

We are looking at Prophecy in the making here – and more than a couple of signs of Tribulation and Apocalypse.

I have seen these cargo ships before – when I was little I lived near the Port of Tacoma, and remember well driving past them. What struck a chord in me today was seeing that “Evergreen” Logo. Because that Logo directly relates to this song:

I remember hearing this song on the radio as a kid – I almost thought of it as my parents song – because their love was steadfast and loyal, almost more Agape in nature than how culture has tried to romanticize everything that love isn’t. After they died, it was really hard to listen to it – so I tried not to.

Today, when I saw the Evergreen ship in the Suez Canal – The Holy Spirit directed me to listen to the above. Until now, I would not have realized how incredibly prophetic the lyrics are. If you are at all aware of our Biblical Scriptures – the lyrics to Streisand’s, “Evergreen,” point right back to Books such as Song of Solomon and Esther. Utterly amazing….

Now, for the Prophetic kicker of this Cargo Ship as it relates to “Current” events – The Evergreen is stuck in the Suez Canal. I read that The etymology of “Suez” (in Arabic) means “Beginning”…on top of that the Suez Canal is located near the opening of the Red Sea. Think about that REALLY carefully.

Opening —-

Red Sea —

Opening alludes to “Birth Pangs” of a woman (Rev 12) – this cargo ship is in the WATER. A woman’s water normally “breaks” or “bursts” as the baby “Crowns” and is birthed. We are now at (if not past) 3-1/2 years since the Revelation 12 Sign.

This Suez Canal “BREACH” is not just coincidental.

RED SEA – the parting of the RED SEA. As a woman gives birth, the woman’s water not only breaks but there is a parting of blood and water as the baby is delivered. Not to mention, when Yahuah used Moses to “Part the Red Sea” in the Exodus.

And – this appears to be occurring over what many acknowledge as Pesach, or “Passover”….and “Passion Week”

The Return of The Warrior

I have been long waiting to share this song – at least a year if not more. I knew one day I would.

The World you thought you knew, is about to come to a crashing end – and meet its demise…

Did you know that we are not just living in unprecedented times? – but that the ending of this era – this “epoch” – what many know of as the “Time of The End” – is also The END OF DARKNESS (?)

But that “End” also means the BEGINNING of the New. The Coming Establishment of New Jerusalem.

Please listen – very VERY Closely –

The S-W-O-R-D of El is readied

The POWER of Elohim is about to be displayed.

Pray that you have done the work to cleanse your heart, and soul

Pray that you have developed a personal relationship with Yahuah, Ruach & Yahusha –

Because DARKNESS is about to meet its match.

The Event – that the world has been waiting for – the opening of the Apocalypse – The Revealing of the Ekkclesia…

The Church of Philadelphia is going to take “The Masses” – “The World” – by Surprise. For once, The Lies will be exposed and The Truth will Prevail!

All the OLD Systems are going away – for those that have been oppressed, belittled, abused mistreated, mocked, scoffed, scorned, ridiculed…

Vindication – Redemption – Victory – Truth – Freedom – Joy : It’s ALL Coming

The Warrior is Coming – Elohim will EMPOWER the Lion of Judah and “scandal” will take the world by STORM.

We will ALL finally learn the truth as Elohim emerges with the True Light of Day –

May Abba Father Yah, Bless you, Keep you and Protect you under His Wings

Betrayed: Your Destruction is Coming

Now I know who you are.

Yahuah knows who you are too. He knew who you were apparently long before I did.

These words – are intended to carry enormous power in The Spirit.

Yahuah has told me the following:




YOUR DESTRUCTION IS COMING – Isaiah 33, Revelation 6

Yahuah sent his own Son, Yahusha, to die for your sins. Yet, You have betrayed your own flesh and blood.

You will pay – the innocent that have been mislead, have been mislead by YOUR ignorance in seeking the truth and in not trusting the one who you (supposedly) promised you would honor and respect.

I had thought there might be a slight chance for you to enter the New Kingdom. But you chose the low road – the wide path.

I tried my best to share the Gospel of Christ with you – and you turned from it.

I now submit you and your fate to Abba Father Yahuah – I wash my hands of this Adonai.

I have no more patience for the foolish virgin….

With a humble and contrite heart I ask you to Please come quickly King Jesus – I need you

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The Order of Melchizedek – The Day of The Lord

The Return of The Judge

I don’t share many thoughts here anymore – primarily because most of us recognize how “inside out” this fallen world has become. It seems we have passed the threshold point of “Good” being called “evil” and “evil” being labeled as “Good”

In my recent conversations with Father Yahuah I have asked him time and again – how much longer? The world is already in a topsy turvy state, with half believing the MSM narrative and the other half living life as if to challenge the alphabet organizations that they won’t be “bullied” into submission.

Since I spend no time watching TV news and very little observing the boxing match that is social media – I was shocked and dismayed to find out that my eldest brother and sister-in-law received their C-V V@xxines in the last few weeks. Shocked because it is this same brother who 25 years ago after he became born again (Christian) started a church and became one of its lead ministers – I know because of health issues they are considered “high risk” but hearing (and then seeing their V@xxine appointment photos on facebook) has left me grappling for answers.

It was then that I started praying and asking Yahuah and Yahusha – what was to happen next? The world is in a state of utter confusion and most just have no answers and are running around in circles looking for truth and direction…rather than turning to our Abba Father for instruction, knowledge and wisdom.

“Father, we are out of time. Your children need help – they don’t know they are being deceived. They have been drinking the “kool-aid” and have fallen under deception. I don’t know that they will believe the Truths they will be faced with as The Apocalypse opens but they must be woken – because they are unable to awaken themselves.”

A few days after this, I started hearing a melody. I recognized it and then began to hear its lyrics. It was a song by Toto – “I Won’t hold you back.”

What a strange song (I thought at first). Until I realized how very poignant, poetic, and scriptural it is. In fact, this Toto song could be considered prophetic as it directly ties into Yahuah’s Scriptures.

So, why is it important? The Song is about Yahuah’s Restrainer – the one spoken of in 2 Thessalonians 2:7 Which is also the same as The Spirit spoken of in Revelation 21 and 22. The Day of Yahuah’s Judgement is here – “I Won’t Hold you back” – “I Can’t hold you back” indicates the moment that changes everything is here with His withdrawal of The Holy Spirit…

This song is akin to the Song of Solomon – in which Yahusha is speaking with The Shulamite, and they are engaged in Spiritual dialogue to each other by The Power of The Spirit (Aether)

What the world is waiting for is the establishment of God’s Kingdom – The New Jerusalem of Revelation 22. This means Divine Judgment must come in order for Yahuah to sort The Wheat from The Tares and Light from Dark.

It is time for His Order of Melchelzidek: The Divine Judge as represented by one of the Angels sitting upon The Ark of The Covenant.

The World will witness The Rising of The Spirit of Truth – The Dove of Peace – as well as the man-child (His Witnesses) to bring forth the Truth of Yahuah’s Laws & instructions for Living.

Father Yahuah, We Pray to be accounted Worthy….

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I Miss You – I’ll Always Love You


This is not what I thought this day would bring –

Thank you for loving me and being by my side….

Rest in Peace – my little furball. Even though the tears won’t stop – I pray Yahuah will ease the ache of having to let you go…and that you are running, jumping, playing catch and chasing butterflies in Heaven’s Glory.

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11k Milestone

This is my Christmas Thank you Card….to each of you – new friends and old –

While some bloggers may attract thousands or even millions of readers and subscribers – I stand in amazement that as of this week we’ve reached 11,000 blog views. So far, only 2019 has had better numbers with 11,159 views…but the year still has 6 days left.

It still stuns me to reflect on this blogsite. Started all the way back in 2013/14 – I recently received a WordPress Anniversary message congratulating me on having reached the 7 year mark.

7 Years? That feels like a lifetime right now…

So, in gratitude to Father Yahuah and The Holy Spirit for guiding my hand over the years….

Here are the Top Posts and Pages according to this blogs “Stats” page –

So for instance, 1) Means the blogpost – Title – with most “Views” and its title is “Smelling Smoke” which has received 9,301 views….

  1. Smelling Smoke 9301
  2. Home Page 915
  3. Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies 102
  4. Do You Sense it? A “Quickening” 52
  5. About Me 39
  6. Green Lentils Braised 36
  7. Welcome 33
  8. Sharing: A Dream and Shofar Trumpets 28
  9. Spiritual Abuse: When Praise & Worship are inhibited 22
  10. Reflecting The Future 22
  11. Quantum String Theory 21

Now, there is one blogpost that should probably have been included in the Stats above – but for a period of time I had marked it as (Private) – which is “Holy Spirit Awakening” – the other blogpost that is a personal favorite of mine is: “Foreshadowing: To Let Go”

This year, Christmas 2020 just doesn’t feel the same anymore. It’s not that I don’t care about Christmas but I lost my zest for all its Commercialization about 2-3 years ago – and having to bury GrandPa on 12/23(19) didn’t exactly put me in a joyous mood. If anything – I have worked hard Spiritually this year to reassess the concept of what “Worshipping in Spirit & Truth” mean to me, while finding balance and harmony through the Gifts of The Spirit and what that means to me.

This is one of the other videos that has given me hope that all people – some day will have a place to stay warm, dry, and sheltered….

In The Spirit of Christmas…

Please note: These videos are from 2018-19

….Beauty is a Language of the Heart – here, Alex shares the Story of how he met Adam

I didn’t include Part 3 because it is for the most part a recap of P1 & P2….

Thank to you Alex, for helping Adam – and giving us all a chance to see what our Fruits of The Spirit can truly yield when we follow our Heart to help others… God Bless you – Alex, Melissa, Adam and Family….

Man’s Truth Vs. Spirit of Truth

Every Breath You Take - YouTube

I had a really strong inclination to share this last night, along with the lyrics and melody to “Every Breath You Take” but stopped short of doing so.

It was a few moments ago when I saw – “Every Breath You Take” – shared by another blogger that I took it as confirmation and find myself back at the keyboard.

The Magnetic Pull of the Earth’s orbit is about to come full circle…I previously shared about how corrupt the MSM has become – and that I had been shown this would happen in a Vision back in 1992/3. Back in 2016, I’d started keeping a combined dream journal and Spiritual messages journal. In that journal I was given the words “High Stakes Treachery” and “Treason” among many others – But I eventually stopped writing them down because I didn’t understand what those messages were alluding to.

Now, I have a better idea. If you have read, “Whose Truth Have We really been Fed?” then you will have a much better understanding of both “Every Breath You Take” and “The Plot against The President.”

We have truly seen nothing yet. The World we knew is about to B-U-S-T wide open as the Firmament of the Heaven’s is opened as a scroll.

The Age of Pisces is about to come face to face with the Precessional Mazzaroth transition into AND of Aquarius – this is not new age – nor is it Tarot or Astrology.

This is about God’s Mazzaroth, Spoken by God in Job 38: 31-34. This is about the LIES being exposed and the Truth being poured out.

The First Fruits Wave Sheaf Harvest is approaching – along with the division of Wheat & Tares – are YOU ready for the Harvests of The Lordwill you be part of New Jerusalem?

Rabbit Holes – Foxes Dens

This video is a “mind bender,” presenting the current state of world concern and what has happened to it. It needs to be viewed at Brighteon. I encourage you to view/listen and then, pray for clarity, wisdom and understanding.

I share this information as a means of disseminating Truth(s) from Lie(s), Fact from Fiction. Like each of you reading this, I have to rely on Yahuah Ahavah Adonai – Father God and Holy Spirit for wisdom, understanding and direction.

What’s really odd is that when the commotion over the “V-irus” took root and went “viral” last Spring, I remember reflecting on a couple of things.

The “Ice Bucket Challenge” – I can’t tell you how many people “invited” me to take part in that. While I realize that the challenge was to benefit those fighting a debilitating illness – something didn’t “jive” about everything surrounding that (ie: Social media pressure to “conform”)

I don’t belittle others who like the challenge or have taken part. It was a personal decision and an observation on my part to refrain from doing so.

Thus, I have been mindful about the (p-andemic/pl-an demic) V-irus and have continued to remain aware of the (conflicting) guidelines released by our Alphabet organization…

Having shared the preceding – the primary purpose of this message is The following video. It is a message that has apparently been banned from – YutzTube – It is Dr. Petrella speaking about the va%%ine and it includes subtitles. I am going to leave comments open on this post for the time being- anything offensive, unkind or derogatory will be removed. This is the time when we need to support and encourage each other because we don’t know what T-P-T-B will try next. Now is the time each of us needs to dig deep and search for Mercy and compassion. May Yahuah bless each of you with His Shalom