(Father, I pray I correctly understood.)

In the past year someone once shared a dream/vision with me. We tried to figure out its meaning, at the time, but we were stumped. 

In the dream, two people had been sharing a bed. (The bed was representative of their love for Yahveh/Yeshua/Holy Spirit). The two people were friends…as close as sisters; sisters in Christ. 

One of them was sitting up in the bed and she looked over at the space where her friend should have been…but was now gone. The pillow was saturated with some type of oil and the oil appeared to be spreading from the pillow onto the sheets. 

[Now, as I contemplate a very intense and unusual dream from this morning…I received what seemed to be an unexpected interpretation of that friends dream.]

Dream Interpretation:

The friend’s dream was a warning. As much as the Sister’s in Christ cared about each other and were very close…God’s specific purpose for them was not intended to be indefinite. 

Although it doesn’t make sense, God’s ways are higher than ours and after all is said and done each “Sister” would not just be better equipped, but stronger as well.

Both Sister’s are mighty warriors for the Kingdom but each one would take a different pathway on the narrow road. 

The oil that was on the pillow represented the anointing of The Holy Spirit that had already been received and it’s progressive movement onto the sheets represented what was to come. 

(I will update as/if I receive additional interpretation or insight)

Scripture references

Romans 8:28


Marked by Destiny

(Just when I think I have the correct title. ..I find myself corrected by the HS. This was previously titled “Memory & Time”)

Time After Time

It feels like once upon a time, though it was not so long ago…that a Sister in Christ gifted me with a treasure.

Today I shared a blogpost about reviving creativity in Baby Steps to Small Victories.

I think part of that spark has been building over the past few days when I have looked often at the gift box you see pictured below. (Update (6/16/17 1:09 pm -The odd part is…until last evening, this box had been in a different part of the house. For the purposes of the blog, it was brought back to the space where I do almost all my creative work. And I believe that is where it needs to stay.)

Inside it were 4 cross-style bookmarks…all made by hand. Until today, I never realized how much this represented Yahuveh’s (God) gift to us in His son Yahushua (Jesus.)

There are 5 ringlet bows on the top: 5 is the number of Grace.

There are 5 sides to the box (not including the base, which as the 6th represents not just the number of Man but Jesus Victory in crushing any power over the enemy.)

Once opened, inside the box were crosses carefully nestled within. Once we are saved, and have accepted Yahushua as our Messiah we are COVERED – encircled (if you will) head to toe by His Blood.

And – this is probably obvious to most of you but something I never thought of until this Holy Spirit moment: The vertical beam of the cross represents what would have been our condemnation because of sin – except that the horizontal beam (where Yahushua outstretched His arms – as Far as the East is From the West) represents the actual “bridge” (bridging the gap) of our Salvation.

The last part I recogized was the actual tail of the bookmark, the part that would hang off the edge of the pages of a book, such as the bible. I realized this specific “marker” represents God’s destiny and purpose for you, for me…for each and every person written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. 

The Bible is more than just an historical account of a Man (Jesus)…it is our guidebook. Each of us has a place and part to play in the day’s to come. Discover Jesus and He will guide you to the purpose HE Created you for. 


Thank you, Father…for the people you place in our lives..if only for a Season. Thank you for your Hand in ALL things.

Abba Father, Thank you for Memories, that not only remind us of where we have been – but who we are and ultimately how you are shaping us to become your Masterpiece(s). Thank you for the memories of the past…but truly thank you for the eternal memories you will create through doing greater works in us!

Barbara Streisand – Memory

Incidentally, even though the song “Memory” is from decades past, it sure seems like its lyrics are very fitting for the days we are in…

Bookmark: Small Steps….

Toward Victory

After my Sister’s death in 2011, followed almost one year to the day, by my Mother-in-law…I have tried in earnest to get rid-of and purge stuff.

When Mom and Dad died, other family members pretty much took the “lead” in deciding who “got” what. 

I was 17 and that moment in my deceased parents kitchen was my first taste of how humans handle earthly inheritance (material possessions.)

Back enroute from visiting Grandpa, I knew there were some unfinished things I needed to complete. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “Easier said than done. ..” – This would apply.

In late February, early March I started to re-approach the 1st of several projects I had outlined for myself over the years Among them possible quilts for my kids

I had difficulty refocusing after Spring Break and it is now bordering on Summer. 

Upon arriving home from the road trip and catching up on what seemed like a dozen loads of wash…I looked at my “hobby room” and it stared back at me in all of its dis-array.

Step by step I made tiny changes. Each tiny change propelled me to the next step. 

Still the tshirt quilt hadn’t been resumed. A tshirt quilt really shouldn’t be all that difficult to make. I’m by no means a “quilter.” I don’t make quilts to enter competition…and I’ve only made 4-5, just to practice. The 1st two were baby lap quilts and the other two were photo quilts.

I’m feeling nervous about this tshirt project and I know I shouldn’t. So, today I decided “Baby Steps” is the way to go. 

The last time I sewed or embroidered was more than a year ago…which might explain a lot. If you stop doing something for a while, you can get “rusty.” 

Today, I needed to finish a teensy project I started almost two years ago (a bookmark)

I was going to embroider each student’s name on a bookmark as a Christmas present. I didn’t get to embroider any names on this, I just wanted to get re-accustomed to my machine again. ..before I work on something of real sentimental value. 

Here’s the bookmark

It’s not perfect and in hindsight I wouldn’t have used my serger on the edges. ..I just would have used my scissors or rotary cutter and sewn the sides with a “look-a-like” overlock stitch 

I am prayerful that The Holy Spirit will strengthen me to regain momentum on the projects I need to complete and see me through to the “finish line.”

Grandpa – The E.R.- and Life to Come

I continue to contemplate relationships this morning. Relationships among family, friends, acquaintances – all of it A-Z.

Then I started to think about The E.R. and Grandpa (My Father-in-Law)

Week of May 29 –

We were finishing breakfast at the hotel when the call came in. Grandpa indicated he was calling 911. He didn’t know what was wrong but he couldn’t breathe. This would have been the 2nd time in just a couple of months he would have called for ambulance assistance. We told him we would drive over and take instead.

We high-tailed ourselves over to his condo as fast as we could and I met him outside his door…25 minutes later. Upon our arrival, he didn’t even wait for me to knock or ring the door bell.

He looked pale and weak. I could tell he struggled walking because of his labored breathing.

That might have been the longest drive to the ER I have witnessed. Now I understand why the ambulance exists.

There is an intersection near where he lives that can get really bottle-necked. Just the right number of cars and the wrong timing of lights (along with driver distractions or less than ideal temperaments) and you have the perfect combination of driving delays. Even if he had been in an ambulance, I’m not sure how the medics would have navigated this particular area of congestion…

At one point, there was a white Mercedes sedan we had just passed in another lane. I heard commotion behind us and looked out the back window. The driver had gotten out of his car and was yelling at a pedestrian, and the pedestrian was yelling back at him. I didn’t see what had transpired but the air was thick with tension. I was glad when the light finally turned green.

We arrived at the ER check in window. I signed Grandpa in. The wait wasn’t too long. I wasn’t sure which of us would accompany him into Triage. As they called him, my husband volunteered me to go…which I would have been fine with but I personally felt it wasn’t my decision to make. I asked Grandpa…”which of us do you want to go with you?” – he indicated his son.

The kids and I sat in the waiting room…fortunately we’d brought things to pass the time. The kids were on the electronics, I continued reading The Book of Mysteries.

After an hour or two, a short examination indicated no sign of a heart attack so he was next in line for a lung x-ray.

Later that day, early afternoon I had the chance to join them in Grandpa’s hospital room. What an experience…

Sitting in there made me realize how “vapor-like” life is. I spent time observing the comings and goings of hospital staff and EMT’s. Thinking about how these medical personnel would deal with a crisis when one actually happened.

The Dr. finally came in to discuss the initial results of Grandpa’s tests. His lung xray showed that he might be developing pneumonia. But the best way to determine how his heart was doing was to conduct a “Stress Test” which would require him to stay there and be monitored for at least a couple of days. Well, in Grandpa’s world…that is not an option and he was gonna have no part of it.

They proceeded to get his papers ready to release him and let him go home for 3 days of rest.

That evening, I just couldn’t hold back on asking him about Jesus.

Last fall, that is last September…he had an experience where one night – after he went to bed, He saw (and spoke with) Jesus in Heaven. The morning after this happened, he couldn’t find the words to even speak at first. Everyone in the family was concerned that maybe he’d had a stroke or something had happened to impair his speech. In reality, he was so stunned he just could not find words to describe the indescribable. My husband took the kids to school…

After they left I looked at Grandpa and paused…and finally said, “Ok Grandpa, talk to me”

He turned his bewildered gaze toward me, and said…”I don’t know how to explain this, but I saw Jesus – I saw God last night.” My eyes widened….”well don’t stop there, keep going!”

His description of what happened the night before were nothing short of just amazing. I think back about that discussion and those couple of hours that we took to talk and relish what he heard and said.

But back to the original story….my concern over the months since that experience were wondering if he still remembered it because his memory was waning. If he remembered that experience…then God wasn’t done with him yet.

“Grandpa, do you remember seeing Jesus last Fall, in a vision, while you were visiting us?”

“I do…why?”

“I just wanted to know if you could remember or not since you have occasional memory challenges.”

“That experience is not something I could forget because it was real. I was really there with him. It was not a dream. Being there with Him was as real as talking with you here, now.”

“Well, that’s good to hear, cause I know you used to doubt that anything beyond this life existed…”

Grandpa responded almost matter-of-factly, “There is most definitely life after this one…this life is not the end.”

Numbers & The Hourglass

12:07 6/10.

In hindsight, Saturday in some ways mirrored the last couple of weeks and I’m going to have to remember things are changing. ..everywhere. 

As I look at the time it’s 12:10am…and I wonder how 24 hours slipped by in mere minutes…like sand in the hourglass.

An hour ago, I thought about the date of the day my mom passed away. 11/9…because at that moment the time on my phone was 11:09.

I started a post I need to complete about California but that roadtrip was a very telling picture about what God is doing: changing relationships among His people. 

Earlier I noticed the time stamp of 12:55.

I find dates and numbers really interesting and in this case I went to Seek The Father for deeper meaning. I prayed for guidance and was directed to The Book of Psalms

Here’s what I found: (I couldn’t locate a 12:55 in scripture but did find. ..

Psalms 55:12

But that felt incomplete. ..I went back and discovered the relevance of Psalm 11, Psalm 12 and Psalm 1. 

I have decided not to include the actual verses to give you an active part to participate 


As I  pondered what to think of these Psalms I was directed to finish reading the last pages of The Final Quest. I had just finished reading Chapter 11 (“The Battle”) and I was starting chapter 12, (“The Covering”)

The portion that got my attention was this:

“This is your covering, the Lord said. It will cover you and your mission. Only here can you see it as you do now. In the realm of earth it looks very different. On earth, it is very humble. This is what protects your heart and the heart of your mission. As long as you wear this, you will walk in my grace and authority. Remember this cloak as it really is. It will protect you from the coldness of evil times that you must walk through”

But the paragraph that really got my attention was this, part of the closing paragraph in Ch 14:

“No more words seemed possible as we all stood, knowing we were indeed on the threshold of the greatest adventure of all, but also the greatest struggle. Those who dream dreams and those who see visions would soon see their dreams and visions filled.”

And what time did I finish this post?

1:19 (hmm, mighty close to 11/9….

Miracles in The Land of Oz

In the middle of cleaning and reorganizing my hobby space today I found a position to place the digital antennae so that the tv channel could come in more clearly.

The program on was Dr Oz.

TV programming offers little to nothing I generally find of interest but you could say today’s topic on Healing and Miracles. ..kind of got my attention. 

Snippet of Medical miracles 
Unfortunately the “teaser” ends right before Dr Crandall makes what I consider the most profound statement of this segment (paraphrasing here) ..that Jesus still performs miracles and He is our ultimate physician. 

The last segment of the show features Carl Lentz of Hillsong United NYC. I’m not familiar with Lentz name but his message was refreshing  (for network tv) so I’m sharing a link to the transcript.

Carl Lentz 

 I could find no full length videos online for either of these show portions.

God is still in the miracle working business. I had started a blogpost earlier this week regarding this very topic. …

Insight: from Mena Lee

For those of you familiar with Mena Lee Grebin, I used to check her blog regularly…but her blog posts have become much less frequent.

A few minutes ago I realized that (not unlike myself) she appears to be maintaining two blogs.

The post I’m sharing tonight is dated December 16, 2016 but feels very pertinent to the time the church is now in. ..

Understanding Who God Is

Social Media & You: Time to switch? 

Is it time to drop the “oogle” in “G-oogle”?

I stopped Googling a while back and now Bing or DuckDuckGo….

It’s been over 2 years since I walked away from FB…but I miss the camaraderie.

The changing world stage isn’t limited to what you hear on the news, it involves every aspect of your life. 

7 Reasons to leave Google

The Eagle’s Advantage

I am currently reading the book trilogy The Final Quest (by Rick Joyner). The above example of the eagle reminds me a great deal of what is described by the author during his visionary experience of the upcoming war involving the “War Eagles.” Though I’m only half way through the series of 3 books, if you haven’t read it – I recommend it. 


Road Trip

The day we started the trip, he gave me a tidbit of knowledge via His still small voice: “This trip is intentional. You have lessons to learn. You will recognize them when and as presented.”


It was time to go visit Grandpa (my Father-In-Law). We left on Friday May 26 around 5:30am.

As we ventured through the Mid-West, it was in Texas we started to consider our journey options. Drive through Kingman, AZ or go through Phoenix. After many years of driving through (what I consider the wasteland of Kingman) I was ready for a change of Highway scenery…but I also had other motivations.

“Umm, if we’re driving through Phoenix, that places us fairly close to Scottsdale…right?”

(In my youth and pre-teen years, when we traveled to Scottsdale – my Dad would take me to the Sugar Bowl Ice cream parlour…and my kids had never been.)

“Well, there’s In & Out in Phoenix ANDDDD there’s the Sugar Bowl in Scottsdale. Dinner and dessert in one stop sounds pretty good.”

We wound through the Phoenix highways and landed at an In and Out in No. Scottsdale around the six o’clock hour – a bit late for dinner for us but we had saved up our lunch time appetite for lunch and dinner…

Once all that had been scarfed down (road time can make you rather hungry) we made our way to Old Towne; Geezzzz….



A lot of things can change in 35 years.

I did not recognize Scottsdale for the most part – I did recognize some of the little stores my parents browsed. But what felt weird was how many restaurants (especially bars) were there now. The town is realllly commercialized (then again, what town isn’t?)

The Sugar Bowl still felt the same, but it was different since my Dad wasn’t with me and this time I was sharing the experience with my kids.
There was only one other thing I needed to see. I wanted to re-visit the Doubletree Inn I stayed at with my parents in ’82


There is something I need to share here and now. Earlier in the day, in The Spirit, I had heard the Word Monstrosity“- kind of a weird word to hear if you ask me. I kept asking what it meant or why I was hearing it…


We left Scottsdale and drove about 5 miles – through some really trendy areas of Scottsdale. If you ask me, Scottsdale is almost more “chic” than what I think of as Rodeo Drive. For this former “Northwest” gal and “Sooner Chick” it was a bit over the top, but I guess that’s what happens with time and “progress.”

We approached the driveway entrance of said hotel location address and even as I turned into the driveway I KNEW something was very different. My memories of the Doubletree are distinct.

This location had a waterfall and fire at its entrance. The former Inn had nothing close to that.

We drove around this “Resort” 1 1/2 times before I finally found a parking spot. I wanted to see the Tennis Court up close. We got out of the car and walked into one of the hotel hallways. I found the (supposed) tennis court and I walked onto its surface.

“This isn’t it. This may be a Doubletree but it’s not the same one I stayed at.” A brief discussion ensued as I walked away in utter disappointment.

I walked back through the same hallways I had entered and felt fully uncomfortable – and not because we weren’t staying there. The place felt outright creepy. All the walls in all the corridors were made of black glass. The darkness of this glass just permeated everything and the length of these hallways reminded me of at least one (maybe two) football fields. They were THAT long.

We had just rounded the corner from the football field hallway, to the walkway, back to the car, when (as I was talking) I heard myself start to say “I don’t what happened to that original hotel but this isn’t it. This place is huge – it is massive – it is a Monstronsity.” As I heard myself say the word aloud I also heard the word repeating that had been spoken to me earlier that day.

I quietly gasped…never did I imagine I would actually speak that word aloud until it happened.