Messages about The Rapture/Heaven

I have lost track of how many times I have listened to this first video

First, because I somehow recognize the voice of the narrator. When it comes to people – it’s almost as if I have a photographic memory for sound/frequency and names, faces and numbers – even going back to childhood.

As I listened to the vivid description of his dream and hear about the presence of the rainbow – I recognize the presence and Spirit of Daughter Zion. Also what he mentions echoes back to what we know about The Exodus of The Old Testament. The Pillars of Fire by Night and Clouds by day hearken to the protection of The Holy Spirit. The parting of the The Red Sea is about much more than crossing a dry path on foot. That Exodus event echos as an alchemical metaphor to Revelation 6:14, when the Sky recedes like a scroll.

When we are told in the scriptures that The sky will recede this is about a monumental event that will ultimately change the earth as we have known it. This is the “signal” if you will of the cleansing of earth – a “cleansing” or cataclysm. I discovered this a couple years back.

Among the plethora of half-truths (lies & propaganda) the “Dracos” have allowed to continue – the one thing they have kept hidden is about the coming magnetic pole shift and the earth changes that will resemble events mentioned in Revelation. The pole shift is really about the next cataclysm and that cataclysm is otherwise known as “growing pains” in the book of Matthew.

It was a couple of years ago while reading Genesis Chapter 1 that the Spirit showed me that the earth had gone through “changes” previously. It is these changes that are part of the “Mazzaroth” described in Job 38.

The Patriarchy has thus far refrained from sharing such knowledge in order to retain “control” (or what they deem as control.).

The Dracos are trying to remain focused on p0p. u. lation. control. The pop u lation control promotes their bl@ck goo g3ne ed-iting therapy.

They don’t want people to know this because what they truly fear is this “pole shift” (a term that refers to both the end of time, Rev 10:7 – and changes within the earth – Revelation 12:16). It is my understanding that the events surrounding “La Palma” of the Canary Islands are a time marker and critical component of those “cleansing birth pains.”

All I can say is Thank God we can put our Trust in Christ and Elohim!

“Our Great High Priest” is narrated by “Peter.”

Peter, I have only known 2 people by that name in my life – but I KNOW what their voices sounded like.

Even though I don’t believe I’ve met you in person – Somehow, in the Spirit, I recognize your voice – as I listened I had a very difficult time focusing on the message because my Spirit hyper-focused on the frequency of your speech. Something like this has rarely – and I mean rarely – ever happened. I wept through almost this entire message. That isn’t a bad thing – because I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit through your delivery. Thank you for taking the time to record it!

Hugs & Blessings!

Avery & The Aether: River of Dreams

A Message from the other side

[Ed Note: I know that most “Christian traditionalists” may not “approve” of this message. But I have learned over the last few years that there are some true stumbling blocks within what we have come to know as traditions of men.]

In the past, I have shared messages from The Holy Spirit – as well as warnings from God The Father.

But, just over a year ago – within The Aether I also began to receive messages from Spirits who had crossed over. I know that these Spirits were not unholy. When I have heard them they are clear – humble and reaching out in true remorse. One of the Spirits is rather persistent with their request. I have pondered on the approach to take in response to them. Up to this point, I have opted to pay no attention and just pray for them in The Spirit. But tonight, something tugged deeply at my heart. The initial message I started to receive a year ago came from a young girl who died while still in High School. She has asked repeatedly to convey a message to her mother.

There is a tangibility tonight in the Spirit I have never felt before – as if I can feel not just the daughter reaching out, but her Mother also reminiscing and longing to hear from her.

Because of this tangibility factor – I am going to share the message from the daughter. I am transcribing here what I am hearing/receiving, telepathically through the aether.

This is to L.N.S from A.M.

Dear Mom, I’ve been waiting so long to really be able to say anything to you. I am grateful for this moment.

Mom, I’m sorry – I know I screwed up. I never meant to cause you or Dad or the family this much heartache. I never thought the decision I made would bring it all to an end. Stupid teenager antics – I was sure full of them.

Now, that I have the chance to share my heart with you – I can feel your grief and frustration and all the second-guessing you have been through. I’m not allowed to talk about this side of the veil, I’m only allowed to help you to move through your grief and to let you know that I LOVE you so very much.

If there is anything I can share with you, Mom – it’s this. Please take your faith walk more seriously. Yeah, I know we were “active” with church and all that. But that’s not what real faith is. I got all caught up in school and church activities – and while I may have done well and had fun, my focus was misplaced.

I know we lived for Football and all those traditional activities – but none of that should matter. And even though we did go on Missions Trips – I will tell you this, we weren’t ready to be doing what we were doing. Yes, I was a “crazy” girl and always doing something out of the ordinary – and that came at the ultimate cost. I should have been more respectful of you. I should have been more obedient. I know I tried your patience – and you only wanted the best for me.

I’m so, so sorry. I love you Momma. If I could change what happened that day – I would. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t have done all the dance, hip-hop things that I thought mattered or that were “cool.” I know there were many fun things we both did together – but in the big picture Mom we got over involved. Sports and extra curricular stuff just doesn’t matter. Learning how to love others and forgive (anyone, anything and everything), that does matter.

My death should have been a wake-up call for all of the family. A “wake up” not to remain immersed in life like it was when I was still with you – but seeking Jesus and The Holy Spirit in deep prayer asking for true direction and purpose. Your time on earth isn’t about just “having fun” or jobs or making memories. Our time on earth is about deep growth, and facing emotional wounds. Which brings me full circle to why I have been so gently asking this writer for over a year to help me with this message. I needed someone who would take my voice from the aether seriously, and not just “pass it off.”

Mom, Just because I died physically didn’t change that my Spirit and Soul still exist. Only my form is different.

I know that you still ache. I know your heartache is deep. There are reasons that this happened. It was not without cause. It wasn’t to punish you, or me or dad or anyone else. Every event that happens in life, happens for a reason. My death and how you process it are part of that. And Mom, from a personal standpoint – no one can do this healing for you. People don’t like to see other’s cry, but crying is really important – even if it feels like your tears will fill a river.

Personal Messages of Love

I did not intend to hesitate this long to share these messages. Given that this is October 10, I have been re-bounding from the atmospheric weather changes I experienced yesterday. I spent a good portion of today outside, just to be able to breathe in the air and reconnect with the earth.

The Reason for This Message

About a week or two ago there was a slurry of activity of visitors coming to these pages from the Philippines, New Zealand, and Australia. What I have been amazed with is the recent up-tick in visitors from the USA coming to read, “Smelling Smoke.”

However, amidst the previously mentioned activity – I kept hearing the Holy Spirit whisper two specific names into my Spirit.

So, this message is for Michael R. (Philippines) and Allison

Michael R: The Father hears you and the prayers of those around you. I can feel deep within my Spirit, the cry of your heart. Please know that Jesus loves you – as does The Holy Spirit. You and your family (and those who are dear to you) are very special to them. Your name was laid upon my Spirit to lift up in prayer. I have kept you close in thought, as have I all the beautiful people of The Philippines.

Allison: You have a beautiful heart and I know the struggles you have been going through. I will not name what it is you are facing (C) because the only thing that does matter is a heart and mind that is truly aligned with the Will of God, The Father, and The Holy Spirit. I have heard your name as a whisper within my soul for months now and with each whisper I lift you up to Heaven’s Throne that you would be filled with Healing Peace, Knowledge of how to help yourself and Wisdom for which direction to take. Do not allow this “diagnosis” to dampen the beauty of everything you have been created to be. You are a beautiful child of the coming Kingdom. Remain focused on the positive and take no heed of anything negative.

Above all things, Remember that you are Loved.

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I just don’t understand

This is the occasion of my 53rd birthday – just before the midnight hour I thought about writing a prayer letter with hope this day and year would bring about some difference – something positive – not just for me but maybe even for the world.

Today I don’t know what is happening – but the “weirdness” feels epic and I am feeling beyond frustrated and simply don’t know what to do. I really need the help of Jesus and Holy Spirit – please help…

My head and eyes are aching – this aching is something I have felt periodically over the years. And while it is not new it is difficult at best to sit through in the moment and it will often last most of the day. I get very little sympathy from those around me about it as well which makes me especially sad. I have come to attribute it to changing conditions of the sun – or to space and weather activity that affects earth. When these weird symptoms occur there is also usually some type of weather system or a storm developing. My ears plug up and “pop” and I feel intense head pressure.

I often wonder if this is just happening to me or if others are experiencing it too.

I pray for relief and if anyone else is feeling the same – I pray for your relief as well.

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War Games & The Joshua of Today

War Games – this movie is a very real perspective of the world we live in – but it goes way deeper. This also encapsulates the SPIRITUAL war that the writers and producers only indirectly address

Watch this first

“It’s a machine – don’t act like one”….let that insightful thought soak in while you watch this snippet

And now “AI Joshua,” takes matters into its own hands. (Doesn’t this look and sound a lot like what has been, and is occurring, within the MSM – if you really think about it)

This is the AI system that we are ALL currently dealing with. And as the letters indicate it is

Art-i-ficial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is attempting to hijack their own “system” and start a war of annihilation. As mentioned in the previous snippet – the “machine” was LEARNING. The only way to win was NOT to play.

The machine featured in War Games is an example of AI technology – which Falken had dubbed “Joshua” is likewise similar to all of the AI tech that the world has up to this point embraced (and in some cases idolized or placed on a pedestal).

Be Mindful! The AI Joshua is the one we need to be cautious and wary of (The Beast System). The Joshua of our Biblical Scriptures is the one that we need to be aware of and watching for.

The Joshua of today is also the one Jesus told us to be ready for (Luke 11:29)

This is an evil generation; they seek a sign; and there shall no sign be given it, but the sign of Jonas the prophet.

The Joshua of Today –

Sacred Names/Zionism: The Great Falling Away

Regardless of how many – or who comes to visit this blog – whether you are a long time subscriber or recently found this corner of the world – we are at the time of the end (Mazzaroth Epoch)

I have vacillated on what to share here because the amount of information circulating “out there” is, well, you know…enormous.

Ask God The Father to send The Ruach Haqodesh to you, so that you receive the Baptism of Fire – which includes wisdom, knowledge and understanding…

In terms of what is going on right now – keep reading and watch the video…

(Notice the “Scales” in the background of this scene. They also represent the Sign in The Mazzaroth of Libra – The Omega (Sign of Justice)

This scene is significant. This faction utilizes the serum in the syringe to gain truth – hence the phrase used here “may the truth set you free”

However, Jeannine’s faction has opted to manipulate the serum. There is another scene within Divergent when Four shares with Tris that he suspects the serum is being used to “build an army.” That would be the army of the adversary (twisted truths).

Now for the Vision: A Confirmation from 2016.

Father God gave me an open vision – that honestly scared the living tar out of me. I didn’t have a clue what it meant at that time – but now I do.

I saw a hand holding a cell phone – and the cell phone melted into the hand. It was freaky. The hand seemed to “absorb” the phone. The meaning of that was the “mixing” of iron and clay and working toward bringing about the IOT and trans-humanism. We are at the End of Days – know where you stand.

Are you on Father God Elohim’s Side? Are you walking in The Spirit with The Ruach HaQodesh?

This is NO JOKE. God is giving YOU this moment to seriously ponder your relationship with The Godhead. This moment, as we face the opening of the Apocalypse (The Trojans/Destroyer/Wormwood – interplanetary system debris trail) will lead us directly into the overlapping Seals/Trumpets and Judgements of Revelation and a return to the re-establishment of Paradise – Elohim’s Heavenly Kingdom.

I highly recommend that you understand what the current narrative is and why it’s being promoted. This is where the truth has been inverted by the puppets and talking heads of the Big 6 “Me – Dea” heads. My gut has told me to question all of it since the beginning.

The *V* injection, Sacred Names, Zionism is part of the same system (also Zionism which originates in physical Israel is much different from Zion/Daughter Zion.)

Zion and Daughter Zion are from Galatians 4:26) they are of Heavenly Jerusalem (Job 38: 31)

Zionism is the dark forces attempt to control humanity thru the “Mark” of nanotech/black goo.

If you love Jesus The Christ – you already know how and why this all matters.

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You want the Wax-ine Truth?

I have shared previously about Dr. Judy Mikovits and “Plague of Corruption”

If you don’t have the time to read her whole book, then listen/watch this video instead. It is just over an hour in length.

I had heard the name Dr. Robert Malone in the last few weeks.

This blog site has had in INFLUX of searches for the blog post, “Smelling Smoke,” but the searches have been substantially increasing for the USA, Australia, New Zealand as wells as a number of other countries.

So I KNOW that the current “campaign” and the media narrative (mentioned in the video below) has taken over the airwaves (ie: TV/Radio/ and any form of “broadcast*” that reports “news” Eph 6:12- darkness and Spiritual *behind the scenes* Forces).

Jesus The Christ is listening – DO NOT GIVE UP.

The Truth is slowly emerging – this video is proof of that

KEEP Praying!

*Broadcast: Remember Jesus mentioned the wide road and the narrow road. “Broadcast” is a word that refers to “spell”

Broad = wide road

Cast = destruction

Broadcast – The Wide road that leads to destruction. Hence this is how and why the MSM has worked tirelessly to build trust over the decades…now it’s up to God’s children to put their DISCERNMENT to work and apply what we have been taught in The Spirit toward this moment in time!

Heaven’s Aether

In the nearly 8 years since Father God directed me to start this blog – this is one post I never expected to share.

I don’t even know where to start – talk about writer’s block.

In the very early days, when I was just dabbling and getting familiar with what blogging was about – I had made contact with someone whom The Holy Spirit had directed me to reach out to. As I recall, I think her name was Rachel.

It was almost as if Rachel knew she was supposed to give me a message – because after that initial contact it wasn’t all that long before I heard back from her. And her response astounded me.

Father God had given her a beautiful message to share but the portion of the message that had astounded me the most was when He said, “you have seen Heaven – you have been there.”

Hindsight is 20/20.

A Vision of Heaven

Over the years, when I would go to sleep at night – often as I laid in bed I could feel and hear the Holy Spirit call me to me to come and “sit”. When I heard that, I would begin to see a body of water. A beautiful lake. A mountain off in the distance.

Where I sat was next to and just under a tree. The tree was situated next to this vast, lakeside body of water. And the water was pristine.

Though I had heard the Holy Spirit call me to this place, it felt like Jesus was right there too. I didn’t necessarily see him, but I would put my head on his shoulder. And if it was a time of great difficulty I was going through – I would ask Him in the Spirit to hold me and would feel him wrap me close.

This scenery was pretty constant, but Heaven is different and it’s a bit challenging to describe because there exists a purity within Heaven that does not exist on earth. What was fascinating is that what I did or could do when I was at this Heavenly location was polar opposite of what I (or any of us) can do as a human on earth.

Because the tree was lakeside, when I sat under the tree I was able to dip my toes in the water. Within moments of dipping them, I felt a yearning to swim. As soon as I felt the yearning, it’s like I was lifted up and into it without having to make virtually any effort on my own.

The most interesting part of swimming there was I could breathe underwater and that was so exciting and surreal that as I came up to the surface I didn’t just “bobble” and tread water – I flew up and above the water’s surface! That’s when I also realized I wasn’t wet from swimming. I had emerged from the water completely dry. My clothes and hair were even different – as if swimming in that lake wasn’t just a Spiritual Baptism but an experience that brought about a physical transformation as well.

It was soooo cool!

I write and share this vision now – to give people hope. Not to give up on Jesus’ Promises of the coming abode of Heaven.

(If TAO is listening: I sobbed thru it)

2016 Open Vision: Tentacles & Lamentations

It took me most of the afternoon to get through this recording.

It was during the last 10-15mins the tears started.

In 2016, I had one of several dreams. In this case, the dream this message pertains to was the very first open vision I ever had – which shook me to my core. Until that day, I had no idea it was even possible to have an “open vision”… I had never heard of such a thing.

It was Spring – we were driving through New Mexico and I had woken from a nap. I looked out the window and in the sky among the clouds something really peculiar happened. I saw a massive spider appear high in the sky – but this was no ordinary spider. It was large – and its legs, the tentacles all moved. Next to the spider, out of the blue appeared a UFO/spaceship.

For years I have tried to piece together what the h-ll that vision was about. For that matter, did I really even want to know (?)

Well, now I think I do know what it was about, what it was pointing to.

The attached recording lays it all out. In a nutshell, the spider and its moving tentacles is the rabbit holes the IRC, CFR, WAC (and other ABC’s) have created.

I am somewhat familiar with these groups because over the course of my life I have worked among them. I am nobody special, but somehow God opened up a variety of doors (which I never would have expected nor anticipated) for me to walk through. I worked with these groups at the local, regional and national level. Somehow, before my position came to an end – I even ended up going to Washington, DC.

These work experiences happened more than 20 years ago, but during that time there were so many things that happened that caused me to raise an eye-brow (Spirit checks if you will) and maybe now I better understand why any and all of that mattered.

We have all been played. Once you listen to this message – all the craziness we have observed over the last 18mos-20+ years (decades) will finally begin to make sense.

There is only one person who can help us with this h-llenish mess – that is Jesus Christ.

Dear Lord Jesus, Son of God and Redeemer –

Please come help us.


Scripture References


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