Divine Moral: The Deeper Truths


Thank you to New Jerusalem Channel – for your playlists and information. I hope more of God’s Children will find them. They are powerful and insightful.

Many Blessings to All – May The Holy Spirit teach, lead and guide you into all Truth.

The Plasma Event: The Bifurcation

I began this blog post months ago and was looking for something else entirely, when I stumbled upon some of the videos  highlighted. Today The Spirit redirected me to complete it.


Some of you may have heard about The Georgia Guidestones, which basically is a list that includes reducing the population of humanity. You will notice within the Genesis Device (Star Trek) video how the description alludes to much of the propaganda the Me. Dea. has been feeding the masses since the Tell-lies-of vision entered the main stream decades ago.


I have never mentioned this on this blog, but 5 years ago – one of the very first Rhema Words the Holy Spirit gave me was “Nuclear Winter”


When I heard that, I dropped to the floor on my knees and just started crying. The moment was so very surreal…because it was like I was being shown in the Spirit – the effect of a Nuclear Winter occurring. I felt an eerie type of “cold” begin to cover me in The Spirit – though I felt it at an aetheric level sometimes the aetheric is more powerful than physical.


Part of this Spiritual information exchange was knowing that a type of nuclear holocaust was down the road in our future. However, this “nuclear winter” may not appear as they have presented in Sci-Fi film.


As I have read the scriptures over the years – I keep seeing and hearing the phrase from Revelation 3:15 “I wish you were neither hot nor cold.” Having recently realized that the Bible was written utilizing mostly alchemical references – it is no wonder that it has been misunderstood. Pastors in the pulpits are not instructed to teach from the alchemical perspective. They are taught to teach what the puppet masters want the masses to believe, this allows the current hierarchy to retain control of their 3d matrix.


I would imagine, those of you who are following this blog – whether you are a long time follower or rather new are searching for a new way of life. Another way of living. I have been praying about this. Many of us who believe in Christ Jesus, Immanuel and the Work on the Cross have been awaiting the Rapture of The Church of Philadelphia – The Rescue of The Bride, The Wave Sheaf Company.


I was led to establish this blog by our Father God. And have tried to share only as incoming information is deemed fit. Years ago, when I received the phrase “Nuclear Winter” that download really frightened me. However that was quite some time before Pre 2019. As the hours tick toward the conclusion of 2021 – Nuclear Winter has taken on a totally different perspective.


A few weeks back I had heard people online talking about hearing the sounds of “booms” and attributing such sounds to thunder in the clouds. Then recently, I had heard that those booms might actually be associated with the techtonic plates within the earth and the shift of those plates related to the Magnetic Pole Reversal and the end of the current Epoch we are observing. I really didn’t think anything of it until I was outside this past week and I also HEARD the sound of the boom. I know what thunder sounds like because I love thunder and lightning storms. This was not the sound of thunder. Deep down in my Spirit I have this knowing that Nuclear Winter is likely associated with the coming Magnetic Pole Reversal.


I really wasn’t sure about any of this until yesterday when The Father spoke to me in Spirit and I asked additional follow up questions.


The first download I received was “Plasma” -followed by, “Be Ready for the incoming Plasma Wave.”

“Father, what on earth do you mean by Plasma and Plasma Wave?”

“Little one, you are in the womb of the Earth – you and your siblings are effectively gestating in a womb of darkness. While in the womb you have WORKED spiritually to seek and find truth. All within earth’s womb are about to experience the labors pains necessary to leave this 3d reality and enter into the one you have been waiting for: 5d, 6d, 7d or what the scriptures identify as New Jerusalem. Part of that labor pain is going through the Plasma Wave. This soon coming plasma wave is the “birth canal” of delivery via electricity. It will produce an energy vortex. The energy vortex is necessary. The human body is a field of energy which has been condensed into darkness (skin) and within the law as a part of the beast.

However, New Jerusalem/Heaven – does not require this skin. In fact this skin covering is not permitted in The Holy City. As such prior to entering the Holy City it must be discarded. Part of this discarding requires cleansing of the old garment (skin of sin) to release the new (Purified Spirit/Soul – Tree of Life). The Plasma Wave is the necessary bridge between Earth and Heaven.”



(Kind of weird to see a display of “QR code” displayed here in video)

“The “Plasma Wave” is a field of electricity. It will resemble the same type of environment that encased each of you within your mother’s womb. In this case the Plasma Wave will have a double natured effect. This is because the Plasma Wave is both a blessing and curse as part of the Day of the Lord. Those familiar with The Old Testament will recognize it as “The Destroyer” and it is something that no one will escape. Even those hidden within underground caves or bunkers will not escape it.


Those who have believed in the sacrifice of Christ Jesus (and his resurrection) and accepted The Holy Spirit into their heart, mind and soul will not be harmed but there may be other lessons learned and knowledge gained through the Plasma Wave.”

(Please note there will likely be more than one “Plasma Wave” that passes across and through Earth which would account for more than one Harvest of Souls.)


“Those who have not surrendered to Christ or done their Spiritual Work to cleanse themselves of iniquity will experience rather unpleasant side- effects of the Plasma Wave. The Plasma Wave will signal the beginning of the Apocalypse. That is because once the Plasma Wave enters your atmosphere it will cover the Light of the Sun, moon and heavenly bodies. It will create an energy vortex (the Signal of the Sign of Jonah) and this will begin the 3 days of Darkness.”



The following video is merely a generalized presentation of the coming magnetic pole shift Cataclysm, mentioned in Genesis 1 and in the Book of Revelation. Notice when Admiral Kirk addresses the computer what the blue and white symbol looks like at its introduction


Please check back as this blog post may be (frequently) updated.

Dear Dad: It’s 12/2

12/2/2021 (I just noticed – today’s date is a palindrome) –

The Holy Spirit also wants me to list these biblical verses, directly related to today’s palindrome date. Genesis 1:22, Genesis 12:2, Luke 12:2, Luke 22:1, Revelation 12:2, Revelation 22:1

Hi Daddy,

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for years. To send you greetings on what would have been your earthly birthday.

Today would have been your 95th Birthday. Happy Birthday, Daddy. (Revelation 5:9) (Revelation 9:5)

Tears are starting to pour out as I write this because The Holy Spirit is having me listen to an artist I enjoyed so much when I was a Freshman and Sophomore in High School – George Benson. It is rather bittersweet because I recall you found out I liked his music and wanted to hear him in concert. You even offered to take me in 1985. For some odd reason, when you were ready to buy the tickets – I had changed my mind.

I am tired of kicking myself over that so many times in the years since your memorial in 1986. So, I’m gonna do something about it….

Though I rarely listen to radio anymore. Today, I did and started to hear George Benson sing – then I started to hear his lyrics in the Spirit.

We may not have gotten to the concert together – but in The Spirit and in my Soul – I am bringing the concert to you. And who knows, maybe our not going to the concert was part of the plan – becoming the catalyst for this very moment in time.

I am sharing some of my favorite songs, with you and any one else who may visit here and decide to stop, relax and listen for a while.

Thank you for being my Daddy while you were here. Thank you for your love and protection and for teaching me all the things that you did. For showing me what a real man should look like.

I love you. I miss you. I look forward to seeing you again, in Heaven.

And now, for a mini Benson concert:

The Restrainer – Bride Company – Rapture/Awakening

I am not the only one who has experienced the “Supernatural-ness” of The Holy Spirit – PRAISE GOD!

The photo below will make more sense once you read “The Holy Spirit Awakening” and listen to New Jerusalem’s video pasted below.

Orange Lightning Wallpapers - Top Free Orange Lightning ...

Please read the following link about my personal experience with:

The Supernatural: “A Holy Spirit Awakening”

To this day, I have never forgotten what that “Energy Surge” felt like. It felt like – HOME.

The Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit have shared with me not to fear the coming Rapture. The Rapture is a matter of both The Soul and The Heart.

Alpha & Omega X: The Coming Manifestation

I have been hearing the “Rule of 10” in my Spirit, repeatedly, for a couple of days.

We are nearing the point of entering The Great Tribulation. Doesn’t matter if you believe me.

People in Australia know it – People in Europe know it – People in Canada – and America is just coming to grips with what the nefarious Archons are doing.

It didn’t really all just start with a mask. Most of the “woke” now know that (if anything) the mask causes more harm than good. It’s all part of Agenda 2020/30 and the W H O objectives using B – u- s – h and every other dark entity as a pawn in their plan.

Start watching the following video at 7:20 and listen until about at least 9:07 (or for as long as your Spirit will allow. I had to turn it off at 9:55)

However, as we are learning what is occurring around us has everything to do with what you believe or don’t believe.

In this case of the “Rule of 10” applies to Faith/Grace and what you choose to Believe.

The worldly church (now owned by the Pope/Vatican) is fully involved and very much a part of the W – H – O initiative.

Long story short – all the worldly churches in America that abide by the five – oh – one – see3 tax codes which allow for tax exempt contributions ARE PART of the WHO beast system. You might not like hearing that – but this is where the Rule of 10 comes in.

Within the scriptures there is mention of a “tithe of 10%”

It is this tithe that is part of the 501 tax code. When you have given your tithe to any tax code abiding church you have FED the beast system. Yes, some of that money is used to assist those in need – and with what they have done to the world economies – the needs have been increasing.

We are currently in the beast system. There is no need to be wondering what it is. GHWB and his 1991 address confirmed their intent. They have been waiting a long time for their “lord Ba’al” to take his seat. The Beast system started the day The Romans crucified Christ Jesus. The only reason The Great Tribulation hasn’t kicked into high gear is because the Holy Spirit – Restrainer has not yet been removed.

The Holy Spirit IS the symbolic representation of The RULE of TEN!

NOT The Patriarchal church!

The Rule of 10 relates to both a Spiritual Tithe and a physical tithe. Just as there is both a physical Israel – Spiritual Israel and a Mother Jerusalem and a Daughter Jerusalem. Do you not recall that Jesus said, “If you have seen me you have seen The Father.” Jesus as God in The Flesh was The Father. Mother Jerusalem is The Holy Spirit – and the Daughter (New Jerusalem) is also known as Daughter Zion. Daughter Zion is the Coming New Jerusalem. This is why there is so much confusion in the world today – it is the ending of the epoch of Pisces (when Jesus walked the earth) and the transition into the next epoch of New Jerusalem – Daughter Zion – The Heavenly Kingdom (Age of Aquarius).

What I have discovered is that each person that has not submitted themself – surrendered – to the saving power of Jesus Christ is likely going through the Great Tribulation. I have heard so many people talk about “no one is coming to save you” or “we are the ones we have been waiting for” on social media – The Father has shown me it is highly likely these who will be here for the “test of tribulation” or otherwise known as “Jacob’s Trouble”

I believe there is a harvest of souls – in various visions over the last 10 years I have seen the First Fruits harvest.

I now know that BH Oh bummer is the AC. I didn’t realize it fully until this year. But I acknowledged it during his 1st election acceptance speech in 2008 – when I announced to no one aloud “this is something right out of the Book of Revelation – it’s like he is the AC.” I barely even remember saying it until The Holy Spirit reminds me of those words.

When the Restrainer is removed – that is the First Fruits Harvest of the Elect (Read 2 John 1). It is the First Fruits Harvest that IS part of the Spiritual Rule of 10 and the first of the 3 Harvests (Raptures/Harpazos)

Now, I have read a lot thoughts and comments over the years about people who don’t believe in a “Rapture” and those who talk at length about a dystopian nightmare. As I have prayed over all of these ideologies I realized that is all also part of Elohim’s plan. That which you believe in your heart – is to where you will go.

The easiest way to describe the Rule of X is – where are you contributing your 10% tithe to? Or rather, to where are you putting the fruits of your labor? If you are using your time, talent or money to help another human being (on a personal level) you are acting as the hands and feet of Jesus (Luke 3:11). If you are contributing to the weekly offering plate of a 501 you are supporting the Harlot of Revelation 17. This is how the Rule of X applies. Only TEN Percent of those in the church will be part of the harvest.

TEN Percent – (in reverse TEN spells NET – 153 fish of John 21:11)

The biggest shock the world has coming is that while Jesus walked the earth as The Father in the Flesh – the Great controversy of Genesis 3 is about to occur. Whether any men reading this like it or not – the true reckoning will come with the arrival of God’s Holy Spirit but appearing as Jesus did when he was transfigured at Matthew 17 and Mark 9. This is the opening of the Apocalypse.

Go read Genesis 3. Eve was called The Mother of All the living – though she was ultimately betrayed by “Adam”

However, the Woman of Revelation 12 is the same one as the woman of Galatians 4:26 AND the Omega of Revelation 22. The Omega is the counterpart to Jesus’ Omega. They are the first and the last.

You don’t have to believe me – but you should pray and ask The Holy Spirit for wisdom, discernment and understanding.

I would also highly recommend Judi’s playlists on the truth of Israel/Palestine, as well as “Paul”

Edit to add: Please – I beg each of you – to Surrender yourself (your ego, pride, anger, hurts) to Jesus and accept his Gift of eternal Life through The Holy Spirit. If you wait and the Day of The Lord arrives, it will be too late. Please read “Smelling Smoke” to understand how important this is.

God Bless each of you reading this

A Few Good Men -“Unraveling The Truth” –

Can you handle the Truth? (contains some foul language)

This snippet may be a bit lengthier, but it’s important to watch before the next video

I need you to really let the above snippet sink in. Because the above snippet is a composite picture of the situation our world is dealing with.

I tried to read my Momma’s Bible when I was younger – about 11-12 years old. But back then I got frustrated before I finished the first chapter of Genesis.

As previously mentioned, I started reading Revelation around 2005/6. I had found a Bible which The Father had specified I seek out and read from. My Mom’s Bible was the KJV. The one I started working with in 2005/6 was an NLT.

Even with the NLT, so many of the passages were confusing and difficult at best to understand. It wasn’t until The Holy Spirit directed me to pick up a KJV that included notations of parallel passages that things began to take shape and I realized that while God’s Word is true that not every man tells the truth.

It is no wonder that we are now seeing the end of all things – because a house divided against itself cannot stand (Mark 3:25, Luke 11:17).

The following video was put together by Sister Judi last year. I had previously tried to listen to it a couple of times, but back then I usually did so as I was dozing off to sleep. I listened to it in full tonight prior to writing this. The message and meaning are really important – because all of this has to do with the current deceptions WE ARE ALL dealing with.

While Father God Elohim love and care for us – there is much more going on that the “masses” do not understand and the Patriarchy and “church” forefathers have been keen to keep it that way.

You are about to learn why it is that our Bibles read the way they do – everything Judi shares here makes complete sense to me. That’s not to say I wasn’t frustrated to find out the origins but at least I now know why there is so much truth in 1 John 2:26 and confirmed by Psalm 118:8.


“Tick-Tock” of Mazzaroth: Patriarchy’s End

2020 – The year of hindsight and reflection confirms the ages old cliche “Hindsight is 20/20”

I did not realize it but this transition was brought to my attention back in 2005(ish). A friend had emailed us a fascinating anecdote that alluded to there being a timeline as to how all empires ultimately fall. At the time, I thought – how is that possible? There is no way. That was about the same time as when The Father had directed me to open my Bible and begin reading Revelation: The Book of The Apocalypse.

Have you seen the “memes” that mention, “there is no stopping what’s coming”? In general I tend to think people attribute that concept to “Cue” – but the true credit belongs to Father GodElohim.

The Book of Job (chapter 38) mentions the Mazzaroth, which encompasses the Shamayim (Heavens) and within the Heavens – written among the stars is what is commonly known as the Zodiac. The Ancients were familiar with it as the Dendera – Zoroastrianism – Vedics.

Last year after the infamous “Car. Oh Na” virus became part of the propaganda campaign for the Old World Or-der of Patriarchal control – I did a little digging around God’s Word related to Job 38.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the 2020 shake up was symbolically also written in the stars. I used to live in a place called – Corona, CA.

I didn’t even realize how this past 18mos could be significant until you really look at WHERE the “Serpens” is on the astronomical map. Pause it and notice that, indeed, the “dragon” at this point is about to fulfill Revelation 12:4. This is where the archons (powers and principalities mentioned in Ephesians) began to try and exercise their bicep muscles and we see here that deep within the Mazzaroth there is in fact a Crown within one of the decans. The (reptilians -ie: Archons) are trying to devour the Children of God.

I bring up this topic because it is pertinent. We – each of us – is a creation of God. We are walking energy in motion. Whether that energy is dark or light. We see evidence of this ranging from Jesus transfiguration in the New Testament to also when Jesus identified the legion (archons of darkness) in Mark 5 and Luke 8.

Moving on to the next “Tick Tock” Clock, is this from Hunger Games. And the reason I share this now is because the usual suspects are showing us in plain sight what is going on. Even each “wedge” within the clock seems eerily reminiscent of the Judgements written about in Revelation. The “Clock” in the movie even includes the ‘decans’ – described as “tubes” within script.

And why does all this matter? Because we are leaving the Age of Pisces and are entering the Age of Aquarius. Recall Jesus words at Luke 22:10. That is a reference pointing to the Sign of Aquarius in the Heavens (owka “The Waterbearer” – the one who pours out truth).

Yet, what we really need now is balance – and balance is another keyword pointing to the scales of balance….the archons of darkness are about to be overthrown.

How long wilt thou go about, O thou backsliding daughter? for the LORD hath created a new thing in the earth,

A woman shall compass a man.

Jeremiah 31:22

And speaking of Job

Thank you Judith

And this all relates to Jeremiah 23:6 – Jeremiah 33:16 and Jeremiah 51:10

Tick Tock

The 1st Fruits Wedding – Dancing on “The Ceiling”

Before I begin – I want to give thanks to Father God, Jesus Christ and The Ruach HaQodesh. In addition I also want to provide clarification

I am very grateful to New Jerusalem channel and to Lindsay and Tim for their dedication to Father God Elohim and the coming Kingdom of New Jerusalem. In my last blog post I mentioned how much I was overwhelmed by the narrator voices.

I’m just gonna come right out and say this – the woman who shared the dream her nephew had – if the current rapture dream is yours as well – please do not hide your voice because it is beautiful and I always thought it was. Hearing the voice of the sister who was a “guest speaker” also helped my soul to heal. So, God Bless you – Father please bless her and that child with your Treasure House of Love, Peace and Protection.

Peter, if you read this I want you to know – I loved my earthly Dad – but when he died it felt like I had been hit by the caboose (Mom’s death was what felt like a freight train), because I hadn’t had the chance to get as close to him, as I had my Mom. Neither of the experiences and events that followed was easy but all/both catapulted me towards growing in Faith and comprehending how amazing our Elohim really is!

I have healed from the events surrounding my mother – it took a lot of work, writing, studying God’s Word and praying over 3-4 decades to make sense out of God’s plan for this soul’s journey.

Peter, whether or not you already know this in the Spirit or will (hopefully) understand it, there is something about the quality of your voice – that has been helping me to heal from emotional damage that earthly men have done in the decades following my Dad’s sudden and untimely passing. That was why I cried when I heard your voice. Because within your voice, somehow – I heard a frequency of love from Heaven. Thank you for the gift of your presence – and your efforts on behalf of NJC & A&ΩPW

After I heard both of you speak on the last message(s) and about the rapture dream – I started to see more into the Spirit. Hearing you both also helped my Spirit recognize that a vision I had back in 1990 was of the 1st Watch Wedding.

I have also been seeing some amazing sky cloud formations – and today – I saw Jesus in the clouds to the West. He was poised with outstretched arms and looked like he was awaiting to receive/grasp the hands of his Bride.

“Evergreen” reminds me of my earthly parents – I recall them listening to this song and it reminds me of the Love they had for each other – which I was fortunate enough to observe even if for only a short time.

Luke 12: 37-38

In Celebration of the Coming First Watch Harvest/Gathering

And while I absolutely love the Christina Perri song “Thousand Years” – I am adding and updating this message with this video from Lionel Richie. For several specific reasons. Many years ago (pre-9.1.1.) I was waiting for a flight heading to Jamaica. The flight was late in taking off and it wasn’t until the last moment I understood why.

I heard commotion near the front of the plane at the loading ramp and the next thing I knew I heard the words “Hey, Lionel!”

I didn’t think much of it until I looked up and glanced – and saw Lionel Richie standing in the aisle way – turn his head, wave a greeting to fellow passengers and take his seat.

As for this song – While driving this afternoon – I heard “Dancing On The Ceiling” by Lionel Richie. Until today, I have never seen its official video. But it is rather fascinating. Because the gathered group is shown dancing on the ceiling. However, if New Jerusalem “comes down” from Heaven then the “upside down” dancing in this portrayal is not just dancing on the ceiling but is also dancing on the floor of Heaven. It would however be the “ceiling” from Heaven’s vantage point). Do take note that there are 3 dancing transitions as part of the “drama” (representing the 3 harvests of Heaven.)

And I believe that New Jerusalem that we read about in Revelation is by The Power of God Elohim – just above us (suspended) – in mid Air.

– And finally on the drive home today – at almost the exact point and same position as when I saw Jesus in the clouds this morning – I saw a staircase in the sky. A round/circular staircase. The stairs were almost exactly at the same meeting point as where Jesus hands had been extended earlier today.

And Jesus said, I am; and ye shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven

Mark 14:62

I pray we hear the sound of the Trumpet call SOON!

Messages about The Rapture/Heaven

I have lost track of how many times I have listened to this first video

First, because I somehow recognize the voice of the narrator. When it comes to people – it’s almost as if I have a photographic memory for sound/frequency and names, faces and numbers – even going back to childhood.

As I listened to the vivid description of his dream and hear about the presence of the rainbow – I recognize the presence and Spirit of Daughter Zion. Also what he mentions echoes back to what we know about The Exodus of The Old Testament. The Pillars of Fire by Night and Clouds by day hearken to the protection of The Holy Spirit. The parting of the The Red Sea is about much more than crossing a dry path on foot. That Exodus event echos as an alchemical metaphor to Revelation 6:14, when the Sky recedes like a scroll.

When we are told in the scriptures that The sky will recede this is about a monumental event that will ultimately change the earth as we have known it. This is the “signal” if you will of the cleansing of earth – a “cleansing” or cataclysm. I discovered this a couple years back.

Among the plethora of half-truths (lies & propaganda) the “Dracos” have allowed to continue – the one thing they have kept hidden is about the coming magnetic pole shift and the earth changes that will resemble events mentioned in Revelation. The pole shift is really about the next cataclysm and that cataclysm is otherwise known as “growing pains” in the book of Matthew.

It was a couple of years ago while reading Genesis Chapter 1 that the Spirit showed me that the earth had gone through “changes” previously. It is these changes that are part of the “Mazzaroth” described in Job 38.

The Patriarchy has thus far refrained from sharing such knowledge in order to retain “control” (or what they deem as control.).

The Dracos are trying to remain focused on p0p. u. lation. control. The pop u lation control promotes their bl@ck goo g3ne ed-iting therapy.

They don’t want people to know this because what they truly fear is this “pole shift” (a term that refers to both the end of time, Rev 10:7 – and changes within the earth – Revelation 12:16). It is my understanding that the events surrounding “La Palma” of the Canary Islands are a time marker and critical component of those “cleansing birth pains.”

All I can say is Thank God we can put our Trust in Christ and Elohim!

“Our Great High Priest” is narrated by “Peter.”

Peter, I have only known 2 people by that name in my life – but I KNOW what their voices sounded like.

Even though I don’t believe I’ve met you in person – Somehow, in the Spirit, I recognize your voice – as I listened I had a very difficult time focusing on the message because my Spirit hyper-focused on the frequency of your speech. Something like this has rarely – and I mean rarely – ever happened. I wept through almost this entire message. That isn’t a bad thing – because I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit through your delivery. Thank you for taking the time to record it!

Hugs & Blessings!

Avery & The Aether: River of Dreams

A Message from the other side

[Ed Note: I know that most “Christian traditionalists” may not “approve” of this message. But I have learned over the last few years that there are some true stumbling blocks within what we have come to know as traditions of men.]

In the past, I have shared messages from The Holy Spirit – as well as warnings from God The Father.

But, just over a year ago – within The Aether I also began to receive messages from Spirits who had crossed over. I know that these Spirits were not unholy. When I have heard them they are clear – humble and reaching out in true remorse. One of the Spirits is rather persistent with their request. I have pondered on the approach to take in response to them. Up to this point, I have opted to pay no attention and just pray for them in The Spirit. But tonight, something tugged deeply at my heart. The initial message I started to receive a year ago came from a young girl who died while still in High School. She has asked repeatedly to convey a message to her mother.

There is a tangibility tonight in the Spirit I have never felt before – as if I can feel not just the daughter reaching out, but her Mother also reminiscing and longing to hear from her.

Because of this tangibility factor – I am going to share the message from the daughter. I am transcribing here what I am hearing/receiving, telepathically through the aether.

This is to L.N.S from A.M.

Dear Mom, I’ve been waiting so long to really be able to say anything to you. I am grateful for this moment.

Mom, I’m sorry – I know I screwed up. I never meant to cause you or Dad or the family this much heartache. I never thought the decision I made would bring it all to an end. Stupid teenager antics – I was sure full of them.

Now, that I have the chance to share my heart with you – I can feel your grief and frustration and all the second-guessing you have been through. I’m not allowed to talk about this side of the veil, I’m only allowed to help you to move through your grief and to let you know that I LOVE you so very much.

If there is anything I can share with you, Mom – it’s this. Please take your faith walk more seriously. Yeah, I know we were “active” with church and all that. But that’s not what real faith is. I got all caught up in school and church activities – and while I may have done well and had fun, my focus was misplaced.

I know we lived for Football and all those traditional activities – but none of that should matter. And even though we did go on Missions Trips – I will tell you this, we weren’t ready to be doing what we were doing. Yes, I was a “crazy” girl and always doing something out of the ordinary – and that came at the ultimate cost. I should have been more respectful of you. I should have been more obedient. I know I tried your patience – and you only wanted the best for me.

I’m so, so sorry. I love you Momma. If I could change what happened that day – I would. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t have done all the dance, hip-hop things that I thought mattered or that were “cool.” I know there were many fun things we both did together – but in the big picture Mom we got over involved. Sports and extra curricular stuff just doesn’t matter. Learning how to love others and forgive (anyone, anything and everything), that does matter.

My death should have been a wake-up call for all of the family. A “wake up” not to remain immersed in life like it was when I was still with you – but seeking Jesus and The Holy Spirit in deep prayer asking for true direction and purpose. Your time on earth isn’t about just “having fun” or jobs or making memories. Our time on earth is about deep growth, and facing emotional wounds. Which brings me full circle to why I have been so gently asking this writer for over a year to help me with this message. I needed someone who would take my voice from the aether seriously, and not just “pass it off.”

Mom, Just because I died physically didn’t change that my Spirit and Soul still exist. Only my form is different.

I know that you still ache. I know your heartache is deep. There are reasons that this happened. It was not without cause. It wasn’t to punish you, or me or dad or anyone else. Every event that happens in life, happens for a reason. My death and how you process it are part of that. And Mom, from a personal standpoint – no one can do this healing for you. People don’t like to see other’s cry, but crying is really important – even if it feels like your tears will fill a river.