Like a child who can’t wait for their birthday to arrive or the first light of Christmas morning…I have been asking & praying fervently for insight. 

I know I recently wrote about The Father’s Prophetic time clock on another site – but nothing could have surprised me more than (after having done so) hearing confirmation after confirmation regarding those insights and prayers.

The confirmations I have received have caused me to take pause in writing. Instead, I’m going to share a couple blog posts here that brought tears to my eyes upon first reading it. 

Historic events are taking place before our eyes and I was humbled to watch some of those things occurring this week via live internet streaming.

The times and days we are living in are like no other. ..

The Days of Revelation Are Begun


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No Middle Ground

I never imagined a song might be used “Prophetically,” and so powerfully…over a span of more than 30 years.

Since I recently started hearing the melody and lyrics to the Song “Against All Odds,” I feel like I have been listening to the song as much as I can.

At first I was focused on the “me factor” – I was in the middle of a pity party for almost a week.

Finally, after a week of listening to this song and praying, He helped me recognize He was indeed using this ballad as an intended message but I wasn’t getting the intended meaning.

That is, until last night.

Music and song can and does have layered meaning. I’ve mentioned that I thought it was related to my grief over my Mom and how relationships within the Body of Christ are changing so rapidly.

This is something everyone in the Body of Christ (Yes, the church) is going though. (See this post from Glynda Lomax)

However, It goes much, much deeper than that.

“Against All Odds” is a ballad that is associated with a movie. But the bigger picture is that this song is a message for ALL PEOPLE with enormous prophetic implications.

I urge you to listen to it and really pay attention to the lyrics. 

Interpret The lyrics as being sung from the perspective of “the church” asking Jesus where The Holy Spirit went?

“Against All Odds”

What I’ve been shown in the WORDS of this song, is how the LUKEWARM people of the church will feel and what they will SEE when His Spirit is no longer on the face of the Earth.

There will be so many questions, so much confusion (exponential compared to now), so much hurt and emptiness….

I say this because, Jesus told us in His WORD that at some point the Holy Spirit, which was made available, at Pentecost would someday BE REMOVED from the earth. Recall as well, that Jesus said there would be a time when He would have to respond to many “I never knew you”…because earthly idols and worldly goals became your focus. 

The Lyrics in this song paint a picture of what the people who missed the warnings will experience once God removes the Holy Spirit from The Earth.

  • The heartache they will go through having missed getting to know Him.
  • They missed establishing a relationship with HIM before “The Event” occurs, this relationship would give them “Hope” to keep going.
  • It will be “Against All Odds” that unbelievers, the unsaved, or unrepentant will be able to get through the days of Great Tribulation (GT) – when the Holy Spirit has been removed from the Earth.

I shared yesterday about obstructions in the road or “roadblocks”…those roadblocks will only intensify after the Holy Spirit is removed.

Everyone is free to make a choice. Free Will is a gift every human being has been given…by God.

One more thing to point out; as I continue reading Book Of Mysteries – last night I was at Day 163 – Titled “The Appointed.” It was after reading this that the “Against All Odds” theme really made sense. Every person who lives on this earth will HAVE to experience some type of “testing.” Each person alive (right now) is APPOINTED to having their faith tested – will you follow Jesus (Yahushua) or the adversary? There is no middle ground, there is no gray area. This is life and the reality we face.

The Holy Spirit is here, now…but that will not last forever. Against All Odds is how things will look once the “And Suddenly” moment has passed.


Multiple Confirmations?

I have started compiling posts on another blog site – maybe that is a good thing because yesterday, on THIS site, I was inundated with what appeared to be spam comments…

No offense, but I “don’t got time” for that!


Onto the message:

This morning as I was reviewing a message from Richard Barker he  shared a vision from Lana Vawser. I have to mention that here because her vision seems to be in tandem with something I was given three weeks ago, today. It seemed like there were some overlapping/similarities.

I called it “Dream/Vision: Obstruct.” I copied the dream over to share here:


On Wednesday April 26, around 12:19pm, I was reading the Book of Mysteries and my Bible when I laid down to rest. This is kind of unusual for me mid-day.  But as I set the time for 40 minutes, I heard a soft whisper say, “I’m going to give you a vision.”

I laid down and closed my eyes…

Moments later, just as I started dozing, I saw it. It was a flash that lasted ever so briefly.

I was in a car, I was the driver. I think I know exactly where I was.

In front of me appeared a LARGER than life piece of road construction equipment (OR a better visual is equipment used by the Oil and Gas industry when they are working in the fields. I have seen pictures of these types of equipment and they are Gigantic/HUMONGOUS.)

The road I was on was two lanes either direction in addition to a turning lane. Just ahead of where I was at in the vision was the “overpass” of a road that runs East/West: 44/66)

This equipment was on my side of the road – taking up BOTH lanes. I was driving Northbound, the equipment was heading Southbound. I believe there may have been one other car ahead of me or in my vicinity, near me.  I have this strange recollection that the car was white and it was in front, but somehow, to the side. (I’m under the impression this car nearby was Jesus)

It appeared there was no way around this equipment without swerving over into the Southbound lanes (or possibly the turning lane) or wait for God’s divine intervention to intercede and move this larger than life monstrosity. But this THING had no business being where it was. In hindsight, too, while I was driving it almost felt like in THAT moment time had stopped and there was a “Pause” in the clock.

In the dream, after I realized this obstruction was right in front of me – my body “jolted” and the dream ended. But right before I completely awoke – the weirdest thing happened; I heard the word, “Sutra”

I looked up it’s definition; “Sutra” is Sanskrit for “thread.” Hmm

I have continued to contemplate that word and wondered “Why Sutra, why did I hear that word?” At one point, I realized it’s  pronunciation is similar to the word “Suture.”

I am familiar with the word Suture in general, but I looked it up:

Suture, literally meaning “seam”, may refer to:

I recognized the “surgical suture” definition but the one that surprised me was the geological suture. I’m believing both apply but I haven’t received a full interpretation of what I saw. I think it’s entirely possible the geological suture applies to a massive fault line “triggering” (and maybe more than one.)

Scripture Verses that accompany this message:

I first understood to look up the Book of Isaiah

Isaiah 44:6-8 (The Foolishness of Idols)

Then I proceeded to look up

1 Corinthians 12:19

Luke 12:19

Romans 12:19

Mother’s Day: Confession & Letters


In the last 48 hours, I’ve realizedhow self-centered a daughter I was / I’ve been.

I’ve gained painful insight into what it means to “release” in The Spirit in the last three days.

So, if y’all will indulge me, there are a couple of people I owe some messages of acknowledgement to.

Marla, If you ever read this, Thank you.

I want to publicly Thank you.

The first time I heard your song on Friday, “I See You Smiling” my mouth dropped, gaping in shock.

I listened to it again moments later. My daughter was sitting next to me. I re-started your recording and started to cry…then I cried harder. My daughter held me.

I don’t know if it was the melody or the lyrics or both that prompted my emotional response but I recall this conversational exchange:

As I listened to the lyrics in Marla’s song, thoughts poured in and words in grief and sorrow that I never considered flowed out of my mouth. Until now, I’d never realized my mourning process was incomplete:


“In all these years, I’ve never been able to see Mom in Heaven.”

(Reflecting) I have never been able to get past my own selfish abandonment and I have asked God a decades worth of why’s!!”

(When you are a child, overwhelmed by sorrow – When no one seems to care and you don’t fit into any category because no one can relate to you. How do you sustain?)

Hidden sadness gushed out as tear drops began to cascade. I paused long enough mid-sentence and ran for tissues….”Oh God, I can’t cry. No, not now.”

“Mom, why not?”

“I have to be strong. Tears make me look weak.”

“Mom you’re crying because you’re human.”

Dear Mom,

I miss you and I realize I always will. There is no way I can’t. But I have been unfair to you. In all these years, I have never been willing to release you back to God. I figured if I held on to you tightly, both in memory and spirit, I wouldn’t have to let go. But if I don’t let go, neither one of us is really free.

Your purpose on earth was completed a long time ago. That’s just the way it is. I know you loved me. And I want you to know, I loved you so, so much. I didn’t get to adequately tell you that during your lifetime, but I’m certain you know it, now. I ask you to forgive me for all the big and small things that hurt you and I forgive myself for not wising up sooner.

Thank you for giving me Life.

Thank you for showing me God’s Love.

Thank you for demonstrating perseverance.

Mother’s Day may not have meaning in Heaven, but nonetheless, “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.” I will carry the best parts of you with me from here into Eternity. 

I release you into God’s presence. You are His.

Thank You, Elohim, for Blessing me with a woman who Loved you and lived life with your Word written on her heart, in her soul and permeated her Spirit.


I pray that others who are struggling through this Weekend without a Mother will feel comfort through this as well…

I See You Smiling


Against All Odds

I’m noticing through my reading that there are a ton of people out there; readers, bloggers, other friends who are experiencing loss and separation…of their own friends, family and associates through a variety of means.

None of it is pleasant. None of it is easy.

But apparently, it’s necessary.

In all of it, God has a plan. He always has a plan

That’s all I’m saying


Here arrives another Mother’s Day weekend. This one feels different for reasons I do not fully understand.

But I know there are two posts I need to share as it “opens and closes.” This is the first post…


In 1984, The movie Against All Odds made its debut at the box office. Though I had heard of it at the time I’m not sure I actually saw the movie until many years later.

The song Against All Odds was something that reverberated in me for months (and obviously still is) years/decades after. Back then, I “recorded” the song from the radio using a blank cassette tape and proceeded to play and rewind that specific song (possibly) hundreds if not a thousand times during that next year (plus.)

At one point my former brother-in-law paused in front of me and asked “How many times are you going to keep playing and rewinding that?” I responded “Until I’ve heard it enough.”


I have arrived at the moment where I need to revisit and share this song today because it has a new meaning now that I can’t entirely define and I don’t fully understand.


And there is a reason it’s this song that has to be presented, it’s pivotal and timely.


I searched for a while for the right “version” and once I saw this one I knew I’d hit “Gold”


Before I share the theme song for this post: I’m going to share the post that goes along with it called:

“Foreshadowing: Updated”


Now, I’m going to let this song speak for me and maybe for other’s too who are feeling a similar set of emotions.


Against All Odds

Love vs Chaos: Land of Confusion


I recall I started watching this video sometime in the last year, but didn’t get to finish it.


Today, I finished it and was then given a message to share


What is the meaning of Life?

I was crying before the video was over because before the gentleman finished his testimony I heard, in The Spirit, “Love is the Meaning” only moments before his words were verbalized.


“Unprecedented times, the unknown before you. How much time do you need to believe?

Too many among you already go through the days with hardened hearts. Are you among those who put your focus on what you can see, on your social media “shares” and on what you can accumulate and moments later, replace?

Your beating heart means something to ME. Love is the answer but wrong choices are being made. What you see happening before you is but a silhouette of what is to come. Too many believe that time is infinite – when in fact – it is finite.



You believe in that which you create but not in the ONE who created. (Genesis 1:1-27)

Time will not stand still because I AM time.

The fragment of time you have been given is your opportunity to exercise that gift – Do you USE that gift or squander it?

Has My Son not told you that the Greatest of these is Love?

That Love He has spoken of is THE meaning behind all the mysteries you long to understand!

For those with ears to hear, hear this now:

if you wish you understand

what this life – your life – is ABOUT?


How you live your life is your gift to me but my ULTIMATE gift to you – beyond your beating heart – beyond eternity in Heaven –

is you WALKING into the fullness of your

DESTINY: Here/Now on Earth.

Each of you has one; a Destiny. But few of you ever to bother asking me if your goals and motivations are truly an “unction” of my calling to you or simply the temptations of the world calling upon your conscious, carnal, thinking mind.

By now, you should realize nothing is as it seems. Time, things and events will only escalate. If you read MY WORD, this you know and already understand. If you have not read my WORD – start now…

The Land of Confusion is before you and on the path ahead. What will you do with what you know? Trust only ME. If you do not know your Destiny – ASK ME.”

The title of this song, “Land of Confusion,” is what I understood I was to share with this message. Many of you know it’s a song from the group Genesis (1986). I am posting the lyrics along with it because the video is just too complicated (and really creepy) and does not include them.

Land of Confusion – Genesis

Lyrics – Land of Confusion

Matthew 7:7-12

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone?

10 Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent?

11 If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?

12 Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

King James Version (KJV)

Public Domain


Thru The EF-1 Rains

I had driven across the river to an antiques shop.

Decades ago after my mother passed, I had inherited some sort of pink statue from her. It has been sitting on top of a desk for years – and I had always wondered about it.

Today was the day I went out to see what I could learn about it.

This items seems to be in the shape of a “Japanese Monk” and it’s made of Jade. By the time that was determined, I looked outside for probably the 3rd time. The storm was really close because the ominous black clouds were no longer in the distance, they were overhead.

I walked out the door greeted by drops of rain and got in my car. Within a minute, the rain appeared to fall from the sky like a blanket. I got to the light before crossing the bridge and wondered how bad things could get. I stayed 25-30mph in the 40 across the Arkansas.

It continued to pour and cars around me were going super slow…some had pulled over to the side. I made one additional stop before heading home and as I drove up the hill and the road narrowed that’s when “things” started to feel hairy… The rain was worsening and even with my wipers on high I couldn’t keep the windshield clear. It was as if the sky had opened up and bucket upon bucket upon bucket of blankets of water were being poured out.

It was about this time when all I could see was headlights through the windshield and I could no longer make out the shapes of automobiles that I was PROMPTED to sing as I drove. Outta no where I started to sing “Jesus loves me…” (I barely remember singing it in hindsight but within moments of singing it I KNEW I wasn’t alone.) If I was feeling any anxiety before it was replaced by Yahveh’s Peace washing over and through me. By this point, I was about 2 minutes from home.

That storm cell was a “do-zey” – and I didn’t know it but a tornado watch had been put into effect

Thirty minutes later as I was driving, the skies above were mostly blue. While the storm water retention ponds were full many low road points were overflowing one might never have known by looking “up” that a thunderstorm had just passed. Further North and East it was a different story – dark looking clouds were re-gathering momentum and continuing their pursuit.

It was in these “after” moments that I thought back to a radio show where Glynda Lomax had spoken of having to take shelter in her tiny storm closet and as a she waited through a tornado warning, She began to sing, “Praise you in This Storm” and the Peace of Jesus just washed through her.

God’s Power is infinite and His peace is activated through our Praises.

Glory Be to Elohim!

This is what the skies above looked like during the afternoon’s Severe weather outbreak: an EF-1 Tornado was the result.