Making ALL things New

I have been avoiding my laptop the last few days.

Late last week (Friday), Windows 10 was downloaded onto my system. I have used Windows 7 for so long that I am not at all interested in 10. Plus, I’ve heard some not so great things about “upgrading.”

Though I have been avoiding un-installing it, I was prompted by The HS to get on the computer today to share this message. So, now it’s back to business. (#Restoration)

On Friday, I was touring a building that is under construction. As I finished walking the premises, I passed a set of stairs that was being painted. I realized the moment I left the last step that my wrist had lightly touched the handrail. Instinctively, I looked at it. There on the sleeve, was black paint.

I turned to the GC (General Contractor) and asked “is the painter using acrylic or oil paint?” He responded “Oil.” Great I thought — “oh well, another brand new shirt already ruined.”

I tried to dismiss it.

I had planned to look online and figure out the best way to remove this oil based paint (and this was BLACK paint on a WHITE shirt.) from cotton or a cotton blend. I stuck it in the laundry bag on Friday night, just wanting to forget it happened.

The Lord impressed on me yesterday, mid-day to start laundry. Once I started laundry, I started bathroom cleaning. I am pretty detail oriented so that took a while. Finally, after dinner I arrived at the load with this shirt in it. I remembered I hadn’t looked up on the internet for aĀ  refresher on the best methods to remove oil based paints. I knew it was “toast” anyway, and just kept going.Ā 

I proceeded with my Spot remover and also added a drop of my laundry detergent to the topical application. Then I set it aside. I loaded the tub and waited. I looked at the shirt a couple of times as water filled the machine.

I finally picked up the shirt. With my index finger I gently began to scratch at the black paint. As minutes went by and I could see the oil was softening and then a tiny flake came off. I kept going. Flakes, bit by bit, peeled off until it was GONE. (#Restoration)

Then I heard the impression of His STILL SMALL VOICE.

“Nothing is impossible (Luke 1:37). You thought this shirt was ruined. You thought it would never get clean. You figured that these oil based paints would be PERMANENT.

How frequently you forget that I make ALL things NEW. I restore ALL things. While the paint shouldn’t have come off here so “easily” I am showing you that with just a mustard seed of effort I MAKE all things happen. I restore all things AND YOU are a testament to this. (#Restoration)

You need to write about what happened in February. Because I am re-affirming with you NOW that it is TIME.”

I hadn’t been ready or felt able to write about the day He speaks of. But maybe He will give me the words and maybe now I am ready to receive and share them.





13 thoughts on “Making ALL things New

  1. This was just lovely! I pray the LORD will give you the strength to write what you need to write. Trust Him I know what that feels like but it will go better than you think. May be what you have to write is tied in with what happened with your shirt….. a part of more restoration. God Bless jacqui xx

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  2. Awesome post kenzel, to think He intentionally put that stain there, He intentionally let you remove it and because you obeyed He was glorified. I love how He speaks to you through amazing personal unique ways that get your attention. Proof of how He loves you. Blessings! !!!

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