Whose truth have we really been fed?


If the following information doesn’t alarm you or give you reason to pause, it should. If you dig a little deeper – you’ll realize that the whole topic (disinformation/fake news/propaganda) has been dubbed, “Operation Mockingbird.”


Watch these videos –





Elohim has never lied to me.

I was warned about this coming/happening back in the early 90’s through a Vision the Holy Spirit gave me.




In that vision, I saw what is happening…I still cannot believe it is happening RIGHT NOW.



So, here’s the deal.

WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO – by the “powers of darkness” in this fallen world – and it’s been going on for some time.



I hate to break it to any of you that might disagree, but what I have learned in the past few months has left me seriously disgusted. So much so, I could float a few words of foul language…you get my drift.

I’ve held off for a few days on sharing this message and I’m not waiting any longer.

Some of you who are TRULY Awake, might understand what I’m about to say – others of you- if you don’t…take it up with Yahuah and Holy Spirit.


When I had one of my first visions back in 1993 about “the future of Broadcasting” I had NO IDEA that I was being given a glimpse into something that would become a very real (Spiritual) FORCE (of darkness) that every single one of us has to now deal with.


I believed I went through college to get my degree in Broadcast Journalism to prepare myself to one day anchor the news, report from around the world, write and investigate newsworthy items, that would and could affect all people.


As of this last month I found out that the vision I was given in 1993 would find its fruition by the time July 2013 arrived. It is no wonder our “air waves” are so polluted.


It is no wonder that we are being – divided….


Please click on this article, from business insider. It is in regards to the video above.

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Pray for Clarity, for direction and

USE your Discernment!


Wormwood’s Judgement & Act of Mercy


This specific blog was created at the direction of Elohim


The only error I have ever made was falsely thinking I should ever believe in any man’s words over that which God and the Holy Spirit told me directly. (Psalm 146:3)

I have come to realize over the years in which I have walked this Earth that neither Yahweh — nor his Holy Spirit, the Ruach Hakodesh tell lies – which is The Spirit of Truth.

If you do not like, nor agree, with what you hear spoken on these pages —  that is not my concern. I have stopped listening to voices within this world and I TRUST the one who created my Soul.

I will reiterate what I have heard people say on other social media platforms to those who stand in either disagreement or opposition: one word sums it up.




I speak that which I understand. I share that which I know. My journey here may look different than yours but in the end it is our Spirit that will be divided from its Flesh, when the 6th Seal throws this world into real chaos.

It will be then that each man and woman finds themself standing before Yahuah’s Glory; the Cosmic, Galactic and Supernatural power of Wormwood’s Mercy who is coming to divide and judge.



(Ed Note: This song is expressly chosen for this message. Elohim’s Truth is written out in glorious display in the HaShamayim. This includeds Stars, Planets, Nebulas, as well as the Black Holes – Job 38.)

The Plan –

I’m sharing this because, having literally just watched it, I feel compelled that it needs to be seen by those who are willing to consider all possibilities.

I am not one to pass Judgement upon any one – whether people or a nation –  quickly or easily. Because I have always kept a deep seated hope that the BEST parts of all “man” and “woman” would ultimately bring about the kind of change that none would expect and which would also exceed our most innate desires and expectations. I have learned over time to hope for much, expect little and be immensely surprised, elated and joyous over any and all Blessings that result from Elohim’s hand of Grace.

One note of reference. I have never followed “Q” – Q is mentioned in this video. I have heard some call Q a “psy-op” “fraud” or “decoy” – I have heard others say things like “Q” is about restoration and setting the world free….

I truly don’t know. But I follow the leading of Holy Spirit. I listen when prompted, Speak when prompted, Act when prompted.

Use your own discernment as you watch this.



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Danger-ous Zone

Setting 1986

He stared at me.

He just sat there with a dumb stare, as in shock. He’d never done that.

A supposedly grown man – unable to form a coherent sentence in response to my reply.

That’s when he stammered, “You could be a dangerous woman someday, you know that?”

I kept my poker face on, feeling only a marginal twang of pity as I observed the pools of self-loathing his eyes bathed in.

“Yeah, I know.”



The Quantum Connection

It’s been 34 years since that conversation took place. You died years ago – 5 or 6 years if memory serves. I have finally figured out who you were, why you did what you did and whom exactly you served.

Still, I begrudge you nothing. There is no benefit in that to my Soul. The weight of burden you tried to impose upon me – failed – and what you manifested in this life was returned to you.

I pray that the chains that held your mind captive are broken.

This is where the true power you sought lies – in the wisdom of relinquishing control over another – so that both are set free.



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What you don’t know: The Foxes den

By Senior year, all my friends had figured out what they wanted to do with their lives, where they wanted to go to college.

Not me.

A lot of kids that age have a mom or dad who might help them to figure out a life pathway.

Maybe my parents were taken from me so I could better relate to males and females who grew up without any parental type figure present.

Maybe the intention was to survive the experience of feeling alone and abandoned – as if nobody gave a damn.

My future Sister-in-law asked me early on during my Senior year if I had thought about college.

I felt shame as I said, “I have no clue where I should go to school. I’ve been researching and trying to pick colleges but haven’t been able to select anything.”

“Well, do you know what you want to do?”

Out of my mouth tumbled the words, “I think I’m interested in telecommunications.” What’s weird though is that I had NEVER given that idea thought until that moment. To be honest, those past 2 years I’d probably thought more about becoming an actress than anything. I had made myself take the introduction to acting class in Junior year.

I do remember my classmate, Jill, who told me…”don’t go into acting, that’s not for you” she basically implied it would mean too much compromise on my part.

A few weeks after that conversation with my SIL, I was watching the evening television news. As I was watching, I remembered being given the word “telecommunications” and observed the news anchor. At that moment, my Spirit quickened – of course back then I had no idea what “quickening of the Spirit meant.” But that’s when I realized I wanted to go into television news. That was back in Spring of 1987

Time to Fast Forward


I was now a Junior in College. I had found one of the best colleges on the West Coast to attend with a great reputation for Broadcast Journalism.

Before I started college (at least at the University level in 1989) and during a campus visit, I went so far as to schedule a couple of interviews with professors from each school of my potential “major” designation: “English” and “Broadcasting”

I was truly having a difficult time determining which to focus on. Even back in the 90’s, I knew that the “art” of writing was a dying skill and that lack of writing ability along with lack of critical thinking (not to mention lack of discernment) would ultimately bring great cost to the world I live in. Yet, Broadcasting would also play a huge role in what was coming.

Once I finished the interviews, I realized there was no outstanding option – just a “best of.”

Yet, it was the advice I got from the English professor that sealed that “best of”…which basically was: “if you’re a proficient writer – then the best road to take is likely going to be the Broadcast Journalism/Communication. Because on that one you’ll learn not just the techniques to broadcasting but how to write what needs to be written and to do so, concisely.”

Those were the best words of advice he could have given me. To this day they keep me afloat.

It was during Spring of Junior year – I was finally in the Broadcasting Class. But that class was the road to my personal epiphany.

If Jill knew – way back when I was in High School – that I didn’t belong in Hollywood – then God was about to use this class to show me that I did not belong in the world of News reporting. Because as it turns out I found myself a sheep among the goats.

In the real world, in group situations, I’m not much of a talker. I have tended toward the role of observer. But it was in that class and on a specific day – that The Holy Spirit essentially provided a real-time open vision about the world as we know it.

That day (1991/2) I was shown what the world of Broadcasting – News and reporting – would look like 30 years later: 2021

That was the day, I knew I would never actually end up behind an anchor desk, or even as an “on location” reporter – because…

In the vision, “News” was no longer news – no longer truth – no longer about equal balance. I couldn’t believe it was possible, but in that vision, ALL forms of news/media had become exploitative, propaganda and “calculated” with strategic intent. The people had now become the frog in the pot of water.

Once that vision ended, I panned my gaze around the classroom and felt a sick pit in my stomach realizing what was ahead, that I could not be a part of.

I spent the next few weeks sorting out what I had seen in that vision, fighting against myself not to give up – considering switching to a different department within the school. Talking with other professors within those departments to validate the direction The Spirit was taking me. I even considered trying to apply to the School of Education and getting a certificate to teach – but that could have taken me an additional 3 years and I was already “higher institution” burned out. And yet, even Education has been compromised, because we are in modern day Babylon/Egypt.

So was that vision from The Holy Spirit – the vision of the world of Broadcasting – from The Spirit of Truth and Prophecy, for real?

Three decades later, I now know it was the truth. And here is the point of this message.

Yahusha told us in his word to take EVERY thought captive. The Word of God – The Logos – Holy Spirit, helps us to do that. So where in our lives should we place the Television News we watch throughout the day?

For those old enough to remember – there was a time when we didn’t have 24/7 news channels. There was a time when we didn’t have CNN, MSNBC, FOX.

And a 6 hour stream of this? Seriously?


That’s 6 HOURS, 30 minutes, 43 Seconds….

What are we doing when we become consumed by food that isn’t Manna?

Television > Tell – Lie – Vision

FOX 10 News:


Song of Solomon 2:15: “Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines; for our vines have tender grapes.” (cross ref: Ps 80:13

Ps 80:13 “The boar out of the wood doth waste it, and the wild beast of the field doth devour it. 14 Return, we beseech thee, O God of hosts: look down form heaven and behold, and visit this vine”. (cross ref Is 63:15)

Isaiah 63:15 Look down from heaven, and behold from the habitation of thy holiness and of thy glory; where is thy zeal and thy strength, the sounding of thy bowels and of thy mercies toward me? are they restrained?


Strong’s Hebrew: abaddoh (ab-ad-do) the same as 9, miswritten for 11; perishing – destruction


Strong’s Hebrew; from 6, (concr) something lost; abstract. destruction, ie: Hades – lost


Strongs Hebrew 8052: fem. pass part. of 8074 something heard (ie: an announcement – bruit (to spread news of/repeat), doctrine, fame, mentioned, news, report, rumor, tidings

Proverbs 25:25

Which den will you abide in?

What source will you trust for your Manna?

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Revelation 12 and The Song


september 23 2017 – The Heavenly Signs


First we had the Blood Moon Tetrad, followed by the Solar Eclipse in August of 2017 and the Revelation 12 sign in September 2017. Most recently we were able to watch Venus transit through the Pleaides. Now, we’ll have to wait and watch to see if anything occurs with Atlas – because Atlas has an association with the Pleaides.



Last night while I was reading and praying – I kept hearing in The Spirit: “His bowels were moved for me” which is from The Song of Solomon 5:4



Of recently, I had watched a video about a woman speaking in regards to the Signs in the Heavens…I finally realized that what most of contemporary christianity might call the Zodiac has been better known throughout antiquity as “The Mazzaroth.” Maybe some of you knew that, but I didn’t.


So, I did what any good Berean would do – and I’ve started to study this. I had never learned about it before because I kind of understood over the years that the Zodiac isn’t something we should focus on. Or, rather that was the message that had been handed down over the “patriarchal generations”



So, I found a book on Amazon written by a learned Jewish Rabbi…and I found some very big surprises.



The very Bible you and I read – accounting for all translations – is the Biblical story line found among the Stars of The Mazzaroth – which was why Yahuah indicates in the opening chapters of Genesis that he placed the stars and constellations (Genesis 1:14-18) in the sky for us to watch, read and pay attention to (ie: Look up your redemption draweth nigh) Luke 21:28.



To cut to the chase, as I was reading the book, I was reading about the sign of Virgo. It had never occurred to me which planet was actually part of this Sign in the Heavens on 9/23. The planet was Jupiter.





As I mentioned before, in The Spirit, I heard the words “my bowels were moved for me” – so I put the book down and picked up my Bible and Strongs Concordance.



“My bowels were moved for me” is a direct reference to The Song of Solomon Ch 5:4



That’s when I saw it, “My bowels” is a direct reference to the day Virgo gave birth to Jupiter – because Yahuah wrote this story in the stars/constellations – only He could have CAUSED the movement of the Virgins bowels to have moved. Just like Yahuah knows the correct timing for when a woman needs to go into labor and deliver her newborn – “moved for me” is the very hand of Yahuah guiding that planet through the womb of the wo-man – The Spiritual birthing process that must first occur.



The Song of Solomon might seem like just a poetic song about love – but the Book ties in and provides ample clues throughout all the Books (Genesis to Revelation) about the Power of Yahuah and his promises to his Children that His Word came to us through Yahusha and His Glory will find complete prophetic fulfillment in the days and weeks ahead.



Here’s one more tidbit I just realized about Virgo. In her left hand in the constellation is the star called “Spica.” Spica is reference to a Sheaf of Wheat (the omer) she is holding. Does that sound familiar to anyone in regards to the Old Testament? The Wave Sheaf offering of Leviticus (or the First Fruits) Barley (Harvest) offering! That represents the Church of Philadelphia!

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